Stephenie Meyer’s Books on Amazon Deal of the Day

twilight-booksKindle users: Amazon is running a special for today only that Stephenie’s books are all on sale! If you’ve ever wanted an e-reader version of these books, now is the time!  The Twilight Saga books are $2.99 each and The Host and Bree Tanner are $1.99. 


  1. Enik? Fábián says:

    Imádom az Alkonyatot 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting!

  3. This was awesome! I finally caved and bought a kindle just a few days ago. These were the first books I actually paid for. (So far I’ve only downloaded free books.)

  4. p1an0f0rte says:

    Thanks so much. I wouldn’t have seen that opportunity either. I love reading on my kindle and these are favorites!!!

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