Breaking Dawn Part 2 Nearing $800 million World Wide

Thank to Box Office Mojo, we can take a very clean look at the numbers for the five films in the Twilight Saga.  Even though Breaking Dawn Part 2 hasn’t yet reached the domestic numbers that New Moon reached, world wide BD2 has demolished the previous four films!  Breaking Dawn Part 1 had the highest take with $712 million.  But Breaking Dawn part 2 is very close to reaching the $800 million mark… and it’s still in theatres!  


Even with big films like The Hobbit, Lincoln, and Skyfall opening, Breaking dawn part 2 is still #4 at the box office.  We’re guessing it will stay in the top ten through New Years.  Even with films like Les Mis coming out, it’s our bet that Twilight Fans will venture into the theatre for the film one last time before it’s gone for good.  Do you have plans to see the film one last time over the holiday?  Let us know in the comments!





  1. I was just telling my daughter today I wanted to go see it again this weekend…lol… I’ve already seen it 6 times, she’s seen it 4. But its been like a week and a half since I’ve seen it… I’m way over due. Plus it’ll be gone soon and who knows how long it’ll be before I get to see it again, probably valentines day again…UGH!!!! Will feel like an eternity…Yes!!! I MUST go see it again this weekend….

  2. Yes, going again very soon, most of the people I work with have already seen it multiple times, Loved it.

  3. With as much money as this thing has made, they could have spent a little more and gotten rid of the bad CGI baby. But of course, why bother, right? Twilight fans will pay good money to see these things even if we cut corners. Mistakes like that bad CGI work is uncalled for in a franchise with this much money poured into it.

  4. Woohoo!

  5. I will be seeing it again this week. Don’t want to say goodbye….

  6. Just thought you should know that Breaking Dawn 2 was just released here in Japan. There was an early showing on December 27th but it was officially released on the 28th. I have no idea what the box office looks like because it is in Japanese. Duh. I did get to see the special early showing on December 27th and I was totally blown away. Totally worth the wait.

  7. I plan on seeing every week til its stops playing in the theater. I’ve seen it 8 times so far and I was lucky enough to go to fan camp and see the movie at the LA premiere.


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