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VSTwilightSongHypable is at it again with another round of battleships!  Twilight fans have until noon tomorrow to vote for Edward and Bella to win this round against Alanna and George from Song of the Lioness Quartet. If Bella and Edward win, they will go up against Elizabeth and Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.  However, Bella and Edward are currently losing by a very wide margin.  Vote now so they can continue in the battle!

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  1. I’ve never read Song of the Lioness Quartet, but I can imagine why Bedward here would be losing by a “wide margin”. They are the worst characters in Twilight—my opinion, really—and together they are brooding people who find “love” and “lust” interchangeable. If you’re going to reply with, “Then why did you read the books?!” then I will simply reply back, “Because there is more to Twilight than Edward, Bella, and a petty love triangle.” If it’s not Edward being a total cretin with Bella’s scent and “protecting Bella’s safety” or “not wanting to hurt her” or whatever new scenario crosses his undead mind, it’s Bella obsessing over his eyes, his hair, his body in general.

    I really liked the books as a whole, the movies aren’t as bad as haters would have you think (or as brilliant as fanatics would have you think), but they are okay for what they are and what the directors and cast had to work with. Just because I don’t like Bedward (see: Breaking Dawn), that doesn’t mean I hate Twilight.

  2. diana sANCHEZ says:

    nunca votaria por lo q un fuera twilight

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