Top 10 Twilight Saga Moments From Book to Screen

It’s the end of the year – or the start of a new one, depending on how you like to look at it! Everyone makes lists and we’re no different.  In thinking about all of our time here at the Lexicon watching this book series be made into five films, we thought about the pluses and minus of going from book to film.

For this list, we offer up our top ten moments in the books that were best translated into a visual for the films.  We asked a few different friends for advice, and a few of you chimed in on twitter.  This is the list we came up with after taking all the comments into consideration.  Let us know in the comments section if you felt we got it right, or if we left something off. 

#10: The first cafeteria scene in Twilight:                                                                                          

Ok, so in the book Edward is already sitting in the cafeteria as opposed to just walking by, but let’s face it, it still works.  It was our first glimpse of Edward… which changed everything.  It was also our first glimpse of Rob… and a star was born.  Add in Jessica’s banter and Bella’s claim of not being interested and you have a great movie moment.  

#9  The wedding scene:

Again, we have a change from the wedding being inside in the books to outside in the movie.  But did we mind?  Nope!  The dress was old fashioned, the decor was over the top amazing, and the mood was perfectly romantic.  

#8.  Rosalie and Jasper’s flashbacks:

Eclipse is a tough story with all the side stories going on and flashbacks, but we think both Jasper and Rosalie’s stories were done so well!  From costuming to characterization, the flashbacks were an integral to the film as much as they are to the book.

 #7.  The newborn battle:

We’d had some build up to battles with the dance studio scene, which was great.  But add in the wolves to the mix and you’ve got an amazing action sequence!  Top it off with Victoria and Riley taking on Edward and a bleeding Bella and it gets even better! 

#6.  The tent scene:

Given that Fire and Ice is one of the most popular chapters in Eclipse, the expectation for this scene was huge.  They reshot the scene to make it more tense and to get Bella and Jacob closer to each other.  The final product was well worth the trouble… and even gave us a great line that wasn’t in the books. 

#5.  The baseball scene:

Personally, the baseball scene wasn’t that monumental for us in the books.  But when we saw it on film, it was spectacular!  The baseball scene is possibly the most popular scene from the first film… and a popular choice at costume competitions!

#4.  The birth scene: 

It was a fear of our for how they would film the sequence and keep it PG-13 while maintaining the horror and gruesomeness of the description from the books.  The scene was graphic, but by having Bella fade in and out, the film makers managed to keep the rating down. 

 #3.  The “months”:

When you consider that the Melissa Rosenberg and Chris Weitz had nothing but blank pages to work with for this sequence, the moment becomes even more amazing.  How do you film blank pages?  Like this!

#2.  The clock tower scene:

From the yellow Porsche to the St. Marcus day celebration, from the mad dash through the village center to Edward taking off his shirt… the whole thing reads like the book! 

 #1.  Bella dropping her shield to show Edward her thoughts:

What was such a simple moment to read became the moment millions of fans started crying the tears of watching a saga come to its conclusion.   Even though it was the moment Edward finally understood Bella’s love for him, it was used as a chance to remind the fandom why we love these character as moment after moment flashed by.  If you are a diehard fan and you got past this moment with tears in your eyes, then you are a very strong person! 

Did your favorite book to screen moment make our list?  Let us know in the comments!


  1. I think their first night together on their honeymoon should have got a place. It was a beautiful moment.

  2. Kassandra Aviles says

    I think the “battle scene” in breaking dawn pt. 2 deserved a spot for because we as an audience were able to see what exactly Alice showed Aro in her vision.

    • Twilight_News says

      That scene wasn’t “in the books” per sey. We have another list to put up about the top 10 changes that were made to the films that worked!

  3. I agree with the first two comments, but I also have to say that the love scene from the cottage in Breaking Dawn 2 should have also been included. These are scenes that we held our breath for and waited so long for! I don’t see how they could have possibly been overlooked! For me personally, these were my favorite and most anticipated scenes, along with the wedding and birth scenes. How could the baseball scene, or even the newborn fight scene or months going by, while great, for me, could not come close to the honeymoon and cottage love scenes.

    • Twilight_News says

      I tried to pick scenes from ALL the films. I could do a list of the top 10 scenes from Breaking Dawn. Or a top 10 romantic moments list.

  4. Jacqueline Marie says

    I think Bella’s first hunt should have been on there too.. there was a slight change on where the hiker was but it really came out good I thought .. I think that instead of the new born battle cuz even thought the part with the Cullen versus the newborns was great I think. The battle between Edward and Seth versus Victoria and Riley was complenty wrong.. there where too many things change in that part

  5. Pretty much agree, especially Rosalie’s flashback, baseball, cafeteria, clock tower, and tent.

    I would add the lion & lamb moment.

    The list really highlights that we now have a complete 10-hour-long cinematic work to enjoy. The viewing could be divided up in a variety of ways: high school and post-high school, the Victoria saga and after, Bella’s first and second lives…

    • Yes, meadow/forest scene was also great and needed to be in there to. I think we could have a top 10 for each of the books, they all have so many beautiful and memorable moments in them. Its almost impossible to limit it to 10 for the whole saga,

    • omg the lion and lamb moment… definitely. Also, I love the scene at the italian restaurant in the first film… ooo AND THE PROM! the prom should definitely be on there.

  6. …I don’t really agree with the order and some of the scenes I didn’t agree should have even made the list. Guess everybody has their own opinion

  7. I thought the prom scene should have been in there to, I thought CH did such a beautiful job visualizing it and Rob & Kristen were great, it was a very emotional and heartfelt scene. It gets to me everytime I see it. Its one of my fav scenes in the saga.

  8. Happy that the missing months got on your list. I wondered how that would be done and it was amazing and beautiful and sad. The whole race to Volterra and Edward was great, especially the clock tower scene, my favorite part of the book and movie. I think the music for the baseball scene makes it so much more memorable in film than in book. The newborn battle scene would not be on my list. I’d add the wedding night and cottage scene. One scene missing so far is the Nessie nickname scene. I almost like it better in movie with her taking him out by scruff of neck so to speak. Look forward to whatever other lists you all come up with. Happy safe and enjoyable New Year’s Eve.

  9. I love the tent scene!!!

  10. The wedding was number Nine? I definitely would have placed that higher. I thought the thought reveal at the end was okay, but I would have put Bella first waking as a vampire on the list. I loved the way the showed how much her vision had improved, her strength, the whole thing. That was the one thing I was most concerned about how they would pull it off.

    • Yes, and there’s another one you just reminded me of – Bella transforming into a vampire at the end of BD Pt1. In all honesty, it was one of the most moving moments in all the movies for me.

  11. The Tent Scene is one of my all time favourites because it is the first time Edward really opened up. With Bella, there was always that element of trying to protect her from the worst, but with Jacob he could be much more honest, because there was no love to lose. And in the end he even gained some respect and understanding.

  12. I agree with the choices on the list,but the placement of some are higher for me. I would have to say I loved Bella and Edward’s first night together on their honeymoon,plus the beautiful song by Sleeping At Last,made the moment all the more special. There are so many moments from the films to enjoy,that it is diffiecult to narrow down to a few. So I can see why the Lex chose certain moments. We all have our favorites and now with BD part 2,we can add to the list.

  13. patricia mae says

    i agree… but how about a list of Things or parts in the Book that Should’ve been in the Movie. and i loved the ending part.. ^.^ the pages and the last sentence and word(forever). perfect ending! :))

  14. Excellent choices!

  15. The armwrestling scene was also great! And the scene where Jacob changed in front of Charlie!

  16. Loved all of the choices, especially the wedding, the cafeteria scene, the clocktower and birth scenes.

    I would add the car accident in Twilight, and the Isle Esme scenes. Other great scenes that deserve mention are the ballet studio, the prom, and Bella cliff diving. I’ve only seen BD2 once, so I can’t pick from that. (Can’t wait for the DVD!). I’m not sure if the battle scene qualifies, since it didn’t really happen.

    Another great Top Ten would be great movie scenes not in the books.

  17. It never ceases to amaze me what kind of an effect Edward’s entrance in Twilight has. I l teach English in an Arab Israeli community and despite all the cultural differences, there is always a shushing and a collective sigh from the girls when this scene comes on.

  18. Maria Welker says

    I loved the Edwards proposal and their first kiss

    • I agree that the proposal from Eclipse and the first kiss from Twilight are two of my top favorite scenes. The car accident is definitely at the top also. The scene after they arrive at Isle Esme and Bella asks for a few human minutes I thought was spot on.

  19. Bellas b day dream was just like the book it should be in the top 10

  20. What about the fight scene in breaking dawn part 2

  21. Aro meeting Renesmee for the first time I think was avoid choice for book to screen moment.

  22. First kiss, hands down, is my favorite scene from all the movies. The mood was perfect and I just remember holding my breath the entire time. Classic.

  23. I had cried at the end of BD2!

  24. Oh don´t forget Bella´s change ´scene! it´s one of my favorite anddd….the prom´s scene too!

  25. The last scene of Breaking Dawn Part-2 is my favorite from all the movies! ? And yes, I cried! There are so many amazing scenes…I don’t think I can put them in an order. 🙂

  26. I totallyed teared up at the last scene when Bella dropped her shield! I never cry during a movie either!


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