Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Top Forbes Romantic Couples List

According to Forbes

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, when movie lovers’ thoughts turn to romance films. Older folks might think of putting on Casablanca; Gen X’ers, Say Anything. What does it say about the millennial generation that the most popular love story of their time involves a young lady, a vampire and a werewolf?

That’s why Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson land at the top of our list of Hollywood’s Highest-Grossing Romantic Couples. We looked at the top-grossing romantic movies of the last three years. Twilight was by far the biggest box office winner over that period, earning $1.17 billion.


  1. But are they still a couple? According to my google alerts this morning Kristen is moving to New York to get over Rob because Rob dumped her and their Golden Globe reunion was fake but they were also spotted at a erotic store buying kinky stuff and are moving to Paris together while Rob is in Australia with his guitar and Kristen’s new costar will be a hot guy but she really wants to work with Jodie Foster….oh and VH1 is running a story called “6 Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Rumors that Make Our Heads Spin” (apparently they are also moving to London).

    • Please tell me you don’t believe the tabloids! As Rob Pattison said a few months ago: they make us stupid!
      Those tabloids are only out to make money and that’s it! There is absolutely no truth to any of those stories!

    • Amy – do yourself a favor and stop reading tabloid mags/sites. They are full of lies and the more hits they get the more money they make so they can spread even more lies. No one really knows what is going on with their relationship but I’m certaintly not believing anything that comes from tabloids. If everything in them was true Rob and Kristen would have gotten married and had a baby dozens of times by now.

    • Sorry Amy I think you were being sarcastic at least I hope you were! My apologies!

    • I’m sure is that was sarcasm or not…but not a single one of those stories are true. Tabloids and media literally make up all those lies to create drama for the susceptible minds of many twi-hards/robsten shippers. I hope some of the younger readers here are more intelligent than those who read rags.

      • Joel Emmett says:

        Always check Especially for Robsten rumors. There is usually (at least) one rebutted daily.

        • I used to go there but not anymore. I just ignore all that nonsense and use my own intelligence on weather to click on a website or not. Plus many of the people who comment on there can be pretty nasty, not all but that is how the trend has been going the past few months. Now I just hang out on the rk message board at and I would rather spend my time reading positive articles about rk, than anything even hinting to negative fictional stories.

          • I feel like if you want to get news or pictures on Rob and Kristen you need a tumblr account. Follow ROb and Kristen fans. They somehow get pictures before the media does. And they (usually) are a lot nicer to everyone’s opinion.

    • Please tell me you’re kidding. Never ever believe tabloids. I’m glad there are people on this site that know to never believe the tabloids.

    • Hahaaha. Amy, that post was hilarious! Hope they enjoy their week in London Paris New York Australia!

  2. Rob and Kristen are about as romantic as two statues. LOL I think the author of this article is confusing Edward and Bella (who ARE romantic, but fictional), with Rob and Kristen who are real people, and who also act like they can’t stand to be around each other in public.

    • are they supposed to grope each other in public to make you happy?? get a life!!! you have no idea what their relationship is like!! you are no better than the tabloids!

      • Chill out! She’s just reacting to the article. The story says Kristen and Rob are a “romantic couple” and she disagrees with that. She’s got a point — over the last year, there’s been more evidence that there’s trouble between them than there has been of romance. I think they’re just private people, and that’s fine, but like you said, we “have no idea what their relationship is like,” so we don’t know if it’s romantic.

        If I were to pick the movie-making couple that comes across as the most romantic, however, I think it’s Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. They always walk hand in hand, they often have their arms around each other, they kiss in public, they’re playful together, and their characters in Spider-Man are romantic. I just think they’re so, so cute together. 🙂

        But I’m sure their producers are saying the same things Wyck Godfrey said about Rob & Kristen – “I hope they don’t break up before the films are done!”

        • and like i said get a life, and mind your own business! what goes on between them is BETWEEN THEM! that is the problem with this fanbase. you all think you own rob and kristen and they should put on some dog and pony show to keep you happy!!!

          • Oh I agree – I don’t stalk Andrew and Emma or Rob and Kristen. I’m just talking about interviews and photos of them out on the street and stuff. I also think Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins are cute together. Looking forward to The Mortal Instruments!

  3. Most sane fans know 99.9% of what’s written in tabloids is false. So I try my best to stay away from them. Glad to see they made the list and well deserved in bringing the characters to life from the novels. I will continue to support Rob and Kristen and can’t wait to see their upcoming projects.

  4. This fun blog/article sums up how I feel about all those crazy rumors.

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