Art Project Says “Thank You” to Stephenie Meyer

Power_Authors_Stephenie_MeyerThe folks hosting the annual Stephenie Meyer Day in Forks have organized a project to provide fans with a way to say “Thank You!” to their favorite author.  Here are the official details:

Stephenie Meyer Day is a celebration of all things Twilight and a way to say ‘thank you’ to Stephenie Meyer for her amazing contribution to literature!  Her stories introduced us to a world we never knew existed. Hidden away in the beautiful Olympic Peninsula is the small town of Forks, Washington, shrouded in an almost constant cover of clouds.  It is here that we will gather from September 12-15to celebrate our love of Twilight, the fandom we’ve grown to love, and the friends we’ve met along the way.

Stephenie Meyer Day and the Olympic Coven would like to ask you to join us in saying ‘thank you’ to the incomparable Stephenie Meyer. Write a letter, draw a picture, print out your pictures from Twilight events, etc. to show your appreciation.  Submissions must be on a standard sheet of paper (8 ½ by 11) and no more than three pages long.  If your submission is any longer or on any other size paper, we cannot guarantee it will be included.  Submissions must be received by August 31, 2013.  Please submit your “thanks” to:

Stephenie Meyer Day
PO Box 1268
Loganville, Georgia 

We will compile all the submissions into a scrapbook (or two) and add a little love from Forks over Stephenie Meyer Day Weekend. We will then send our books to Stephenie Meyer herself!  You do not have to be attending to participate; you just have to love Twilight! We look forward to seeing your submissions, Twihards, and thank you from all of us!


  1. What a special thing to do, my letter is typed, I kept it short but could have filled pages. I hope its legit and she gets all the thank you’s because it was a incredible ride she took us on. Love you Steph, Thank you!!!

  2. This is an amazing idea! I’m going to write a letter and send it, even though I’m not from the US, so it’s going to be pretty expensive… But I want to do this.

  3. You say you want to say ” ‘thank you’ to Stephenie Meyer for her amazing contribution to literature “. But you didn’t include her other work The Host why is that. If you want to make a Stephenie Meyer Day you should include all her work not just Twilight. I’m a huge fan of both them but it would be nice to see The Host in there as well. The Host might not be huge like Twilight but it’s a great novel.

  4. If we want to draw a picture our self does it have to be about Twilight. Can it be Twilight & The Host???

  5. This is an amazing idea I can’t wait to write mine <3

  6. Fiona Cullen says

    I love this idea. Twilight has give me so much the least I can do is thank Stephanie. I’ll be sending a submission from Australia.

  7. How long will Stephenie Meyer day in Forks continue? Is this the last one?

  8. I’m so excited about this!!!! This will be my 3rd year attending SMD!! The people who organize the event and the town are so great! We have a lot of fun!! I hope everyone contributes something! You don’t have to attend SMD to contribute. I know those who are putting together the thank you and they would absolutely include anything you want in the Thank you to Stephenie… Even THE HOST!!! Soooo start creating and send anything you’d like. Just make sure it’s in the correct format. 🙂

  9. me gustaria ir pero no puedo , mandare mi carta de gracias a stephanie , lo merece por su gran treabajo enlos libros de la saga ,por brindarnos algo que buscar en la net cuando no teniamos nada que hacer}

    • Hola yo tampoco podré ir al Día de Stephenie Meyer pero ya le he escrito mi carta. Podrías decirme si las medidas que dicen (8 ½ by 11) se refieren a un papel normal? Quiero decir las medidas de los folios que se usan siempre? Es que soy de España y no sé si son las mismas medidas y tengo miedo de que no le darán mi carta a Stephenie si las medidas de mi papel son incorrectas 🙁

  10. Love your work says

    I just wanted to say that I LOVE your work very much. I love Everything about what you have written about. The details are amazing. I love all the characters just everything about it. I have read all your books, I have read Breaking Dawn at least 10 times. I have seen all the movies. You are an amazing writer. I almost don’t know what else to say its just amazing. honestly…. All I have to say is Thank you SOOOOO much for making Twilight.