Bill Condon’s New Movie Trailer Debuts

Bill Condon’s first movie post Breaking Dawn that deals with the Wikileaks scandal just debuted its trailer. The movie is called The Fifth Estate and it stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Stanley Tucci, Dan Stevens, Laura Linney, David Thewlis among others.

Bill Condon said to EW

The movie presents him neither as hero or villain. We just try to present who he is and let you make up your mind,” Condon says. “I think, in fact, he’s neither.”

Condon also said his film never got any government pressure or interference – a surprise given how much effort from the CIA and Pentagon put into understanding what kind of story Zero Dark Thirty planned to tell about the takedown of Osama Bin Laden.

“If you look at movies where that might have happened, they are movies that need something from the government, and that isn’t anything we did,” Condon says. “We had a few sources that worked in the State Department, but we weren’t asking for any special access, so there was no reason to engage them.”

Check out the trailer on EW.



  1. kazzygirl says:

    As I am fascinated by Julian Assange and have recently become a bit of a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch’s work, especially after Star Trek Into Darkness and the BBC Sherlock series, this will be on my must see list. Bill Condon directing is the icing on the cake! Not sure if Benedict has quite nailed our Aussie accent but I’ve certainly heard worse. Stanley Tucci is usually a delight to watch in anything. Lots of reasons to see it.

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