Peter Faccinelli Sneaks into Breaking Dawn Screening With His Parents in Tow

According to People Magazine, Peter Faccinelli went to see Breaking Dawn at a New York theater while he was in town with his parents. Peter went in incognito.

The trio snuck into the theater and sat in the back.

When asked about his parents’ reaction to the surprise ending, Facinelli answered, “Same as everyone’s, gasps!”

“It was kind of hard for me to watch as well, to see his head coming off like that, but thankfully it wasn’t all what it seemed to be,” he said


  1. Um gasps? I screamed and so did the rest of the theater. Lol, but sneaking into see your parents reaction to your head being torn off…


  3. I can’t even remember what my reaction was, I was too shocked…..
    I love how he just sneaked in!!! with his parents… you’d expect them to have seen it already

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