Complete that Twilight Barbie Collection Breaking Dawn Cullen Style

The Edward and Bella couple described and pictured below are out on December 2. Some of the others are out now (like rose, Emmett, and Jasper) and yet others are back ordered (like Carlisle and Esme). Also some older versions like the Alice or bridal Bella are discontinued and you have to try Ebay and the like for those. Check the Barbie Collector site for full details.

Every moment has led to this! In the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 2, Bella has overcome every obstacle and made the ultimate sacrifice to be with her true love. This giftset features Bella, now changed into a vampire, in a “leather” jacket and leggings, her hair long and flowing, with distinctive vampire eyes and glittery skin. Her one and only, Edward, wears a button-up shirt and jeans. The epic movie journey may be over, but the memories will never die!


  1. “The epic movie journey may be over, but the memories will never die!” – beautiful… <3 the dolls also 😉

  2. That outfit Jasper is wearing is just like the one he wore in the original Twilight…right down to the shoes! The outfit Emmett is wearing is more of what he wore in Breaking Dawn. Jasper needs his BOOTS!

  3. Plus his hair is ALL kinds of wrong!

  4. I wish Barbie, or Tonner, or Neca would make an Aro figure.

  5. Plus Jasper’s hair is all kinds of wrong!

  6. AliceKikiCullen says:

    They did make an Alice for New Moon 😀

  7. jasper his hair is all wrong

  8. Where’s Renesmee? She would be such a perfect addition to Edward and Bella set. I’d love to see an Aro doll too.

  9. The Rosalie doll bears an uncanny resemblance to Nikki Reed. But Bella looks like a generic Barbie. And they gave Bridal Bella a serious booty. hahaha

  10. This is not Barbie-related, but does anyone know if Hallmark ever made a New Moon ornament. I have Twilight 2010, Eclipse 2011, and B. Dawn 2012. Did they skip New Moon? I’d love a wolf for my tree!

  11. I was wondering none of them wore there bracelets or necklaces of there logo like they did in part one

    • Vampire-girl says:

      Belinda I noticed that too, but in the scene where Esme is hanging on in the battle scene, you can see her crest bangle. Edward’s I noticed his as well as Emmett, and if you pause it just right in the trailer where Edward swings Bella around in a kick, you can see a cuff which looks like Edward’s.
      Alice has hers on but it’s a longer necklace and is not wearing it all the time.

      I wish they kept them all the time and the same, I know not in books but it really united them IMO.

  12. shania griffin says:


  13. The Edward and Bella set are already available at Toys R Us. I got mine today.

  14. I just got 3 out of 6 of the last new dolls. Hopefully Carlisle, Esme and Emmett will be easy to find soon. 🙂 Love that they got out out so many characters, though I would love to see the entire cast. XP

    Though wonderful, I was really hoping to get a red eyed Bella, maybe in her blue dress. Not that they didn’t make plenty of Bellas, but that version is so iconic to the filme. And Kick-Ass. XD

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