Austenland Prize Pack Giveaway

austenland giveaway

We have a fabulous Austenland prize pack to give away from the folks at Sony Classic Pictures. We saw the movie and LOVED it. Look for our review later today. The prize pack includes:

  • I Love Mr Darcy tote bag (movie replica prop)
  • I Love Mr. Darcy tee (movie replica costume)
  • Austenland 2014 calendar
  • Austenland novel

Just tell us in the comments what your favorite thing about Jane Austen is and we will pick a winner Friday night at 11:59pm est. International entrants are welcomed!






  1. Anastasia says:

    I’ll have to go with the angsty romance in her books 🙂 Well, it’s sort of a love / hate that I have because sometimes you just want to slap the would-be couple around and tell them to tell each other how they feel already! 😀

  2. jameson stalanthas yu says:

    I also <3 Mr Darcy and Jane Austen, as she's taught generations of girls and women not to always go for the flashy razzle dazzle gentleman, and that sometimes the quiet guy in the back is a good match.

  3. I love her humor that she puts in her characters.

  4. The thing I love most about Jane Austen is how she made her characters. She put all this in depth information on the characters. She was a one of a kind writer. Its hard to come by those but once you find them you never really lose them. If only I had a Mr. Darcy.

  5. I love that there are no images of her, except the one. We have to draw our picture of her from her work, and her work is so wonderful.

  6. I love that Jane Austen’s novels somehow stand the test of time, while still being true to her time.

  7. I love how Jane Austin’s stories are timeless. In a hundred years they will be just as appealing as today!

  8. I like the love stories and how the female characters are strong!

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