Stephenie Meyer Reflects on 10 Years of Twilight

Stephenie SmilingIn an interview with, Stephenie talked about how it feels to have a 10 year old franchise.

“It feels like I’m super, super old,” said Meyer, 39. “Like 10 years? Oh, my gosh, I don’t know where it went. But it’s amazing to stop and think back to my life 10 years ago and how drastically it has changed. I just wouldn’t have seen any of it coming. If you had told me back then, ‘Ten years from now you’ll be promoting a movie you produced,’ I’d have been like, ‘What drugs are you taking?’ It’s so bizarre.”

Stephenie also address the question every writer dreads: what are you working on next?

“See, back in the early days I used to tell people about all of the ideas that I had floating in my head that I assumed would become books at some point,” she said. “But then, people have the expectation that it will be out in six months, and so I really don’t talk about what I’m working on anymore because it changes a lot.

“I’ll be working on something and then another idea will drag me away. I guess that’s really my problem, committing to one idea and sticking with it. And so I’m not going to talk about what I’m working on right now.”

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  1. Emma Luneau says

    I guess I am being selfish, but I was hoping you would be extending the Twilight Saga. Thanks for all of the books and movies. I miss Twilight.

    • Does anyone know what happened to I haven’t been able to access it for several days. Thanks for any info!


      • Switzerland says

        THANK YOU for also asking about – I, too, have not been able to view their page. It is REALLY sad because that page and Twilightlexicon are the ones I ALWAYS go to, so please, TWILIGHTLEXICON, DON”T GO AWAY!!!!!

        • Lizzy Cullen says

          Yes! Twilight Lexicon is the best page ever and I hope they never delete it! I don’t know what I would do without them! I hope they don’t stop posting just because the movies ended, because of course it’s not the same and there isn’t much news anymore but we can’t let the story die. It’d be great if they posted discussions about the characters or about anything related to the series.

  2. PLEASE!!! continue with The Host PLEASE!!

  3. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

    I’m so grateful she shared her wonderful stories and so much of herself. Thanks for all the joy, Stephenie! 🙂

  4. You don’t start counting the years for a franchise until it’s been released. Twilight was released in 2005, so it’s only 8 right now, not 10.

    (Harry Potter is 16 right now because Philosopher’s Stone (as in, the British version, which was first) came out in 1997. The new covers that are coming out now are in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the American release. If you were to go by this thinking of Twilight being 10 years old because Stephenie had the dream 10 years ago, then the Harry Potter franchise would 23 years old because JK Rowling first got the idea in 1990.)

    But I guess since it’s about Stephenie specifically I’ll let it go, since it has taken up the last 10 years of her life.

  5. Thank God she took a chance and put her beautiful story out there for all the world to see and fall in love with. Well except those who don’t like it, which is beyond me. Anyhow I will never forget the Cullen’s, Bella, Jake, any of them.. This story brought me back to reading again, I thought all the good books had already been written, the great stories already told. Then birthed Twilight. I wish that she would come out with anything pertaining to twilight, doesn’t have to be breaking dawn 2, but the book she wrote “The short second life of Bree Tanner”, would make an amazing movie. Bc it’s another perspective we didn’t get to see.
    Or she could write a whole new beginning with Jacob and Nessie! Anything would be great!!

  6. Midnight Sun.

  7. Ms Meyer also graciously paid a surprise visit to Forks last month for ‘Stephenie Meyer Day/Bella’s Birthday’ weekend. Here’s the local report …

  8. Russell carpenter says

    I hope they make another twilight saga without twilight i would not be here today please make a twilight spin-off movies with nessie and jake and bella and alice and edward .

  9. Hurrah, that’s what I was looking for, what a information!

    existing here at this blog, thanks admin of this site.