BuzzFeed Says Dating A Vampire Would be Awful – Agree or Disagree?

We were given the heads up that BuzzFeed has a current tongue in cheek post about dating vampires.  (Warning, there is some bad language on the BuzzFeed post) They say that dating just about any other supernatural creature would be better than dating a vampire, and they give a list of reasons.  Such as: 

Swamp thing absorbs sunlight rather than catching on fire and dying immediately.

Edward Sparkle











Or doing this.



So do you agree?  Lets hear it!  Why would a vampire make a good boyfriend/girlfriend?  Or why WOULDN’T a vampire make a good boyfriend/girlfriend?  Which supernatural creature would be better to date and why?



  1. Not if it were Edward.

  2. I would go with vampire, even at the risk of hypothermia. No cuddling afterwards, I guess – even if it were Victoria. (I’m a guy.)

    It’s funny that around the 10th anniversary of the writing of Twilight, the star of the moment is Henry Cavill – who I believe was Stephenie Meyer’s first choice for Edward. Way too old now of course, but so are Pattinson et al. I bet some Hollywood executive is already casting the hypothetical reboot in his or her mind.

  3. I would date a vampire if it similer to Edward.They are good boyfriends because you can be with your love for ever(like Bella did in the story).But it’s a risk of hypothermia-no matter,cuddlings with vampires must be great.

  4. I like reading Twilight, but in real life a vampire boyfriend would be a nightmare. Imagine he smells everything, all the body odeurs, everything you ate. He hears everything even if you are in the buthroom nextdoor. Not really romantic

  5. If I was to date any supernatural being… it would be Buffy: the Vampire Slayer (I actually had a crush on her as a teen)… 😀 She’s blonde… She hot… She’s got some serious ninja skills, and she’d totally pummel vampires. 🙂

  6. I’m with the vampires, of course! (as long as it’s Edward or Emmett. So not taking Dracula.)

  7. I would disagree because maybe the vampire loves you so don’t be something your not so please don’t end a love between a human and a monster

  8. Eman Anas says:

    people think all twilight fans wanna date vampires and werewolves and think they’re so hot but they don’t realise that
    it’s their personalities that we love i mean it’s because they’re good vampires that we would even think about it but if you think about the rest of the vampires, you know the ones who think that humans are just food it wouldn’t really be an option would it? so the question here would be ‘would you date ”vegetarian” vampires?’ and my answer is if they have the amount of self control that Edward had then maybe…

    P.S i think we really underestimate the self control it took from Edward to even have this relationship
    sorry i rambled on 😀

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