Video: The Dog Bowl Scene from Breaking Dawn 1

Here it is, folks! The scene many of you have wanted to see. Rosalie serves Jacob some dinner in a dog bowl with “Fido” marked on the side. This scene will be part of the extended cut of Breaking Dawn Part 1. Leave us a comment and tell us if you think the scene should have been left in all along or if it was the right decision to cut it.

Thank to Page to Premiere for the heads up!


  1. Awesome!

  2. Heck yah. There should be an uncut version. Leave everything please. I wanna see it all. Lol

  3. I get why this was cut. Without all the blonde jokes and bickering between Jacob and Rosalie is just looks really mean when he throws the bowl.

  4. Oh, yeah! That one’s a keeper. Should’ve been in the movie!! Love it!!

  5. Robin Howell says:

    This scene should have been in the movie! Loved this scene in the book and was so ready to see it play out.

  6. Lzzy Henry says:

    I love it! Although there’s plenty of bickering and blonde jokes they should leave everything

  7. hmm visually not as funny as it was in the book.

  8. It should have been edited down to just the presentation of the dog bowl (which should have been included in the film). All of the other banter and Jacob throwing the bowl dilutes the impact, and I can see why it was thought of as a distraction from the rest of the film. And Rosalie calling a cracked rib no big deal detracts from her newfound tenderness towards Bella (e.g. bathing scene).

    Speaking of deleted scenes that should have been left in, I wish Edward attacking Bella in science class was part of the first movie. Imagine how audiences would have freaked until it was revealed that it was just him daydreaming!

    • Christina says:

      That’s a really good idea Halek. Non-Twihards always laugh at the scene in Twilight where Edward smells Bella for the first time and puts his hand over his nose and mouth…and even Twihards kind of have to smirk at how cheesy it is. That moment could have been much more meaningful and much less silly if they flashed for a few seconds to him biting her, cutting her throat, or something. LOL. Maybe in the remake in 20 years!

      • There is footage out there of Edward killing Bella in the biology scene, so they did film it. I’m not sure it would have worked, though, which is probably why they didn’t use it. I don’t think it would have been a good idea to take that scene out of Bella’s viewpoint, which is what would have happened if we saw an insert of what Edward was thinking about. While people who’d read the book would have understood what was happening, an audience who doesn’t know what Edward is (which was definitely not clear at that point in the story) wouldn’t have understood it. However ‘cheesy’ Edward covering his nose and mouth might seem it is the quickest way to demonstrate clearly with no more than visuals exactly how he is reacting to Bella.

    • It’s funny that you say Rosalie calling a cracked rib no big deal distracts from her new-found tenderness toward Bella because that actually is in the book…

  9. I understand why they did cut it, as it doesn’t reveal any information that is not revealed anywhere else, so would have slowed down the pace. But I’m glad to see it! 🙂

  10. Cool

  11. Had they kept the blonde jokes too, then this scene would’ve been needed. But as an avid fan of Rosalie, without those, this just makes her look like an awful vampire.

    • Another reason why I think this scene was cut,was that it would have explained the earlier scene of unspoken tension between Jacob and Rosalie. He tries to get past her to see if Bella is alright and she refuses. Had they left the dog bowl scene in without the blonde jokes,it would have looked like Jacob was throwing the bowl at her out of spite. The blonde jokes that were in the book would have only been funny to those who’ve read the novel. So I can understand the filmmakers decision to leave it on the cutting room floor in the final edit. Continuity and pacing is everything in terms of making the final cut flow from one scene to the next.

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  13. yep, I can see why they didn’t put this in the actual movie…it was kinda of slow–definitely doesn’f fit in and it wasn’t as funny as I expected it to be

  14. I love that Edward just smirks when Jacob asks if he will let him know if Rosalie poisoned the food!

  15. radiowidow says:

    I agree with those who don’t think it would have been a good fit. It was great in the book because you had the constant bantering between Jacob and Rosalie to set it up. Without that it is just kind of awkward. Thank you Bill Condon for filming it and sharing it with us, but I understand why it was cut.

  16. They should have totally kept it :). Epic part of the book lol!

  17. Not only should they have left it in, I believe many more relationship building parts should have been left in for people to understand the family dynamics of these characters, thats what has been missing the whole time, the fact that they are supernatural is beside the point, they have normal everyday time they spend with each other. That was never portrayed and its what was missing all along. Thank you for sharing it.

  18. As a screenwriter, I can say 100% that this would have blown the pacing/timing. Nothing is as important as that.

    As well, it ruins the context of the movie especially without the blonde jokes to precede it- Edward laughs too much, and Jacob would have embarrassed Esme (not quite the emotion the book goes for).

    You can never get everything out of a book. Hopefully Twihards (like me) will have learned that by now.

  19. I think they should have had it as an EXTRA on the ORIGINAL DVD release (along with all the other scenes they’re adding back in, or whatever) rather than making us have to choose whether or not to buy ANOTHER copy of the movie. Screw greedy Summit.

    I don’t think it should have been included in the movie…it’s not good enough. And if this is on par with the other added in scenes, my decision has been made & I won’t be buying the extended version…Emmitt laughing at Jacob chucking the bowl at Rosalie’s head??? I think not…

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