Win a Twilight Forever DVD Box Set

Twilight ultimate box setThe holidays a re fast approaching and every die hard Twilight fan should have a copy of Twilight Forever! Thank to our friends at Summit/Lionsgate, we have one copy of the DVD version of the box set to give away to a luck fan. This giveaway is open to anyone who has the means to watch the American version of the DVDs.


Leave a comment below telling us what you will always remember about the Twilight fandom. We will pick one winner at random at noon on Friday Nov. 15.


  1. Heidi Murphy says:

    I will always remember the way the books and movies make me feel!! They make me feel all young again and giddy! I am a die hard Team Edward fan, Always will be! Please pick me!! I want this to add to my collection!!!

    • Michelle Johannesen says:

      I will always remember the excitement of reading the books and then waiting for each movie to be released

    • Michelle Johannesen says:

      I will always remember the excitement of waiting for each movie to be released

    • Twilight became a part of my life during a time when I needed some kind of escape. The world that Stephanie created was the perfect place to just let myself fall in to the world of Forks! Edward Cullen(best fictional character ever) and Bella’s story just mesmerized me. I found something in Twilight that just takes me to my happy place!

    • Taimane Scanlan says:

      What I remember most about Twilight was how it transported me back into a world I had forgotten, a world of books. It had been a long time since I had actually sat down and read a book, let alone a series, but this book got me from the first line. I have been hooked ever since.

      Watching the movies bring the books to life was a joy and while it was sad seeing the series end, the movies keep it alive for me and excites me once again to re-read the books.

      Thank you Stephenie Meyers for giving me back my love of reading.

  2. junelyn garcia says:

    i am soooo dying to have this twilight box set…more power to twilight lexicon you guys are great for giving us chance to have this..

  3. Amanda Rank says:

    I miss the Twilight fandom, the midnight showings all the Team Edward fans. These movies changed my life and I will always love them. I love being apart of something so big. twilight forever 🙂

  4. Heather Edwards says:

    I will always remember the love Edward and Bella Share that made u want to root for them always!

  5. I will always remember the unapologetic romance the stories created. It was a fun world to get sucked into.

  6. Amanda Fincham says:

    I will most remember all the friends I’ve made through the twilight fandom . Whether through the internet , release parties, or conventions I have made friendships that will last forever!! Love you all!!

  7. Fiona Cullen says:

    I’ll remember it all. Twilight has been such a big part of my life for such a long time, when something is with you that long, it stays with you. Maybe most of all I will remember the emotion from the first time I read the books, I was so easy to fall in love with Twilight from day one.

  8. I will remember the exitement when you have read all the books and watch the movie to see our story in pictures… It amazes me again and again how the films, especially the new ones, fit together with my imagination when reading the books…

  9. It’s hard to pick just one thing but I do agree with the “how the story, the books especially, made me feel” comment. I love a happy ending & Bella got hers.

  10. Dani Schaefer says:

    I will always remember how much the Twilight Fandom feels like a family. Between the books and the movies, I’ve gone to many midnight releases, and being around that many people that share the same interests as you makes you feel like you are a part of something much bigger. I will always have a place in my heart for the story of Edward, and Bella, and the rest of the characters, and I have made some great friends because of the story.

  11. The fandom was/is like a family. I made so many wonderful life-long friends. I never would have guessed that my love for Stephanie’s characters would continue into such an awesome journey!

  12. Susanna Palermo says:

    what I will always remember about the Twilight fandom:

    I get tingly and warm fuzzy feelings when I think of the Twilight Fandom. It is amazing how there is an instantaneous bond with fellow Twihards. As crazy as it sounds, the fandom has healed broken family relationships by allowing my sister in law, my niece and I to bond and slowly get back to having the closeness we once shared. I have made lifelong friends through Twitter and Twi conventions. The Fandom stands together and supports each other. There is this unity that no one outside of our ring can understand. FANDOM IS FAMILY

  13. I will always cherish the the community, love and support of the friends I’ve met through this fandom. I have laughed more with these women over the past few years than the rest of my life combined. Than of course there have been all the trips to FOOOOOORKS!! TWITARDS FOREVER!

  14. Ill always remember the time my daughters,my friends and i got to spend together having twilight parties. And standing in the cold for the midnight showings. we bonded over these movies.. Sent each other what ever new picture or clip that came out… I miss this saga alot. I cried when it was over. I wasn’t ready

  15. I will always remember how true love won in the end. How Edward & Bella fought huge obstacles, even conquered death, to be together. They are one of my favorite fictional couples of all time!

  16. The twilight fandom for me is passion, is friendship, is happiness, is tears, is a family! I found so many good friends and they will be forever in my heart!

  17. I always remember the strong chemistry Edward and Bella had. It makes me believe that true love is real!

  18. I will never forget those VIP trips to conventions with my mom!! I loved the energy that had us running around like school girls! Met so many new Sorority sisters and made AH-mazing memories 🙂

  19. I’ll always remember de emotions and all of the things The Twilight Saga has offered us, a new bright world , only for us the fans.Thank you Stephenie Meyer for creating such a fantastic, bright, magical Universe for us :*

  20. Oh, please pick me!!! It’s providential that this is posted ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! I LOVE Twilight, and have even gotten my husband to love it too. I’ve even read the ENTIRE series to him out loud, and he went with me for my birthday last year to watch the Twilight marathon at the theater! I need this so I can loan out my separate twilight movies, so I can introduce others to the “Twi-hard” lifestyle!!!

  21. Susanna Palermo says:

    and just want to add to all the other people posting.. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! TWIHARDS 4LIFE! TWILGIHT FOREVERRRR

  22. I can’t find my new moon DVD! It’s aweful, all I can do is listen to its beautiful soundtrack and score. I would love a present under the tree for me!

  23. I will always remember going with my daughter to the Twilight Marathon when Breaking Dawn Part 2 was released. It was something for just the two of us, a whole day together and I really really enjoyed it.

  24. Twilight always reminds me of love and friendship! Friendships created because of the amazing serie!!!

  25. The camping, the bonding, friend reunited for the big love for twilight 🙂

  26. On the 21st we will celebrate the 5 year anniversary of Twilight. My obsession started with the books then I found myself in line every year at 5am for the premier of the next movie. Its a love story every girl wants and wishes for. Ill never forget the fans and twi friends I have made over the years. Its sad to see it end.

  27. I will always remember that Twilight made me feel like I belonged somewhere, with the Twihards. I have also learned to be strong and stand up for myself, just like Bella always did. I can’t ever recall being more happy then when I was reading the books for the first time or seeing the movies or the mixed feelings, both happy and sad, when I saw the last movie and realized there’d be no more. But I know that Twilight will live with me, and all the Twihard, forever and we will never forget. 🙂

  28. junelyn garcia says:

    i remember everything when it comes to bella and edward,,how bella felt every time edward was near her,and vice versa..what would edward give just to hear bella’s thoughts,how she smells..i think im going to faint whenever edward tells bella how much he loves her,(and of course still hoping i was in the position of bella all the time,,yikes!)and how bella felt when edward left her how she coped or how she managed to pass every day nor every hour of her life without edward,,i felt the super sadness also when i was reading the new moon its like my whole world stops too..and since then i am always looking forward for every november of the year to watch sad it really has to come to the end..but twilight will always be in my heart that will never change..sorry i got this long i just cant stop talking or typing whenever we’re talking about twilight..thanks…

  29. Erica Dawn Parker says:

    It gave me and the ladies something to talk about and we did a girls night when each movie came out and a dvd release party of our own with games food and prizes a lot a friendshipd were made due to Twilight

  30. Just being so drawn in by it. Found myself so upset when Alice left to get help even though she came back. We got a sneak preveiw before the midnight showing from work. I freaked out & started balling for my favorite charectors being hurt or killed. Still cry each time I see it. My boss got me into it. I would listen to the books on c.d. on my way to work. I couldn’t even leave the car until a chapter ended. There is just something so special about it.

  31. Ill always remember the love Bella had for Renesmee. It was unconditional, it was forever. I now know that feeling with my daughter. That’s a love you can never replace. Twilight forever 🙂

  32. I will always remember how the Twilight fandom saved me from a dark place in my life. When I was lost and feeling alone I discovered these books and built amazing relationships with the people in this fandom. Like Bella I had never felt like I belonged anywhere and when I stumbled into a Twilight chatroom I found the place where I could finally be me and feel included. I made some amazing friends in this fandom that now even with no new movies to look forward to or no new books to stay up until 6 am reading we’re still a part of each other’s lives.

    I can not thank this fandom or these books enough <3

  33. Staying up all night with a new baby in my lap reading New Moon.

  34. bella lorenza says:

    twilight fandom had been my passion when i was still teenager. Twilight world had been the most important topic that i will always smile to think about. Edward Cullen had made fall in love with him,well he still has. hahhaha. Now, i am growing up already,but yet i did not regret all the crazyness that i did for the past 5 years, now when i am looking back,all i think is thousands,millions of good memories that had been created during that time, with all the fans around the world who has same interest, which is twilight. Edward Cullen has blown me away, and he always will.

  35. Ruby Shrimpton says:

    I will always remember when I first watched Twilight, I was at a friends house and she was telling me about this new vampire movie that I NEEDED to watch. So I watched it, and I remember at the end thinking… “That was the most amazing film I have ever seen!”

  36. thomasluvjaymes says:

    I will always remember how this fandom made me feel…like I belong. The fuqawesome friends I’ve made all over the world. And let me just say that this Fandom is the best. The Twilight Saga will be FOREVER in my heart.

  37. Ruby Shrimpton says:

    I remember going online and finding a whole community of people who loved twilight just as much as me.

  38. I will remember forever all of it, the actors, the music, the amazing Twihards I’ve met..we all have become one great big Twilight Family…and I love it!

  39. Ruby Shrimpton says:

    I remember getting excited about upcoming trailers and promos.

  40. All the friends I have met especially the ones I’ve personally met through attending Twilight conventions and events. I took my cousin to the Lexicon screening of Eclipse in Nashville and that was a great bonding experience for us. I’ll never forget that.

  41. Ruby Shrimpton says:

    I remember the smile on my face and the warmth in my heart that it brought me.

  42. Ruby Shrimpton says:

    I remember calling myself a Twihard for the first time.

  43. sharon williamson says:

    I really dug the first movie, then I read (& reread 10 times over). I really wanted to hate this franchise. As many dogged literary types, I wanted to scream at the TwiTwits “vampires DO NOT SPARKLE”. But, once you buy into the natives going wolfy, the rest falls into place.
    I’m a middle’aged, stay at home mom. Needlesstosay, this box set will not be in the budget, nor could I imagine anyone who might gift it to me. I would just really love to have this set.

  44. Ruby Shrimpton says:

    I remember reading the books and falling in love.

  45. Ruby Shrimpton says:

    I remember realising that i’d never love another franchise the same way again.

  46. Anna Britton says:

    I will always remember the wonderful friendships and experiences, that without Twilight, I never would have had. I have made friends for life in this fandom, something no other fandom has given me. Thank you Twilight.

  47. I will always remember how much it captivated my attention, even as a grown person – fondly being drawn back into my teen years. And I cannot say enough how pleased I was at how many of my non-reading students took up reading just because of this series and its films.

  48. Christina Tate says:

    I will always remember how these movies make me feel.How I laughed and cried. They are so beautifly acted and written. The vividness of the surroundings as well as the music swept me away. I stare mesmerizingly at my television totally emersed in the moments. I watch one of the movie’s at least once a week named my plant orchid Bella and my kittem Emmit. I would be so fantastically grateful to win this. Thx #Team Twlight#Forever. PS I am watching it right now.

  49. Helen Larsen says:

    I will always remember reading the books for the first time, then passing them on to several friends and family members. We all then waited very patiently for the movies to come out and we all went to see them together. I still continue to follow all the actors and actresses in the movies.

  50. The Lovers and the Haters. You either loved Twilight or hated it. I loved it enough to tattoo it.

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