Breaking Dawn DVD and BluRay Buying Guide

breaking dawn 2 dvd coverNot sure which version of the Breaking Dawn DVD and BluRay you want. Well check out this handy buyer’s guide over at Twilight Examiner and you’ll be able to figure out what to get come March 2!


  1. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

    Thanks so much for referring me to the Examiner. My mother-in-law and I were just discussing how to decide which set to get. This made it much easier! 🙂

  2. What about the blu-ray?

  3. I think I’ll be getting the Walmart set, but I want to know what the target set will be having that the Walmart set won’t….

    • I think the Target set is going to feature 52 minutes of never-before-seen footage that is exclusively on the Target set. I’ll be buying both the Walmart and Target sets,so I can see what features are on each dvd.

  4. Umm will Walmart have a 2 disc DVD set of breaking dawn part 2 without breaking dawn part 1? I really want to get the special features

  5. Will the seven part of behind the scenes be in target 3 disc set, and walmarts 2 disc set? Please answer me!!!

    • Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

      If you read the article on the Examiner, you’ll notice it says, “Walmart’s exclusive Twilight Saga feature this year is a two-movie set with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1’s extended edition and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. While the Part 2 disc does include the optional cast commentary with director Bill Condon, it does NOT have the special features from the two-disc set (like the seven-part behind-the-scenes documentary discussed earlier, e.g.).” and “Target retailers have an exclusive The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 DVD set, which includes a THIRD DISC full of exclusive special features.” (emphasis added)

      If you want to make sure to get ALL the special features, you’ll want to get the Target set.

      • Actually, Walmart’s own description of the 2-movie set indicates that Part 2 WILL have the 7-part “making of” documentary along with Bill condon’s commentary.

        • My bad. Apparently it IS available on the Blu-Ray but not the DVD set.

        • Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

          From Target’s website about the 3 Disc BD2 set, “EXCLUSIVE BONUS DISC
          52 minutes of content that you can get ONLY at Target, along with hours of additional behind the scenes special features.

          In this bonus content, the cast discusses special vampire powers in TINGLES AND CHILLS, the Volturi in JUDGE, JURY & EXECUTIONER, and the new vampires in CARLISLE’S CONTACTS. Watch how Bella and Charlie’s relationship evolved in BEING CHARLIE SWAN and feel the excitement from the 2012 COMIC-CON and THE WORLD PREMIERE with the cast and fans!

          Synopsis:In the final chapter of The Twilight Saga phenomenon, the birth of Bella and Edward’s child brings conflict between Bella and herlifelong friend Jacob, and an all-out war between the Cullens and the Volturi.DISC 1Feature film with director commentary and JUMP TO featuresDISC 2The cast and filmmakers take you behind the scenes in a 7-PART MAKING-OF DOCUMENTARY and show you what it was like to shoot Breaking Dawn — Part 1 and Part 2 back to back in TWO MOVIES AT ONCE”

          So there are additional bonus features on Target’s set that are ONLY on Target’s set.

  6. So there’s no set with the extended version of 1 and part 2 and the seven part behind the scenes documentary? Typical!

    • On Walmart’s description, it says that their 2-movie set with the extended version of Part 1 WILL have the behind the scenes documentary for Part 2. See their website.

  7. smitten_by_twilight says

    Lynne, I’m disappointed too … but I will be at Target and hoping to bootleg the extra 8 minutes off YouTube (or some of our dear friends). Elizabeth, fun to see your recent meeting with Stephenie. I have gradually gotten to the place where I understand how honey reminds you of Twilight! More and more it’s just something that I think of as part of my day, and a benchmark for measuring other things against.

  8. In the UK, if we want Breaking Dawn Part 1 Extended Edition (and I really do), we have to buy the complete collection – all five movies, in a set that doesn’t include any of the special features that the part 2, two disc edition will have – at a cost of £30 (or around $45).

    As a fan I’ve always pre-ordered the 2 disc edition of the movies as soon as I’ve been able to do so. I enjoy all of the extras as much as the feature itself.

    I haven’t ordered it. I own the previous 4 movies and I don’t want to pay out for them again. I also want the features I’d get if I bought the Part 2 double disc.
    So I have a choice to make, and that sucks!

    • Karen – just buy the 2 disc BD pt 2. While the completist in you will want the extended version of pt 1, it’s really not worth forking out again for the other films you already own. After all, there’s ways of viewing the extra scenes either on their own, or as part of the entire extended film…(It’s not online yet but will be soon enough, I’m sure. Pt 2 has already leaked so I’m sure the extended pt 1 can’t be too far off. Not that I’m condoning piracy, but I’ve purchased all four 2 disc sets so far, and will be buying pt 2 in a few weeks. While I want the extended pt 1, I’ve no intention of buying it as part of a no-extras 5 film set! Summit have gotten enough of my money over the last few years!)

  9. For those in the US, why not import the R2 version of BD part 2? We’re getting all the special features plus some more UK-exclusive only stuff apparently not on any R1 version:

    Q&A with Nikki Reed & Kellan Lutz
    UK Premiere
    What The Twilight Saga Meant To Me

  10. Well I just bought Wal Marts 2 disc part 2 DVD and got 5 free posters! I also found out that I’m on the DVD in the behind the scenes fans footage at Comic Con meeting the cast!The DVD was playing on all the tvs while waiting in line. However I was bummed when I found out that the version I got doesn’t have me on it-lol! So looks like I will be buying targets version with 3 discs!

  11. Why isn’t Target selling their exclusive on Blu Ray?? :S

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