Fans Boycott MTV Movie Awards

robert-pattinson-kristen-stewart-best-kissTwilight Fans have always looked forward to the MTV Movie Awards. After winning 15 MTV Movie Awards and having swept the Best movie and Best Kiss categories for the last several years, fans expected several nominations as well as a sweep again this year. But as most of you know, Breaking Dawn Part 2 was snubbed out of all nominations except for Best Shirtless Performance for Taylor Lautner… and he only takes his shirt off once in this film!

As an answer to the snub, Twilight fans are encouraged to skip the awards this year, even though Taylor Lautner will be at the ceremony. Instead, we ask that you watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 and jump on twitter to tell the world your feelings. Use the hashtag #BreakingDawnPart2Night every time you tweet.  

So… are you skipping the awards this year?  Let us know in the comments.  

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  1. Well I never watch it anyway…

    • from C SIMMONS TWILIGHT TIME host @ /team twilight time

      DATE: TUES 4-16-2013

      GREAT website – I AGREE w / the PREVIOUS POST – I NEVER WATCH it or I STOPPED “checking it out” a

      while back – FORGOT about when and WHAT TIME of the YEAR the event is staged – BUT upon GOOGLE

      searching for my twilight time site on the latest “pos” TWILIGHT SAGA news, I was GLAD to see that

      Mr. LAUTNER made the ONLY “Twilight – related” nomination COUNT by winning , albeit in a

      totally SUPERFICIAL category , since he is a VERY skilled ACTOR – like many of the TWILIGHT

      cast , under – rated and appreciated HOPE to SEE him land some NEW ROLES because ANYONE can see

      the RANGE , much like ROB PATTINSON is THERE

      KEEP an eye on ROB’s upcoming projects – THE ROVER will be the first one in theory to be released

      and he’s involved in three ( 3 ) other films which Im sure THIS & ADDITIONAL TWI – HARD sites like

      KALEB NATION along w/ mine will keep ALL fans posted on

      I HAVE some THOUGHTS for all of you when I POST HERE “next time” on some

      future TWILIGHT related themes and MANY or SOME of you have ALREADY been THINKING about


      C SIMMONS @ / team twilight time



      the AFOREMENTIONED @ simmons courtland @

      and I WILL send fans & the HOST of TWILIGHT LEXICON some of the

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  2. TeamEC1918 says:

    I am! Breaking Dawn 2 wasn’t only amazing but it was the last movie of the saga. The least MTV could of done was acknowledge that and give it more nominations as it deserved several

  3. No I am not skipping it. I like Twilight but this is just idiotic. Breaking Dawn was also one of the worst ending to a series along with Hunger Games and Delirium. Boycott all you want I’ll be watching and enjoying. When you boycott the minor things, the whole act of boycotting loses it purpose and meaning.

    • I totally agree, it’s stupid to boycott something so menial. I will be watching and enjoying myself. Twilight is over and it’s time to get over it

      • Maybe it is to you but for others maybe they thought it was pretty stupid all of a sudden MTV cares about being fair and square.

    • Idiotic ? How ? If you want to watch it WATCH IT ! But if fans want to get together and do something because they feel closer to each then let them. People like you make things so much harder YOU GET OVER IT !

    • Oh please ! If fans want to do something like this it’s not a big deal it’s been done plenty of times and for lesser reasons. Your term of boycott might have more meaning but I feel like fandom means more to people but do what you want and let fans do what they want not a big deal you complainers.

      • sorry, I was part of the ”boycott” and we didn’t intend to boycott the MTV movie awars before, we didn’t want all this drama, were the media that began to say that. we just wanted watch BD2 and had a good time together, not a big deal but we did it! MTV lost 52.3% of their viewers, so basically we were who gave them the high ratings the past years. tbh I think this is kinda funny

  4. I’m definitely skipping. The only reason I watched them the last several years was because of Twilight. BD2 was the best of the saga and deserved more nominations. After all the years and boost in viewership they got from us fans, it’s like a slap in the face. I’m not even going to watch for the Catching Fire trailer (which I’m excited about) it’ll be available online soon after.

  5. No I”M wacthing BD2 and all the other ones

  6. I don’t think you would be boycotting if Rob got that one nom ,so no I will watch good luck Taylor.

  7. Eleanor Ford says:

    I won’t be watching at all, the attitude to Twilight fans from MTV employees has been completely patronising. They were huge lovers of the Twilight films and gave them lots of backing, and now it’s like they’re saying to the world, well we’ve moved on, why can’t you? Swap your fandom love to the The Hunger Games already! It was the final film, all they had to do was endure one more year of a Twilight whitewash.

  8. I’ll be joining in he BDpt2 experience! It’ll be fun to tweet and watch with others. What’s sad is that MTV barely acknowledged it and went for more Oscar style films for most categories – when Twilight’s what boosted their ratings the first year. I thought the whole point the the MMA’s was to promote films that will likely never be picked up for big awards shows.

  9. With all due respect please grow the hell up let it go Twilight is fictional story which means it’s NOT REAL

    • smitten_by_twilight says:

      You’re making very little sense. Grown-ups know they have viewing choices and exercise them. Also, giving lip service to respect and then cussing at people is just silly.

  10. Yes I’m skipping. I don’t care how immature it is, I really don’t like movie awards anyways

  11. smitten_by_twilight says:

    I only ever watched it for Twilight. Good luck, Taylor, but MTV’s commercial sponsors will have to do without me this year.

  12. Robsten 4 - EVER says:

    I have allways loved MTV movie ardwars, but not now!!
    It is last year they Cut be with, but no…
    I’m SO mat!!!!

  13. Soooooooooo NOT watching!!!

  14. I’m so not watching MTV this year…:/

  15. I’m participating in #Breaking Dawn 2Night

  16. Am I skipping the MTV Awards? You bet I am!!!! The minute I found out that Twilight was snubbed from the awards this years, I got on FB and told all my peeps that I wasn’t watching and I encouraged them to boycott the show with me. I guess they agreed with me and spread the word. I’m glad to see that there are others that feel as strong as I do and have taken to the web to try and rally others to do the right thing.

  17. jasmine stells says:

    No I will not boycott the MTV movie awards I am a twi-hard but I don’t feel that boycotting the awards is going to do anything because this was the last twilight movie therefore there’s no point to this boycott. Other people that were nominated this year worked hard for those nominations and if youe people are truly twi-hards then you would be watching to support Taylor who will be there and is nominated!

    • What about the staff that work to the last minute of the movie to get it done. Don’t they deserve some acknowledgement for their hard efforts. And that is it! It is the last part before the end of Twilight Saga, so I don’t understand why there are only ONE nomination. Tsssk.. Feel offended by it. If u see from my point of view, i think u would understand.
      Twiight have always worked hard for their fans.

  18. p1an0f0rte says:


  19. I wont watch tonight. I will be watching BD2.

  20. It does feel like an unceremonious dumping for a franchise that was so culturally significant, captured such a large portion of the youth audience, and perhaps importantly for MTV – even though it has not been Music Television for years – changed movie soundtracks in two ways. First, author input in soundtracks (how many authors have followed Stephenie Meyer’s lead in scene-specific book soundtracks?) and second they featured a kind of indie band that previously were not often featured in teen/young adult films. Certainly the profiles of Paramore, Iron & Wine, and Muse rose considerably – despite the grousing of earlier fans and, in some cases, the musicians themselves.

  21. It’s difficult to watch MTV stuff from Australia anyway, so there’ s no doubt I won’t be watching and I encourage others to do the same.

  22. I’ll be watching this year, just like I have since MTV began the Movie Awards (Leo and R+J was my first Rob/Twilight). I’m as big a Twilight fan as the next person who visits this website, and I too was pretty bummed BD2 didn’t at least get a Best Movie nom (especially since it was one of the top grossing movies of the year). However, it did completely dominate the awards the past several years. I can see why MTV is doing what it’s doing (showcasing a broader spectrum of movies and likely in turn getting $$$), but it should have at least thrown another nomination at BD2, if only out of respect for the fans/franchise and pop culture phenomenon that it was. On the other hand, did we all really want to sit through another awkward Rob/Kristen Best Kiss acceptance speech? lol

  23. Twilighters Dream is joining both Twilight Poison and Spunk Ransom and having a giveaway as well tonight for those who are boycotting and participating in the Twitter Party. #BreakingDawnPart2Night Details on the giveaway:

  24. I stopped watching The MTV Movie Awards a LONG time ago, so this year won’t change anything. Let’s face it though, they just didn’t snub Twilight… No Hunger Games nominations, barely any LIfe of Pi nominations or The Hobbit… or Amazing Spider-man… it looks like the show had to be rounchy beyond imagination to get a nomination… Very disappointed…

    In respect though for the lack of Twilight nominations… The REAL big problem is, since 2009, when they allowed Twilight to be included in every single catory, and thusly it beat out every single movie, no matter how much better the movies were aka Edward vs. James beat Batman vs. the Joker (NOBODY BEATS BATMAN!!!!!), it seemed that MTV purposely catored to the Twilight franchise, instead of curtailing nomimations so that any other film could have a chance. They didn’t even attempt to balance the show and make it fair. I stopped watching because I already knew that Twilight would dominate every single catagory it was in.

    Now MTV has become polar opposite, almost deliberately cutting Twilight from every nomination, even ones where it should have been included… aka Best Kiss. This isn’t fair and it’s just plain stupid.

    All it tells me was that MTV was in it just for the $$$ and really never cared about any of their viewers. Had they cared they would have balanced things from the beginning instead of snubbing one of the other.

    I’ll just watch BD2 on mah iPad… 😀

  25. I’m not watching. MTV has used the Twilight fans for the ratings all along.
    I would have liked to see Rob and Kristen get their final Best Kiss Award though.

  26. wtf is wrong with people saying they would just have to endure one more year and bear over with it 😛
    With fear for my life i have to say “have you thought about it maybe wasn’t that good of an ending, and thats why they dont go with it this year? have you thought about there maybe other movies that was better than twillight BD part 2? and thats why they didn’t bring it?”

    but oh well as for any series or movies with a big fanbase the fans are just to much into it to even care if the film is good or not.

  27. I am skipping it. I don’t think it is immature – the nominations were a clear snub when you compare the things that got nominated from the earlier movies in the Saga. BD2 was a great movie in many respects and for them to toss it a throwaway nomination (because I’m sorry, Taylor taking his shirt off once is great and all but REALLY???) now that the saga is complete does feel entirely like a snub to the fans who love the franchise. My opinion on it is that if they don’t care about us now, then I don’t care about them either. I’d much rather watch BD2 again, anyhow.

  28. He** Yeah Boycott MTV Movie Awards
    Really Diss’n Twilight on their Last year Really!
    NOT COOL!!!!MTV!

  29. Christina says:

    I haven’t watched anything on MTV since 1999. Skipping by default.

  30. I think it was pretty rude considering this was the final MTV Movie Award for the Twilight Saga.

  31. julie boyce says:

    the only opinion that matters is mine (an i loved it) they can keep theirs

  32. I am but only for Catching Fire and the Teen Wolf promo

  33. I am boycotting for sure. The heck with MTV who obviously doesn’t care about the Twilight Fans. They just couldn’t bear to see Twilight sweep again, especially for best movie

  34. Well the awards have always been a favourite of mine, since Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jimmy Fallon’s performances. But this unfortunately does cross the line. I mean why did it happen? – Just not enough votes or something?

    All the fan-vote stuff was always kinda unfortunate – because let’s be honest they did bulldose over some more deserving winners (I remember the final Harry Potter losing out on Best Film which really sucked – there was so much more to that movie). But to just not include it anymore is a violation, I mean The Hunger Games is still gonna sweep in the future, I reckon… And Twilight deserved to go out the same way that it had been celebrated before.

    They should just introduce a new category – Fan-Favourite, instead of Best Movie to correct their mistake. To be honest, I just loved the fact that Kristen, Rob and everyone were just there while all the jokes were going on!

  35. Eu tambei estou boicotando com certeza. mtv , não se importa com os fãs de Crepúsculo. Eles simplesmente não podia suportar ver varredura Crepúsculo novamente, especialmente para melhor filme de todos .

  36. Honestly, I was not interested in watching and to be honest, I find this post a little bit immature. A lot of twilight fans are already not interested in watching but going so far as to encourage other fans not to watch too? That’s just like when I was in elementary school where in little girls encouraged hate each other.

    Watch it if you want, don’t watch it if you don’t.

  37. Ratings for the awards show were down a third from last year’s broadcast.

    “…the 2012 MTV Movie Awards took a serious hit, averaging just 3.2 million viewers. The broadcast, hosted by Russell Brand, was down 29 percent from last year in total viewers, when it earned 4.5 million.”

    Moral: Don’t mess with Twilight fans.

    • Lesson learned for the MTV execs. They probably heard about the boycott and that didn’t help their cause to get the ratings they wanted. I think they’ve learned not to mess with certain fandoms and the Twilight fandom is one of them. Burn us and you can kiss your high ratings good bye.

  38. Truth is the Twi Series was the ONLY reason I ever watched it in the first place. And my theory on boycotting it this…Go for it, since they didn’t mind boycotting Breaking Dawn part 2 (because they knew it would win, win, win- and that is not right on their part) So if it helps you get your point across- ‘ the fact that they were wrong not to include BD2’ then do it.

  39. Eman Anas says:

    is there a particular reason why there were no nominations for BD2 or did they just get bored?

  40. I can’t remember the last time I did watch MTV for anything……….thinking………I guess maybe when they were still showing music videos? how long ago was that? As for the diss on Twilight – while I can understand not nominating them, I think they owed it to the fans that MTV does have to nominate them one more time and maybe even give out a special award for everything that Twilight did do for them. That said – since when does MTV think they are Oscars 2.0? ANd if they want to be that – maybe they should have done the show in January or February I mean the Oscars have already been given out this year (don’t get me started on that POPULARITY contest!) which means this year’s show was what – a recap for anyone who hasn’t kept up on the Oscar winners? Sadly I think MTV has long outlived their usefulness – maybe its time they shutter that second rate tv station.

  41. Never watch the MTV awards anyway. MTV went downhill for me after the 80s so it’s all a bit pointless as far as I’m concerned.

    I do think it’s pitiful that all the other movies in the series were made over by MTV, but BD2 is getting the shaft. Frankly, I think that it was the best movie of the series as do a great number of other people. It was good enough to hold the interest of people who weren’t actual Twilight “fans” so that says something for it. If the awards folks are too dense to see that it’s their problem, not the movie’s.

  42. RebeccaB. says:

    This must be a joke. Boycotting something just because of a snub? Get a grip, guys. Besides, what do the MTV Movie Awards really mean in the first place? I like Twilight in all, movies and books, but Breaking Dawn was horrible in both formats. Defend Twilight to the end, but it is over. There will be no more movies, or books (at least worth reading). To me, Breaking Dawn was the official end—and if she writes more books or more films are made, it’s only fan service and honestly, if you ask me, not worth it. The people on this site (and Twifans) are worst when it comes to Twilight fan stereotypes. The whole “I’m going to boycott the MTV Movie Awards because Breaking Dawn got snubbed” is ridiculous and immature.

    The passion is dying down for your regular moviegoer, and after five films that seem to appear everywhere on this earth, the same excitement is really going downhill. I don’t watch these award shows to begin with, so I’m not rebelling or missing out either way. I just wish this fandom would remain level-headed over it all. And if we are true fans, perhaps it would be only right of us to, um, oh I don’t know—support Taylor? Because there are more people in Twilight than Robert and Kristen. And it isn’t like it was totally and completely overlooked, the shirtless award, no matter how stupid that in itself is.

  43. The MTV Movie Awards this year sucked anyways. It was obscene, overtly vulgar, and nothing exciting or good came of it. [I’m just basing this off of non-twihards who watched the show]. There were a ton of people who viewed the show and said it sucked and was boring and unfunny. JenLaw didn’t even show up, so Best Kiss was awful.

    So I think its a good idea we skipped them.

    It not childish. If adults see no reason or desire to watch a lame show/channel that doesn’t even represent music anymore, and choose to do something collectively as fans its their right. Twilight fans, anyone really, knows they get lots of ad money from viewership and a large chunk is from twi-hards.

    Did you know MTV’s 2009 MMAs gained 92% more viewer compared to the previous year in 2008. The highest since 2004. Last year it dropped nearly 30% because twi-fans were still upset by the lack of nominations. Twilight fans aren’t’ stupid. They know what they were doing to the pockets of MTV.

    And making MMA wannabe Oscars 2.0 doesn’t really gain male or older viewership since the main mtv target market is teens.Also the show wasn’t compelling or funny.

  44. gargamel says:

    Watch out THG. I may like the book alright…but i can def. Pass on it until it shows on HBO. No lame show will tell me what to MOVE ON TO. MTV accidentally idiotized itself BIGTIME!

  45. Shelbel83 says:

    So boycotting did what exactly? Are they going to nominate the film next year? I think my favorite part is the people that say Twilight made the awards. Y’all know it was around before the movies right?

  46. I am a huge twilight fan, and yes I agree they should have been nominated for so much more… Best fight scene, Best Kiss, Best Movie, Best Male and Female Actor. It was the last movie and they pulled out all the stops. I did however watch the mtv awards and thought the host was so funny. And I screamed like a little girl when Taylor won his only award. I do however agree when I say they could have made a better effort. Even Harry Potter (which I am a huge fan of also) had a better send off… This is just my opionion!!!

  47. So this explains that BD hastag in my Twitter feed Sunday night. To me, it wouldn’t have mattered whether or not BD was nominated for any MTV movie awards since I didn’t bother watching even when it did cuz I don’t have the patience to sit through award shows to see who won what when I can find the info online after it airs quicker.

  48. jemanjii says:

    doesn’t bother me… i’d still go if i could and i alway watch the mtv awards…
    while i do still love twilight(even if i wish it hadn’t become so popular) cinematically it’s not the best movie in the world… and last year had a lot of beautiful films that showed so much depth and skill
    yes the movies are enjoyable, but worthy of critical acclaim not so much
    for people not a fan of the series be it movie or books twilight has become very mockable when your not invested

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