Breaking Dawn Makes Celebuzz’s Memorable Movie Scenes of 2012

Celebuzz picked out the most memorable movie scenes of the year and Breaking dawn made the list.

Fact: ‘Breaking Dawn — Part 2’ contains 100% more decapitations than most movies. Much has been said about the last ‘Twilight’ film, thanks to the all-out, “WTF?!” vampire vs. werewolf battle that caps the series. It finally gives all the boyfriends dragged to these movies by their Twi-hard girlfriends a reason to feel like they got their money’s worth.


  1. Vampire vs werewolf battle? Did they really see the film or even the battle scene?

    • maybe they meant the volturi vs. the wolf packs i hope thats what they meant

    • They said ‘last’ as in part 1 – previous aka quileute assault

      • Pretty sure it’s “last” as in Part 2… the final (a.k.a. LAST) film.

        • yeh that is weird, ‘that caps the series’, they clearly don’t then lol.

          • this at some public event, like one of her rdaeing tours or whatever, and so it never appeared properly quoted in print on her site or in a media interview. That’s what I’m pretty sure I remember seeing, one or more people describing or transcribing what she said. Which may be 1) why you can’t find it (because God knows what coy wording she or the people reporting it used. I don’t know how to google “because he never, like, YOU KNOW”) and 2) I can’t remember precisely what it was.

  2. Quality reporting from Internet sites yet again

  3. wonderful……sunt un mare fan al filmului twilight………………………………..LOVE TWILIGHT

  4. I am so sick of the main commentary behind anything in Twilight being attributed to how well the male audience enjoyed it.
    I’m sorry.
    Who cares?
    You don’t hear about the moments in Transformers or Mission Impossible where people say “…and it made it all worth while for all the girlfriends who were dragged by their action movie obsessed boyfriends.”
    Nobody realizes by now that it is possible for women to love decapitations, burning holes being ripped in the earth, and fantastically choreographed fight scenes (along with giant fighting robots and explosions, on a side note)?
    Nobody realizes that a movie CAN be successful without the general male population enjoying it?
    I’m not a feminist, however, t’s become so obnoxious. Nothing is ever considered even decent unless it appeals to the male brain, either primarily or on par with female interest. But if the female interest is ABOVE the male interest., suddenly, there’s a problem.

    Evolution, they have said?
    Darwin was wrong.

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