Taylor Lautner Is Responsible for Nikki Reed Meeting Husband Paul McDonald

Apparently Nikki Reed had an interesting tale to tell to Access Hollywood.


  1. they are so cringey!

  2. I think they are exactly what a newly married ‘totally ga -ga’ over each other couple usually acts like. They are in love and enjoying every moment. Why shouldn’t they? Unlike some others they are perfectly excited about about each other and have never tried to hide it. I think thats why people leave them be. There never was any of that….Maybeeeee, or maybeeeee not. It was love. I am so happy for them, You can tell there is a deep love and respect for one another. I for one hope the marriage stands the test of time. I think it will if they decide to reside in Nashville or anywhere but good ol LA. Somewhere thats real and more grounded. They seem very good for each other. Can you imagine how beautiful those kids will be?

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