Vote for the Twilight Saga in Moviefone’s Summer Sequel Smackdown

Summer Sequel Smackdown

Moviefone is hosting the Summer Sequel Smackdown pitting popular fantasy film sequels against each other until a champion is crowned.

Here’s how it will break down:

1. Every week for the month of May, fans can vote in our bracketed tournament to support their favorite fantasy sequels.

2. Only the highest ranked will advance onto the quarter-finals, semi-finals, etc.

3. At the end of the month, one movie will stand tall as the undisputed greatest fantasy sequel of all time –as voted by the people.

4. YOU CAN ONLY VOTE ONCE in each round. So if you really want to rally around a movie to win, you have to share and encourage your friends to vote too.

5. Each voting round runs from Monday to Sunday. The next Monday will reveal who advances onto the next round.

6. Once the top fantasy sequel is named at the end of May, it will move on to our end-of-summer grand finale, where it will compete against the top-voted sci-fi, action and comic book sequels to name the best sequel of all time.

In this first round New Moon takes on Order of the Phoenix, Eclipse is against The Return of the King, Breaking Dawn Part 1 is against Deathly Hallows Part 1, and Breaking Dawn Part 2 takes on The Half Blood Prince. There are other options as well, but knowing the voting power of the Twilight Fandom, I’m sure we can manage to get a film all the way to the end.  You can vote once for each duo, which allows you to vote for each Twilight Saga film in this first round.  So our goal this week is to encourage all of the fans to vote for each film in this first round.  


  1. It let me vote once for each pairing, rather than each round. So I voted for each of the Twilight movies in their respective pairings… Of course, if they each move forward we’ll have to start choosing between the different Twilight films in future brackets. 🙁

  2. Of course Twilight got some, Harry got some, whew, I love them all, and when they toss in Lord of the Rings OMG I will probably blow a gasket. lol But I am being absolutely truthful. Lord of the Rings had Peter Jackson as director, and Harry, well, put together superbly, our little Summit folks sorta rooked us. That was reallllly hard. I don’t think I am doing it again, I may do more harm than help.I am a uber fan, total nerd, love it allll.

  3. Casting votes for:

    New Moon
    Breaking Dawn, Part 1
    Breaking Dawn, Part 2

  4. I cast my vote for New Moon as well as Breaking Dawn: Part 2

    Oddly enough for a “Summer Sequel Smackdown” MOST of these films didn’t appear during the summer season, but the fall season. The only Twilight film that arrived in the traditional summer season was Eclipse. The Lord of the Rings films all opened in around Nov. Dec. Most of the Twilight films opened in Nov. Most of the Harry Potter films opened in Nov. The Narnia movies opened in Dec. 😛

    As there are a host of actual summer sequels out there, I find it strange that they picked a bunch that didn’t open in Summer. 🙂

    • I don’t think they meant to pick movies that came out in the summer. I think they intended it to be for this summer. Something like this – As a kick off to this summer (which is a summer full of sequels) we are going to find out which franchise had the best sequel regardless of when it was released. Does that help?

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