Win Bella’s Shirt from Twilight via Catherine Hardwicke

Bella Shirt 1Catherine Hardwicke is raising money for a scholarship to be used by students at The University of California and in the process giving away a one of a kind Twilight collector’s item. For every fan that donates $25, their name will be entered into a drawing to win one of Bella’s t-shirts from Twilight. But this isn’t just any old t-shirt. This is the t-shirt Bella wore when she and Edward shared their first kiss! The winner will be drawn at random. If you’d like to participate, you can visit the Promise for Education website and donate now.  All contributions are tax deductible.  





  1. Sabrina Garcia says

    I love twilight. It was what made want to write.


    Education is the key, glad to contribute and would love to win Bella’s shirt!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hmm, the first kiss where she is wearing the shirt but no pants.

  4. Hardwicke needs to finally get over Twilight and move on.

    • Nothing wrong with being proud to have been a part of the first movie. And it’s going to a good cause. Win-win.

  5. Goodbye Lexicon.

  6. I watched Twilight last night and this shirt in the giveaway looks like a much lighter blue. I’m not sure that’s the same shirt.

  7. Anonaafrinkp says

    Twilight saga series is the best movie among the world .im a die hard fan of it

  8. Anonaafrinkp says

    Now in sad bcz the film is over.all the 5 versions were magnificento.

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