New Austenland Photo

EW has this in their first look section

Yes, those are cell phones at a croquet game. Premiering at Sundance in January, Austenland follows modern-day Jane Hayes (Keri Russell) to a theme resort in search of love. Director Jerusha Hess (who co-wrote Napoleon Dynamite) says Russell’s character ”doesn’t know what’s real.” She adds that Jennifer Coolidge and Bret McKenzie costar, and that Jane Seymour’s character, Mrs. Wattlesbrook, ”holds the comedy in her clutches and is the evil mastermind behind this crazy resort.’

The film will make its debut at Sundance and according to EW Keri Russell will be there.

Austenland is the very first film being produced by Stephenie Meyer’s production company Fickle Fish Films.


  1. Very cool! looking forward to seeing the movie. If the pictures are anything to go by it looks like it’s going to be just as good as the book.

  2. Jennifer Coolidge will be amazing as always. I can’t wait!

  3. Haven’t read the book yet, but still excited to see the film.

    BTW, are they going to actually promote “The Host?” Or just release it and see what happens? I’ve heard nothing outside of what’s posted here about it? Are they assuming that it will flop, and trying to save money by doing no marketing? Maybe I’m just missing a bunch of stuff but ummm…???

  4. I thought Austenland was a serious film, not a comedy, hmmmm, I didn’t like Shakespeare in Love, not crazy about that kind of stuff. But I did see aHost poster up already at our theater, I bet they will start promoting closer to time. And of course Stephenie fans will go regardless so it has that fan base already. May skip Austenland tho’, I love all the Jane Austin serious type stuff tho’ from that time period.

    • Austenland is very funny, it’s about a modern woman who loves Pride and Prejudice so much that it’s affecting her real life relationships, so her great-aunt sends her to Austenland, a theme park for Jane Austen fans, to try and snap her out of it.

  5. The book is a quick read and worth the time. I love Jane Austen and this is just like each of us trying to fit in her world but not being able to quite give up our modern convienences. I can’t wait to see the movie!

    • Ok, you have convinced me, I may read the book to see if I like it. The BBC version of Pride & Prejudice is my all time favorite so I just was taken aback by a comedy. But if its a quick read, its all good and I will see if its for me.

  6. What are you people talking about? The Host has 2 trailers out all ready…

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