Vote for Bella/Edward at Hypable

battleshipIt’s the final round of Battleships over at Hypable and to the surprise of no one in the Twilight fandom, Bella and Edward have made it to the very end! They are pitted against another couple from a popular vampire series, Rose and Demitri from Vampire Academy.

Voting will close at midnight Sept 1. At the time of this post, Bella and Edward had a narrow lead of 58% of the votes against Rose and Demitri’s 42%.  Visit to vote now!


  1. I’ve done my duty. 🙂

  2. So have I. Bella and Edward for the win, all the way!

  3. I feel dead inside…
    First Romitri vs. Sydrian, now Romitri vs. Bella & Edward, my two All-Time Favorite book series, why must life be so cruel!
    *sniff* Excuse me while I curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep…

  4. And as a VERY strong member of BOTH fandoms, I take offense at misspelling Dimitri’s name as much as I’d take offense at the misspelling of Bella or Edward’s name. A little respect is nice. *eye roll* or proof reading, it is in the picture afterall.

  5. Where is the vote button on the link provided?

  6. I like Vampire Academy, but I really want Bella and Edward to win this, if only to annoy all the people who keep saying they’ll lose faith in humanity if that happens!

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