Have a question for Jake Abel, Max Irons, or Stephenie Meyer Ask it here.

Laura from the Lexicon is going to be attending both the prescreening and the signing in Philadelphia later today and tomorrow. If she gets the opportunity to ask a question (there’s going to be a lot of people there), she’ll ask a Lexicon reader’s question. So what would you ask about The Host given the opportunity?


  1. Stephanie Marmolino says:

    We know that a dream inspired you to write twilight, what inspired you, or where did you get the idea for the host??

  2. brittany Smith says:

    what was your favorite scene filming?

  3. 1. What was your favorite scene to see come to life from your book ?
    2. Why is the Host your favorite book to write ?

  4. What is your favourite scene in the film?

    Are they team Ian or team Jared?

    Whose playing Pet?

  5. In the Host, during the scene were Jared is saying goodbye to Wanda before she goes to doc, it seems like Jared is upset. My question is did Jared actually mean what he said to her and how he fells about her or was he just saying it cause she asked him too?

  6. Your characters are science fiction, but do you really relate to them and what they go through

  7. Dear Stephenie, did you get my snowman usb present? If so any thoughts?

    have a great year all,


  8. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    For Stephenie: There are a lot of scents in your writing–Wanda experiences the sense of smell for the first time when she’s inserted into Melanie. Is there a particular reason you write about scents and how will that play out in the movie?

    Also for Stephenie: You’ve said that sci fi and Orson Scott Card’s works are your roots. Are there any elements of the Host that you included that pay homage to his work?

    We know that Walt and a visual of the worlds were cut for the film and that you liked Andrew having the Seekers use a spray to incapacitate humans rather than guns, was there anything else that was added in the movie that made you wish you’d written it that way in the novel?

    For Max: He’s said that the hardest scene for him was when Wanda/Melanie returned to the caves. Did it feel difficult bringing Jared “around” to realizing that Melanie was still there and that Wanda was “valuable” too? How did you process or get through Jared’s evolution/character arc?

    For Jake: Ian holds the souls at different points. What was it like holding nothing or some strange green screen object and acting like it was the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen?

    For Saoirse: I heard that you had an ear piece in every scene so that you could hear Melanie’s dialogue while you acted. Is that true?

    • The question for Saoirse has been answered in many interviews. She does have an earpiece in to hear herself as Melanie. Just thought you wanted to know.

  9. i love the music you hear, What kind of music are you hearing now? and what bands or music in general would you recemend to listen?

  10. To Stephenie:
    What are your thoughts on Antonio Pinto’s score?

  11. After working with Andrew Niccol, does Stephenie now find it easier to discuss the themes and meaning of her work?

    And for the actors, what themes in the film were most intriguing to them?

  12. This question (actually two) is for all… Do you have a favorite scene in the book that you insisted on being in the movie? We’re there any favorite scenes filmed that got cut in editing?

  13. Sophie Calder-Jones says:

    Stephanie, what can we expect from The Host soundtrack and did you have much of an input into it?

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