Video: Michael Sheen Shares Twilight Memories

Michael Sheen talks to Young Hollywood about his time as Aro and the memories he has of being part of the Twilight phenomenon.   


  1. I absolutely can’t wait to watch the flash mob. I wish they included it in the movie. They HAVE to in the DVD extras!!

  2. Great interview. Is it just me, or did she say “Are you from Wale?” (Instead of “Wales”)?

  3. I love Michael Sheen! He is so funny in interviews. If you haven’t done so, go to youtube and watch his visits with Craig Ferguson. They are hilarious together. So sad the saga is over though. SIGH. I guess that’s what books and DVD’s are for. Thanks Michael for being bringing Aro to life for the fans.

  4. I DIED at the shot of him in suspenders with his hair up, and talking to Robert!

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