Taylor Lautner Wins Best Shirtless Performance at MMA

Bringing home the one and only award for Breaking Dawn Part 2, Taylor Lautner won for Best Shirtless Performance at the MTV Movie Awards. He stepped onstage and accepted his award looking very different from his usual self with a pillow stuffed in his shirt to make it appear as if he’d let himself go. Well played, Taylor!


  1. Love that he doesn’t have a problem with making fun of himself. Soooo has his head on straight and doesn’t act all re re. Love him…..

  2. Christina says:

    Funny. 🙂 I still think it’s odd that BD2 wasn’t nominated for anything else, but Taylor is a class act. 🙂

  3. If I could laugh in Mtv’s face right now, I would! Mtv, This shows that even if you “ignore” Twilight fans, we’re still going to DOMINATE whatever we get nominated for. Good Job, Taylor. This totally made my day. Exclude us twilight fans all you want, we still won the ONLY AWARD WE GOT NOMINATED FOR.

  4. I love that he did this.

  5. Oh wow thats hilarious. Taylor is so sweet and he humbly got his award while still making fun of the absurdity of the category.
    The shirtless category was completely made up to “TRY” and appease Twilight fans.

  6. Plus Taylor fans KNOW how much Taylor HATES being objectified for his body and dislikes shirtless scene because it takes attention and credibility away from his acting.

  7. I think it was also Taylor’s way of having fun at “empty-v’s” expense. It’s insulting not only to him,but to the entire cast to get snubbed from the other major awards and the only award worthy is “best shirtless performance? Really??? They did this on purpose because they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt,that we would have dominated the major categories and decided to blind side us like this. Good for Taylor to turn the joke around on them.

  8. Tracy Lawrence says:

    I boycotted MTV’s Awards this year, Breaking Dawn 2 should have been nominated, I love Taylor and I’m glad he won, but they really messed up this year

  9. Tracy Lawrence says:

    Tell them Sandy

  10. wow I bet he’s really pretty offended by that award, especially given twilight’s removal from main awards, no matter how much a good sport he is. I think he’ll be great with Adam Sandler in Grown Ups 2.


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