Taylor Lautner Nominated for Breaking Dawn Nominated at the MTV Movie Awards

Some odd snubs here, then again without another movie, not a lot of incentive for MTV to nominate. Also Taylor is probably naked the least in this film than in the previous 3. On the other hand, way to lose ad revenue MTV. That’s a whole lot of Twihards who are not going to tune in. Vote for Taylor here

Christian Bale — “The Dark Knight Rises”
Daniel Craig — “Skyfall”
Taylor Lautner — “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2”
Seth MacFarlane as Ted — “Ted”
Channing Tatum — “Magic Mike”


  1. I kinda thought the same thing! Very, very odd, considering how much the franchise has swept the awards the last four years.

  2. Kammommy says

    Not happy with the movie awards powers that be right now. Disappointing.

    • Ditto. WTF MTV! And I was really looking forward this year, BD2 wasn’t even nominated for best fight, are you freaking kidding me with this?! 🙁

  3. Not cool says

    How was Breaking Dawn 2 not nominated for best fight?! I was really looking forward to this year’s awards especially since I thought BD2 was the best out of all the movies but not anymore. This is ridiculous.

  4. aileen leon says

    is this all the nominations we got???!!

  5. Best WTF moment, when ITS ALL A VISION. How was that not nominated???

  6. Annoying….

  7. Wow the choices this year suck… I’m not as shocked about not seeing BD2 in a lot of these catagories, as some other great films that didn’t even get a mention… Amazing Spider-Man (one of the best Spider-Man movies of all time), The Hobbit, and OMG… hardly any mention of Life of Pi, of which is one of the greatest and most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen.

    Wow MTV did Seth McFarlane pay you to make sure that Ted got put into every catagory… ugh… that is just like you… to have trash over content… I’m so glad I stopped watching you a long time ago.

  8. Lautner should win an award for the Charlie strip alone! Priceless.

    Darn right it should have been nominated for best fight. I’m an Underworld fan in addition to being a Twilight fan, but the end of BD2 kicks Underworld’s butt. (Of course, Michael Sheen is one of the best things in both franchises.)

  9. Pissed...Low Ratings for sure says

    They just successfully cut off 60% of their MMA viewers. The only way to slightly redeem themselves is to get RK on the show. Even if they got Rob and/or Kristen to present they are still going to get the lowest ratings they have seen in years. They thought last year bad with 21% drop in views. This year its going to the bottom of the barrel. I and MANY [millions] others will NOT be voting or watching this year. Sucks to be MTV. Whoever wins will just know even if they were compared to awards polls five years ago they still wouldn’t have gotten as many votes and been last place. So long MMA. Goodbye MTV, you were fun while it lasted.

    I heard on breakingdawnmovie.org instead of watching the awards all the Twihards are going to watch BDp2 dvd instead. I think that is a GREAT IDEA! We could do like you all did before and watch it here at the exact same time[no pauses] and comment here on board. Start the movie the exact same time the MMA show starts. It will be a Breaking Dawn p2 movie appreciation ‘Party’.
    What do you all think?
    Advertise it on all the twilight websites and have them post on top of their page?

  10. Maybe they could introduce a ‘Movie awards show that dropped the most viewers’ category?

  11. The Hunger Games didn’t get any nominations either. I think MTV forgot who their target audience is. The movies nominated were mostly good films, but they aren’t films I expect to see at the MTV Movie Awards.

    • Well, Hunger Games didn’t release a movie this time around. The first movie was already nominated in last year’s show and they haven’t released the sequel yet so….

  12. So millions of fans over the internet/world are upset about the snuff from MTV. Here is link to help you feel better and unite as Twi-Hards. http://thelastawards.blogspot.de/

  13. I liked the comedy Ted as much as anyone,but come on MTV,shutting out BD part 2 completely???? I think this is one of the reasons why they’re having this show earlier than they normally do in June,because hardly anybody’s going to watch it. If they saw a plummet in their ratings last year,wait until the HIndenberg drops this year in their viewer attendance.

  14. In a very sad way it does make sense. They know that putting BD2 in any of the categories means an automatic win, they know the power of the fans, and I guess they finally gave in to the people’s complaints that we were always winning (their fault for not voting though).
    We all know BD2 was a great movie, we know that the fight scene was the best fight, we all know that the most WTF moment was Carlisle’s beheading… I saw it twice at a theater one full of fans that screamed and couldn’t believe their eyes (myself included minus the scream, I was too horrified to make a sound), and one during a late showing at a theater with mostly 30+ adults and they were all shocked too, my boyfriend was tense through out the whole fight sequence, and he doesn’t even like the movies! We actually watch 007 right after BD2 (it was the only way to get him to see the movie with me), and he confessed that BD2 made him more tense and anxious, and liked it better.
    I’m sad they wont get the recognition they deserve, no other movie franchise has swept the awards 4 years in a row. But I guess they were scared of the monster twilight is, and they finally gave in to the pressure of letting other movies have a chance, and going after the obvious male audience.
    But at the same time I’m happy they fear twilight and the fan power behind it, and THAT they can’t take away from us 🙂

  15. No Best Kiss nomination either. I guess Twihards will never actual see Robsten lock lips after receiving that award.

  16. Anyone else feel like they made up the shirtless category because they were thinking “Oh we didn’t do anything for twilight, lets make up a crappy category and nominate them so they won’t be too mad”.

    No, MTV, you just made us even more mad. Say good bye to your viewers.

    • My thoughts exactly. The award itself is bad enough,that they’re not even acknowledging Taylor as an actor,but a piece of eye candy. Lame MTV,very lame. As for us sweeping the awards,I don’t remember anyone complaining when the three Lord of the Rings films swept back to back. Of course more hardned cynical haters would argue that the LOTR movies had more substance than Twilight ever would. I’m sorry if they didn’t like it that our fan base is so strong and still is today. Shutting us out from voting for BD part 2,proves that they knew we would make sure it swept the major categories. We wanted to properly say goodbye to the movie franchise and giving Taylor a best shirtless moment nom,was not a smart move by any means. Of course this is the channel that gave us the Jersey Shore,so we have to take in consideration their level of intelligence on that one.

    • I agree. They must have forgotten how must Taylor HATED doing shirtless scenes. He literally said it in almost every interview. Its almost like a slap to the face. Not only do they not nominate us in the good awards but they make up an award they know the Twilight fandom doesn’t care about.
      I only watched them cuz of the MMAs but not anymore. I’m still not voting or watching MTV ever again.

  17. Seriously I just found out about the nominees today web surfing and honestly there is definitely something wrong with MTV. Last year they gave the cold shoulder to Twilight only nominating them for best movie and best kiss but this year they went full out and completely kicked them off the list. It is just completely stupid that they do this considering that being the final movie it was one of the best ones this past year. I can totally understand that they have gotten annoyed that the franchise has been sweeping all the awards the past year but if thats what the fans like, who can blame them? All I can say is that MTV has committed a tremendous mistake that they will see the consequences to on April 14 when they don’t get many people tuning in to watch the awards because lets be honest MTV is all about ratings so they will see their mistake burst right in their face.

  18. Twilight2theEnd says

    I am very pissed and are with others. Not even a movie of the year and I was happy with the surprise ending best fight. Come one. That was freaking awesome. Even the hubby who just thinks I’m nuts over the saga LOVED the FIGHT. MTV you actually suck for ur info.
    I un-DVRed the awards. I can find out online if Taylor won his category. BD1and 2 will be playing back to back on my TV tonight. I only started watching MMA when Twilight started. O-well would have been my last year anyways.
    I know what awards BD2 won to me. And thats more then one.
    So hope all the super fans dont watch and let the ratings drop for MTV. Youtube Taylors win and speech if he even shows if u want to see it that bad.

    Love BD2 and wish you all the best. And kill’em tonight Taylor. 🙂

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