Forever in Forks and Stephenie Meyer Day 2013

forks signWe’ve had some questions come in about the difference between  Stephenie Meyer Day and Forever in Forks and figured we should just post it here in the open to avoid further questions.  Stephenie Meyer Day as well as Forever in Forks will be held in Forks, WA Sept. 12 – 15, 2013.  The two events are separate and each have their own schedule of things to do while in Forks.  They are working together on some aspects, such as a fund raising event for Stand Up To Cancer.  They have different events going on each day including a prom, a birthday celebration for Bella, a costume contest, movie showings, and a scavenger hunt.  Forever In Forks is offering two ticket packages right now for their events, but space is limited.  Stephenie Meyer Day requires tickets to certain events but not for everything.  Each guest is responsible for their own travel and lodging.  Hotels are sometimes hard to come by at these events, so if you want to go, start looking now!  Forever in Forks does have a “find a rommie” option if you are hoping to cut down on your cost.

Visit Forever in Forks for all of their details or…

Visit for all of their details.  


  1. Today it’s Edwards birthday?!! Why is his face floating around????

  2. Isn’t

  3. I believe the “official” Stephenie Meyer Days group – the ones who took over the planning of the event in 2011 – is at . You can see the full 3 days of events scheduled there.

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