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Twilight ultimate box setThe holidays a re fast approaching and every die hard Twilight fan should have a copy of Twilight Forever! Thank to our friends at Summit/Lionsgate, we have one copy of the DVD version of the box set to give away to a luck fan. This giveaway is open to anyone who has the means to watch the American version of the DVDs.


Leave a comment below telling us what you will always remember about the Twilight fandom. We will pick one winner at random at noon on Friday Nov. 15.


  1. I will always remember how crazy passionate this fandom is.

  2. Heather Hickman says:

    I will always reamber the love that Bella and Edward had the friendships that were made and now everyone came together in the end to help one small child

  3. I will always remember the fun times I had through the entire saga and just the happiness it gave me during that time. It continues to make me happy so many years later!

  4. angela phillips says:

    I loved all the movies will watch over and over again its an epic love story will love them 4ever xx

  5. I will always remember the way Twilight saved me, it made me feel like it was ok to be different. I have gone from having hardly any friends to having loads all over the world who make me feel like I belong somewhere. It has also given me courage to do things I wouldn’t normally do like going to premieres and conventions so Thank you Stepenie Meyer and the cast :))

  6. Joel Emmett says:

    The thing I remember the most was based on an offhand remark by Rob Pattinson.

    One of his sisters clarified, after months of talk, that they had only dressed him up as a girl and called him Claudia “a couple times.”

    It sums up the fandom silliness in one moment. Loved it.

  7. I will always remember the internal love with Edward and Bella and how they come through every obstacle they face and still be together. :’)

  8. There’s never been another fandom like the twilight saga. The absolute excitement and anticipation between films was something I’ve never experienced before. so many positives came out of it for me. My husband would come with me to the movies and we feel like our love was renewed. And I also loved watching it with friends, and those friendships I will think Twilight so much for. I fell in live with the actors for being so kind and genuine to us fans, they always point forth such a great effort to please us. I can never forget the feeling in my heart toward this book/movie series. I wish it never had to end

  9. Most memorable is how the books make me feel. Tied for second on list is 1) finding Twilight Lexicon and the wealth of information and 2) finding out about Stephenie Meyer Day and trip there this year. Discovering fan fiction was memorable and the opportunity to have ongoing ‘conversations’ with the authors.

  10. Twilight taught me that love, can overcome everything if it’s real. That’s what I”ll remember. Forever. <3

  11. Nini Alfonso says:

    I’ll always remember the way the saga makes me feel. i suffer of anxiety and depression and they have derived in an illness in my bowel and, everytime i feel anxious or sad, i just have to get one of the books or the movies and then i start smiling and feeling better.

  12. Zof Svarna says:

    I will remember my first gaze at Twilight when I was 10 years old… and the freak-out that followed. I will remember Aug. 17th, 2011 – the first time I discovered this beautiful love story. I will remember the awesome randomness that, despite “absence, distance, or time” brought us Twihards together into one great family, 40 million strong. I will remember the vibrancy of Twihards on social networks, their dedication and passion towards their ultimate goal – to be a valued part of society. I will remember the unique force that our family became. I will remember the bubbling excitement in the anticipation of another installment of The Twilight Saga, especially BDP2. I will remember the Twi-tastic atmosphere of The Complete Twilight Saga on Nov. 15th, 2012; and tuning in to live tweets from the Twilight Forever marathon in NYC on Nov. 3rd, 2013. I will remember the feeling of comradeship being a Twihard brought me – that I’m not the only crazy one in the world.
    I will remember the highs and lows of this never-ending rollercoaster ride.
    I will remember the Twilight fandom.
    I will remember.

    • Zof Svarna says:

      Because, as John Green once said about Twilight, “True love will triumph in the end. Which may or may not be true, but if it’s a lie, it’s the most beautiful lie we have.”

  13. LadyLawyer says:

    I will always remember how I felt with I finished the first novel. I said “Oh my God” out loud and my husband asked what the problem was. I told him I had just relived our own high school romance and was feeling high as a kite. After that, I felt more in love with him than ever, as my hubby is my Edward.

    I will also remember all the wonderful fanfiction I discovered. I can never thank the fandom enough for how wonderful you made my life. I am in my 60s and Twilight flipped a switch in my 40 year marriage. It is better than ever thanks to Twilight. 🙂

  14. No podemos olvidar la saga crepúsculo ! Los libros son los mejores, y más las pelis ! Siempre miro las pelis y ahora estoy pensando en leer todos libros de nuevo es algo fascinante! Los fans que hay de la saga son impresionantes. Creo que más de una queremos más,pero bueno! Siempre la recordare y la recordaremos!!

  15. When I read the books and started watching the movies I never thought there could be a love that strong but I have found out differently. I read the books and watched one or two of the movies and then meet my boyfriend and he is just like Edward will do anything for me takes care of me when I’m sick cooks cleans. He is just an all around stand-up guy just like Edward with Bella. And I love me just as much as Bella loves Edward. We were friends for years before we started dating and now its like we are the perfect match and nothing could come between us. Though people have tried and failed.

  16. I will always remember the AMAZING friends I have made both online and at conventions. The women I have had the pleasure of befriending have seen me through a lot over the years and I don’t know that I would have gotten through it all without their strength and support.

  17. LARYSSA OCHOA says:

    I will always remembember the first time I saw twilight and crying when it was over.i wills also remember reading the books over and over and over again.when I was sad,bored or on math.just because it was fun reading.i remember how sad I was when my mom lost my movie and crying for two days and not talking.I aslo rememebe waking up early on November 15 and waiting in line for the marathon with my little sister and my best friend.thos were the most happy and weel spend 15 hours of my live.

  18. brittany smith says:

    what will I always remember about the WONDERFUL twilight fandom? The happiness that is brought me. From all the friends I made while standing in line for HOURS, to screaming and crying during the movies. The happiness that this fandom still brings me on Facebook and Twitter is awesome! THE TWILIGHT FANDOM WILL ALWAYS BE MY FAMILY AND I LOVE ALL THE TWI-HARDS OUT THERE!!??

  19. The book and fandom inspired me to book my first ever trip to America to visit Forks and all the Twilight film locations around Portland.Visiting Forks was like visiting family, people who feel the same as you about these moving novels.The book is centred around love and family and so too is the Twilight fandom of which I’m proud to be part of.

  20. I’ll never forever decorating my room with twilight poster and pictures the month any of the movies or dvds came out. I called it the Twiroom/Twiwall. I’m really gonna miss doing that.

  21. The laughter and friendships!

  22. The books and Fandom inspired me to book my first ever trip to America to visit Forks (from UK) and all the Twilight film locations around Portland. Visiting Forks was like visiting family, people who feel the same as you about these moving novels. It was so moving to speak to people of all ages about the books I’d be reading and re-reading! The book is centred around love and family bonds and so too is the Twilight Fandom of which I’m proud to be part of.

  23. Judy Sokolowski says:

    My first glimpse of Twilight was at home on my TV right before New Moon came out. I hadn’t seen Twilight in the theaters, thinking, what does an old woman like me want with a teenage vampire movie?? I was home alone one Saturday night looking for something to watch on TV. A cable channel was showing Twilight, so I said to myself, “Let’s give it a go”. Wha an auspicious occasion!! I was floored with this little movie, with the obviously palpable chemistry between it’s two young stars, with the absolute beauty of the leading young man!! Holy hell!! He leaped off the screen with charisma. I fell in love and never looked back. I read the books later on, a few years later, and once more was enraptured with this story, these characters, who spoke to the still young girl’s heart that beat inside this old woman’s body. A timeless story if there ever was one…..

  24. Nanette Pittenger says:

    What I will remember the most is being in line for Comic Con the day before the last Twilight panel and the cast coming to surprise us that evening. Almost everyone from the cast from Breaking Dawn 1 and 2 were there and the best part was Stephanie Meyer came too! They were all so great taking pictures with us and signing autographs. It was so amazing!

  25. I will forever remember the Twilight Fandom for all the incredible friends I have met because of the Saga. They are all so special to me and without Twilight, we never would have been brought together.

  26. I will always remember how fun it was to see the movies at the lexicon movie event, especially breaking dawn part 2 when half the people were having a stroke because everyone was dying in the fight scene.

  27. I remember how engrossed I became. How time stood still and nothing existed. I couldn’t get enough of the story. I read and re read and still felt I needed more.

  28. I will always remember the way that I felt when Stephanie described Edwards eyes and how I felt when I finally saw him through the cafeteria windows! Love the eyes and hair!!

  29. I will always remember the Twilight fandom because they make me feel part of something good and by the way Twilight is a beautiful story that teach us that love can do anything.Twilight will always be in my heart.

  30. I will always remember meeting new people at the premiere, talking about everything we loved about Twilight and then scream, laugh and sigh all together. That was one of the best parts of being a Twilight fan, finding a bunch of people that were as “crazy” as you through out all of the fandom.

  31. Remember the first time i watch Edward walk into cafetaria! My heart just cant take it, so gorgeous

  32. vasiliki deve says:

    I will always remember the first time i saw twilight…make me feel a teenager again!!! and i will always remember the day i was reading breaking dawn i was pregnant and waiting for a baby girl !!!! i’m obssesed of course!!!! i love twilight forever……

  33. I will never forget the first time reading the books and the way they made me feel!

  34. Alisha Buchanan says:

    I will always remember the amazing Friendships around the world that Twilight has brought into my life. I will also always remember the hope snd true love that Twilight represents.

  35. watch twilight fell in love then read the books

  36. I will always remember how this story affected me and changed me as person. Thank you Stephenie!

  37. The first fans I remember were my sister and my niece reading these books all the time. They constantly had their noses in a book…up all night….reading by flashlight… niece playing Bella’s lullaby on the piano over and over. They persuaded me to read Twilight and then I was the one reading all the time. I didn’t care to sleep or eat… just read, read, read 🙂 I loved being in Forks in the world created by Stephenie Meyer. Then the excitement of each movie……would our favorite things be there?….would they do it right? There were so many people looking forward to the same day…..counting down to see each movie…..happy times 🙂

  38. Kelly Johnson says:

    I will always remember reading all of the books and not being able to hold my excitement while i was waiting for the movies to come out. I was so excited I would have to reread the books to hold myself over. 🙂

  39. Philip Hall says:

    I will always remember Team Jacob and Team Edward.

  40. Amanda Lewis says:

    I will always rememeber twilight and how I always ready for it to be on the TV then read the books over and over just to keep my twilight heart going and making sure Twihards never die and we r always remember and the best fans ever!!!

  41. I will always remember my first midnight opening it was for New Moon. I had never been to concerts or any kind of opening, but the excitement among the people queued up was such a buzz. It was like we were all a big family catching up at Christmas. I have photos from that night and I have never felt anything like it since. I miss Twilight 🙁

  42. I was first introduced to the Twilight series when I watched the first movie in the theater. It was such an inspiration. A friend and I went to see it together. She had recently been through a bad breakup, and as we left the theater after the movie she said it was the kind of movie that made her believe in love again. After watching the movie I bought and read all of the books. When I told my sister about it, she was interested and read them all. Then we told our brother about it, and HE read them all by following along with the audio-books. That in itself was amazing because he doesn’t read very well and has never had a desire to read. The Twilight Saga planted that seed for him and now he owns all four of the books in hard copy and audio-book. I will always remember the Twilight series for reminding me that love conquers all and for inspiring my brother to read.

  43. Jessica Frantz says:

    I will always remember the first time I saw Twilight and how I knew I would be a fan forever. Then reading the books, I just fell in love with every character and became immersed in the world of Twilight.

  44. Jeanine Asilo says:

    What I will remember in the Twilight fandom are the friends whom I got to meet during premieres or events. They are the ones who can understand what you feel and not think you are crazy. I will forever cherish those people

  45. I will always remember how twilight got me interested in reading again. The friends I’ve made through the fandom and being able to meet people who are fanatics like myself. The fantasy of twilight, the fun of twilight and the craziness.

  46. Twilight has been the only real light in my life for the last 5 years.I’m in love with the books and I’ve seen all the movies so many times.I even met one of the stars of the movies.Ask anyone who knows me I’m a very big lover of all things Twilight.

  47. danielle gaffney says:

    what i will always remember about the twilight saga is meeting kellan and nikki on the 27th october of last year in dublin, they were so nice and even though had only 2 hrs to get through everyone, they both still took plenty of pictures with their fans even though the people with them kept telling them push people along.

  48. Twilight gave me the courage to get on a plane and travel 3200 miles to attend Comic-Con 2012. I have a rare bone disease causing them to break very easily making any kind of long distance travel difficult. But because I knew the stars of Twilight would be there to promote the finale movie, I sucked it up and was a part of history. It was at Comic-Con that I made friendships with strangers that I know will last a life time. Because of the Twilight fandom I was able to overcome my fears, break free of my shell and live a dream come true.

  49. I will always remember waiting for the next twilight movie to come out . I will always remember hearing about people waiting on line in the morning to see the movie . I was one of those people who didnt like twilight but now i LOVE it. I would love to see the exhibit in nyc . I have been entering all of these contests to win the twilight forever dvd box set . Twilight saga will live FOREVER and so will the FANS . I will remember the twilight fandom with or without the twilight forever dvd box . “No measure of time with you will be long enough, but we’ll start with forever” ~ Edward

  50. Chrystal Grundy says:

    I will always remember hooking my mother to this series. It was so fun to go over our own theories and getting excited about the books and the movies. We loved the experience of the Sagas. Twilight Tuesdays, midnight showings, buying the movies at midnight and then going home to watch it that very night. This shared experience with my mother will last a lifetime(FOREVER)!

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