Win a Twilight Forever DVD Box Set

Twilight ultimate box setThe holidays a re fast approaching and every die hard Twilight fan should have a copy of Twilight Forever! Thank to our friends at Summit/Lionsgate, we have one copy of the DVD version of the box set to give away to a luck fan. This giveaway is open to anyone who has the means to watch the American version of the DVDs.


Leave a comment below telling us what you will always remember about the Twilight fandom. We will pick one winner at random at noon on Friday Nov. 15.


  1. Rose (@ileftmyscar) says:

    I’ll always remember the first time I told my best friend about Twilight. I’d just finished reading the first book and I was just so emotionally invested that I HAD TO tell her. I desperately needed her to understand. I didn’t know anything about the fandom – I didn’t even know what a fandom was, to be honest. I was introduced to the internet rather late in life. But I remember how the two of us had created what I can now call a mini-fandom of our own and how much we flailed when we saw the trailer of Twilight for the first time. It was a very special moment; one I’ll cherish forever.

  2. Ruby Shrimpton says:

    I will always remember how my heart beat sped up in the kissing scenes.

  3. Lyndsey Bowes says:

    I will always remember the way the books and movies became one. The feeling of true love and fantasy brought the imaginations of millions of fans alive. Falling in love with Edward and realising I will never find anyone like him

  4. I will always remember the first time I saw Twilight and fell in love with it instantly. I had to go out an buy the books to find out everything I could about the series and it still wasn’t enough, I wanted more!!

  5. Elizabeth urbina says:

    I will never forget The Twilight Saga, it is just that AWESOME! Great Adventure!

  6. Of how the Cullen’s accepted Bella as part of their family even though she had not become one of them yet. And also how they treated the wolves as family especially with them being their enemy.

  7. twilight forever in my heart. Meet strong new friends, and growing up together. I hope can get the colection. ..thanks for all guys!! * big hugs*

  8. Heather Decker says:

    I’m an original Twi Hard fan!!! Pick me, pick me!!

  9. I will always remember how they treated everyone as family and protected them no matter how hard it is.

  10. I am so excited for another piece of twilight!! I remember the excitement of the next book and not being able to read fast enough to get the next page! I couldn’t put them down the first time and i still can’t once I start again. Me and my hubby still watch them all the time and every time one is on t.v. we can’t turn the channel! If you pick us they will be VERY well used!!! Thanks for the oppurtunity!

  11. Dawn Fraiser says:

    I bought the box set of books, went to ever midnight showing and every DVD release party. I am a huge fan! These books and movies made me believe that there is that one true love out there for me.

  12. I do feel it was a nice touch to pay tribute to all of the people that wete a part of the movies. Even the people that were just in for a few minutes. It was so touching. They could have just posted their names. To up a picture of each of them put a smile on my face.

  13. Twilight is such an amazing story of love and family. I love every moment of each book and each movie, but what I will remember most of all is the beautiful, lifelong friendships the saga has brought to me. I met many new friends at the BD2 premiere and they have turned out to be some of the greatest friends in the world. I will never forget my new Twihard family.

  14. MONICA CAÑEDO says:

    Twilight change my life…give me a new motivation , show me that true love can do extrardinaries things…give me the best friends from all over the world who share the same love for twilight and bring us together even that we are separetes from miles and miles away but together thanks to this extraordinary fantasy world!!! Thanks twilight for give a meaning to this empty heart

  15. I remember that too many people like to trash Twilight and it’s really unfair to me, because it’s clear none of them have read the books or paid any attention to the movies. Twilight and it’s following books have a depth to them that really touch your soul. The love story is more real than in most books and really was the closest to my own. No one has ever been able to describe it so well before. I also love the fantasy in the books. I love that it seems like they can accomplish anything and the idea of eternal health is always nice. I really enjoyed the fact that she was able to turn what was a monster to everyone else into creatures that were good and moral. I appreciate that they cared about everyone around them and were willing to help anyone. I was able to love each character individually as though they were my family. You fall in love with Carlisle’s unconditional love and empathy for everyone. I love that he welcomed Bella and even Jacob into his family as though they were always there. I love Esme’s motherly love for everyone. She wanted to make sure everyone in her family was well and happy. I love that she protected everyone and welcomed them all. Rosalie, though clearly complex, was deep down a good person. She took quite a while to grow on you, but eventually she showed herself to be as caring as the rest of the family. I would really like to see more from her character. Emmitt was clearly the yin to her yang in the way that where she was serious and stern, he was boyish and playful. Alice was sweet and kind and mysterious. I was always intrigued with what Alice was up to. Jasper was one of my favorite characters because he had been through so much and seemed to have just grown from it. His empathy and ability to make others feel his own feelings was fantastic and really made me appreciate him. Even the characters from the last book and movie were complex and interesting. I really hope we are able to get more story from all of them because I still think about them and wonder what happened to them all. The human characters are also on my mind.
    Every time I read the books I’m inspired to write or do something artistic, because to me, they’re beautiful. I really hope to see more from Stephenie Meyer. Her true fans cannot wait to see more from her.

  16. I can never forget the feeling of being able to interact with people from all over the world whom I don’t feel like strangers by sharing the same excitement and obsession. It’s… MaGiCaL!

  17. I’ll always remember the Volturi and how they got me into the Twilight Saga. The series quite honestly saved my life, and gave me something to look forward to. It was a light in the seemingly-impenetrable darkness. Thank you, Stephenie.

  18. I’ve enjoyed the entire Twilight experience!! From the books, movies, soundtracks, scores, articles, magazines, behind the scenes interviews, award shows, viewing parties, and maybe the thing tying us all together was the on-line community! I love how “we” bonded over this epic saga!! TWILIGHT FOREVER!!

  19. Autumn Varney says:

    I’ll always remember the lion falling in love with the lamb.

  20. I will always remember that Twilight reconnected me with a friend from college. We found each other on a fandom site and were like “Hey, I know you!”

  21. Crystal Kohler says:

    I’ll remember how the books and movies are like good comfort food. When I need to escape for awhile the world of Twilight is something you can absorb into. I also love the sense of community. I remember seeing a 70 year old woman at the store wearing a Team Jacob pin. I asked her about it and ended up talking for a half hour.

  22. Mayra Arellano says:

    I will always remember all the friends I met because of the dvd movie release parties and the midnight movie screenings. The books made me love reading and therefore create friendships with indie authors, bloggers, and readers too. I will always remember how my entire room was covered with Twilight posters, magazine clippings, and Twilight stuff. Sadly due to allergies I had to remove everything. <3 Twilight Forever!!!!

  23. shelia sones says:

    i read the twilight books while incarcerated i read them over and over again they became my best friends

  24. Shannon Paligo says:

    I will always remember how nice is was to find an author that I enjoyed reading again. I had been reading some crappy books, and to fall in love with books again was heaven!

  25. What I will always remember the Twilight fandom is being happy. How much joy it brought to me getting excited about the seek peaks the trailers all the cast interviews when the books came out and of course the films. Getting super excited for opening day. And now I will have those memories with me with is great. That’s what I will most member about this fandom is the happiness it brought to me.

  26. Lacie Horman says:

    I think above all, I will remember all the new friends I have made. So many people out there with the same love as me! I have met so many “Twilight” friends that are now my everyday friends. I will miss having more of those opportunities!

  27. The twilight series (books) started my love of reading. For that I will always be grateful. My daughter may be only 6 months old but I can’t wait to pass them on to her.

  28. I will always remember the Twilight Saga because:
    They were the first book set I ever read and they are just so amazing. The struggles that Edward and bella faced to be together were so difficult yet the power of love helped them through it. I will always remember how they made me laugh and cry and had me trying to get my hands on anything twilight related I could find. Being a part of this fandom has been grea and I will never forget one moment of it.

  29. I will remember how much happiness the books brought me and how much excitement the movies brought me. I will miss them all, vampire, werewolf and human.

  30. Ruby Shrimpton says:

    I remember becoming a true fan.

  31. I will never forget the first time i saw the film and read the book… And i think that includes the whole Twilight fandom… Stephanie is a unique, crazy talented writer and managed to put into pages some things everyone wondered and talked about such as the perfect man or a perfect love story…
    2008 was the turning point in cinema history and the start of something extraordinary.. The way people from all over the world united over this blockbuster fransize was amazing and incredible and made history..
    Something everyone will talk about years later from now..
    We are all very lucky we were here to be a part of this…

  32. Kassi Rocha says:

    I will always remember the passion. SO. MUCH. PASSION. And all the great people I’ve met through the Twilight Fandom, Besides, Twilight gave me my love for reading back , and because of that, among another things, I will FOREVER be grateful. Thank you Twilight for the good memories <3

  33. Dayi Martinez says:

    I will always remember: all the emotions it brought me, every one under the Sun; the pride I felt being included in a book debating Twilight; the sense of unity at events, releases, and beyond; all the worlds it opened up for me through it’s actors, directors, locations, and especially it’s music. I’ll always remember the overwhelming joy and love I felt whenever it came to anything Twilight, and how it was a light in my life when I was going through some of the toughest years. I’ll never forget it because I know that it’s not done affecting my life. Thanks Twilight and thank you Stephenie 🙂

  34. Ruby Shrimpton says:

    I remember anxiously waiting for each new movie.

  35. Ruby Shrimpton says:

    I remember loving every second of the twilight years.

  36. I will always remember the emotional circumstances Bella had. Falling in love, losing that love, friendship, regaining that love, getting married, having a child and giving her life to be with the one she loved. And if all that wasn’t enough…defending the ones she loves.

  37. I will always remember looking forward to the new releases with my friends and the opening night fun and our ‘fights’ over which ‘team’ was the best. Lots of great memories!

  38. I will always remember waiting in line at the midnight premiers and getting to know fellow twihards. It felt good to know you were not alone and that people felt the same love for the series as I do 🙂

  39. I remember the books and how much I loved them and still read them.

  40. Kristi Ferry says:

    I will always remember the first time I read the books. Thank you SM! Thank you also Twilight Lexicon!

  41. I will always remember the twilight fandom for being just as excited and obsessed with the movies as I am.

  42. I will always ALWAYS remember the fans all practically coming together to watch the new trailers or when the cast was on an awards show and we would always DOMINATE. Same with watching the premieres and everything and always frantically jumping up and down after watching the movies for the first time in theaters. It’s definitely something I will never ever forget. Twilight was the thing that started my undying love for all things books.

  43. There’s so many things I’ll remember. Tearing through all 4 books in under a week. Getting ridiculously excited before seeing each movie at midnight. The first time I went to Forks and La Push. Being in a theater full of fans going absolutely nuts screaming at the screen during the BD2 fight scene then the sighs of relief and laughter once it was over. This series has meant so much to me.

  44. I will always remember how I was pulled into the Twilight world and how it completely took me over – in a good way!

  45. katie busch says:

    There are so many things that I will remember. But by far the most important is when bella and Edward first meet.

  46. I will always remember going to see the movies friends and the fun time we had together.

  47. I’ll always remember the 1st time I read the books and fell in <3 with Edward, the twilight tuesdays,the countown for the movie & every twigirl & twiboy I had the chance to meet thanks to the saga and most of them are now friends it's amazing so for me Twilight 's Forever.

    thanks for the chance

  48. I will always remember how the Twilight Saga changed my life! Thanks to the twilight saga and the fandom I’ve changed so much! If im feeling down, sad or angry all I have to do is watch the twilight saga or talk to my fellow Twihards and then I’ve immediently got a smile on my face. Thanks to the saga I’ve also met a lot of other fans and became friends with them and now speak to them daily. I will never forget this fandom or the saga and it will always hold a very special place in my heart. The fandom are like family to me and i’ll never forget any of them or our beautiful Twicast. I will never forget the love i felt for this saga when i first watched the films and read the books. Its a feeling that will stay with me forever. Forever Twilight. Forever Twihard. Forever <3

  49. I will always remember that special date August 13 the day of the wedding, I loved getting all excited when seeing the trailers for the movie and even though ive seen all 5 films over and over again I still get that warm feeling when watching twilight it’s such a beautiful romance and a brilliant story line. I will always remember everything about the twihard fandom I will be forever quoting and watching twilight for as long as I will live if not ‘forever.’

  50. I will always remember the feelings and emocions that always will, because the are very real and powerfull that change your life in all respects.

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