Video: First Austenland Clip

With all the news coming from Sundance that Austenland is just as delightful as we had hoped it would be, we were happy to find a clip of the film!  For those who have yet to read the book by Shannon Hale, the story focuses on Jane Hayes, a Jane Austen lover, who gets to spend a few weeks at a retreat in England where all the guests are treated to the lifestyle of characters from Jane Austen’s stories.  In the clip, Jane, played by Kari Russel, tries shooting for the first time.



  1. Oh my gosh I can’t wait to see this!! The characters are exactly as I imagined them from the book!! Thank you so much for finding this clip. I hope this is released in theaters.

  2. heathermc says:

    Once more with feeeeling: I cannot open the video, because I live in the wrong part of the world. Darn.

  3. This is a cute clip, and it totally works on a variety of levels. Good sign for the film.

    However, some may see it as having unfortunate political overtones, right now. Perhaps they should release another clip…?

  4. Good clip, brought a smile to my face. Just wish it was longer and that there was more dialog in it.

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