Austenland Prize Pack Giveaway

austenland giveaway

We have a fabulous Austenland prize pack to give away from the folks at Sony Classic Pictures. We saw the movie and LOVED it. Look for our review later today. The prize pack includes:

  • I Love Mr Darcy tote bag (movie replica prop)
  • I Love Mr. Darcy tee (movie replica costume)
  • Austenland 2014 calendar
  • Austenland novel

Just tell us in the comments what your favorite thing about Jane Austen is and we will pick a winner Friday night at 11:59pm est. International entrants are welcomed!






  1. My favorite thing about Jane Austen….can I even pick just one? I love the romance of her books, and also the sly humor – sometimes so sly you don’t even realize she was making a snarky comment until the third or fourth time you read the book!

    • Tawnya Mayo says

      My favorite thing about Jane Austen is definitely the idea of Mr. Darcy. If only we could all have Mr. Darcy. Sigh.

  2. I love how she tells such romantic and engaging stories with both wit and intelligence! There is a depth to her characters and their thoughts, feelings and motivations that you don’t always find in romantic novels…AND you get laughs in the bargain too!

  3. riverfaerie says

    I love, that like all of the great authors, she didn’t take herself so seriously that she couldn’t let loose a bit. Her books and characters allow us to see the good and bad side of almost anyone or any given situation. Northanger Abbey is so much fun to read! And it is of course, so interesting, and funny, to have an exact insight to manners and customs and fashions of the time, as Shannon Hale showed Jane Hayes getting first hand in her book. Our perspective today (my how things have changed!) makes Austen’s period seem somehow more distant than it really is today!

  4. The obvious favorite thing is Mr. Darcy. The wit, humor, and romance in her books are so great. Plus, her books have given rise to some of my favorite movies, which I can’t help thinking of when I just watched Clueless again on TV last night.

  5. Connieonnie says

    There are two people on this world who truly get me, my sister & Jane Austen.

  6. I love the wit of Jane Austen!! Austen should be required reading for guys..they would better understand our gender lol

  7. I love Austen’s writing style. Every book she writes is able to draw the reader in to make them feel like they are living in the time period her stories take place. She also created fantastic characters that you easily fall in love with.

  8. I love Jane Austen’s witty writing, but also her characters. She created such timeless characters that have been remade and reflected into so many modern day books, movies, and tv shows.

  9. Stephanie Malone says

    Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors because she creates intelligent female characters. Not many authors are able to get that across in a romantic novel. Her stories are brilliant.

  10. Mr. Darcy, always Mr. Darcy ?

    Jane Austenite was a brave and intelligent woman, and she created stories that still fascinate today as centuries ago.

  11. Tracie Young says

    I love the vivid details and the characters. She shows is the flaws and strengths of the people in her stories. If we pay attention we can become better people ourselves.

  12. I too love Mr. Darcy soo much! I also love how a lot of themes in her stories are timeless, and still apply today.

  13. I loved Austenland and think it would be great fun to live the fantasy. Jane Austen has always been on the top of my list, great romance, set with intelligence and humor. Who doesn’t want their own Mr. Darcy?

  14. I love how intelligent her writing is. Dry wit, humor, strength in her female characters…it’s so easy to get lost in the world she creates with words.

  15. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

    I love how Austen’s portrayal of human characters is as true to our life now as it was when she wrote her novels. And the banter is so much fun!

  16. I love Jane Austen because of her wonderful wit and that she was a woman of strong opinion when women were not supposed to be. She had the courage to go back on an engagement, which hardly ever happened in that age. Also, that Mr. Darcy was one of my first loves when I was growing up and my book “Pride and Prejudice” was tattered after so many readings. I would be proud to wear the “I (heart) Darcy” shirt. With all these reality shows around it is nice to fall back on such a romantic character! Jane Austen used her wit instead of a club!! which is refreshing after all these shows on tv now. I can’t wait to see “Austenland”!!!!

  17. I love that she knew how to write memorable love stories. These tales have been developed into countless movies because they’re so great and can capture an audience.

  18. I love Jane Austen because in every one of her tales the emotions keep building and building until you are about to burst and then it all gets resolved -sometimes in an unusual way—right before you are about to go crazy! And I also love that she has strong female characters!

  19. Being brave here…I’ve not read any of her books or any of movies based on the books. I didn’t read much in the way of romance novels until Twilight. I am looking forward and will see this movie and her books are now on my ‘to read’ list. The comments here have made that even more something to look forward to.

  20. My favorite thing about Jane Austen the books she wrote
    my favorite is ‘Pride & Prejudice’ love the story and characters specially Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy

    Thanks for the chance 🙂

  21. My favorite things about Jane Austen are that my complete works book is the largest book on my bookshelf and that I never get tired of reading it.

  22. My favorite thing about Jane Austen is all of Jane’s heroins are smart and strong willed. Everyone gets a chance to have true love and will not settle for anything less. Of course I love her witty writing style.

  23. NyghtCircus says

    What I love about Jane Austen is that her books have given me the privilege of being myself, especially in High School where girls my age grew up way too fast and disregarded the meaning of friendship and courage to please their boyfriends. I loved that I could rely on some great fictional heroines like Elizabeth Bennet and Elinor Dashwood to get me out of dark places in my head and gave me the courage to take charge of my life. Jane has always taken me out of my dark moods and always manages to brighten my days. Her books have also given the chance to meet friends who are just as passionate about her books as I am. I was lucky enough to attend an Advance screening of Austenland, (which I loved) and am filled with joy that Austen continues to be a powerful figure today.

  24. I love Jane Austen because, in my opinion, she’s hilarious. Particularly the satire in Pride and Prejudice. I love that hundreds of years later we are still able to love and relate to her work as well as be inspired by it (cue in Twilight and Austenland). It is timeless!

  25. I have loved and adored her books since I first read Pride and Prejudice! Even though her books are set in the past, they are still timeless. It shows especially through her female characters, because she gives them life that most would not dare to write of at the time.

  26. My favorite thing about Jane Austen was her courage. In a time that women had very few rights and were expected to marry and have children, she made the choice to go against the norm and use her intellect to make her own way.

  27. DishclothRioter says

    My favorite aspect of Jane Austen’s novels is her wit. I agree with the previous commenter that there is a lot of humor in them, but it often takes multiple readings before the depth of her satire is apparent.

  28. I love that she writes strong female characters.

  29. I love how she is such a brilliant writer that people still obsess over her and her characters

  30. My favorite thing about Jane Austen is that she was such an amazing writer. Engaging and thoughtful and so powerful that people are still reading and talking about and obsessing over her books. Plus, how can you NOT love the woman who created Fitzwilliam Darcy!! *swoon*

  31. Nobody writes dialogue like Jane did. I love to listen to her characters talk.

  32. Oceana Guyot says


    The things i love the most in Jane Austen books?

    Is the fact that her characters are so torn on each others,is so weird and anwesome.
    I m french,i live in Paris and the movie Austenland no go out of theater,but i hope to all my heart that one is out in France .
    She is the best writer after Stephenie Meyer of course!!

  33. My favourite thing about Jane Austen is that she wrote witty, insightful stories with a happy ending! 🙂

  34. How I can read her stories again and again and still gain new insight into the characters

  35. I love Jane Austen because however different things were between that time in history and this time in history, we all still have to use the chamber pot, so in the important things of life, we’re really not that different after all.

  36. Jane was able to take what most consider a small sphere of experience and make it intricate and multi-layered. It’s the depth that she builds her characters that is so appealing to me.

  37. Her wit. Absolutely her wit. Mr Bennett for starters, and pretty much everyone else. Not to mention her sharp character traits. And her sense of romance. Plus …

    Hoping the movie will get an international release! ^^

  38. I just love a good love story! and British men 🙂

  39. Her insightful analysis, wit, and her wonderful dialogue. There is real feeling her words with out the cliche

  40. My favorite thing about Jane Austen is her “The History of England from the reign of Henry the 4th to the death of Charles the 1st.” Written “By a partial, prejudiced, & ignorant Historian.” It is witty and funny, as is much of the stuff in Jane Austen’s juvenilia, which I enjoy as much as I enjoy her six mature novels. Reading the works she wrote in her youth really show how she developed into the author of Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, etc.

    Read her History of England yourself:

  41. Patricia Finnegan says

    There are so many reasons it is hard to pick one! I love her characters, how they are more human than other characters I have read in books, I love how her stories, which were written 200 years ago I can relate to, (think of all of the modern adaptations of Pride and Prejudice!)

  42. I read my first Jane Austen novel against my will at the end of 5th grade. My mom thought it would be good for me to read Pride & Prejudice, so to get her to stop pestering me, I read it.
    In hindsight, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I devoured P&P in 2 days, and quickly read her other novels. I’ve loved watching the different movie interpretations as well (BBC is ALWAYS the best!)
    So basically when I found out that Shannon Hale, one of my FAVORITE authors- I am a huge fan of the Books of Bayern, wrote Austenland, I was stoked!
    I’ve been wanting to see Austenland for a REALLY long time! It’s coming to Chicago soon, so I’m counting down the days now.
    Jane Austen inspired me in ways that no one else could. She made me love that era and empathize with different kinds of people. JANE AUSTEN ALL THE WAY! <3

  43. Jane Austen has always stood out to be because of her ability to write such complex and relatable characters. Jane had a firm grasp on reality as shown in the complexity of her characters, she wasn’t afraid to thread some flaws and folly into any of them, but even though she herself never married she possessed an unmatched knack to spin the most beautiful and fantastic romances.

  44. I love Jane Austen’s wit and social commentary.

  45. Only one?! I love how she can make a great story out of simple things. A walk, visit to a shop, or just sitting around at home create great pictures of the characters. They can be doing mundane things, but she is able to make it interesting and relevant to the story.

  46. How can I answer this question? I love e v e r y t h i n g about Jane Austen: her wit, her spirit, the plot of her every novel, her language, her imagination, her era. The only thing that I don’t like is women’s social status and position in her times. But… I guess you can’t have everything and as we can see now, our position is not perfect still 🙂

    Looking forward to watching this film in Greece! (hope it does come, anyway!)

  47. I’ll keep it simple – Jane Austen creates fabulous female characters who are generally quite witty, and memorable male characters who you can’t help but hold a love/hate relationship with all the time!

  48. Mary Marshall says

    My favorite thing about Jane Austen is her incredibly wicked sense of humor!

  49. My favorite thing about Jane Austen is her satirical views on her own society! Sharpest pen ever. 😉

  50. debsfreckles says

    My favorite thing about Jane Austen is her wit and insight, and how it is still relevant and appreciated today.