The Hillywood Show Parodies Breaking Dawn Part 2–Gangnam style

Here is the final Hillywood Parody of the Twilight Saga.

They have also posted a behind the scenes making of featurette.


  1. I actually can’t stand “Gangnam style” but this was hilarious! A perfect ending to the parody series! Jacob being the “narrator” at the beginning was perfect and funny and awesome. I loved it! *goes off to watch again*

  2. This was hilarious! Thank you Hillywood Show for creating such amazing parodies for so many years. I will miss all this :’)

  3. Vampire-girl says

    I think they’re other ones are better, even without IMO the stupid song, it’s very short in comparison to the others almost half in length.
    The others are better, but the costumes etc are great and they do work hard, just a bit disappointed

  4. aileen leon says

    this was hilarious hahahaha !!

  5. simplemente perfeito… I love Hillywood show… Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Toooo funny, always love the great pains they go to in making everything just so, and the Renesmee (spelling?) was perfect.. Love the new Edward too, what a match. They were in the real woods weren’t they? You hit another home run Hillywood, thank you for all the fun thru the years!!!

  7. your so hilarious

  8. Love this parody! I hate Gangnam Style, but this was hilarious! Another great Hillywood Show parody. Keep up the great work girls!

  9. so funniest

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