Peter Facinelli Sounds Off on BD2 Battle Scene – SPOILERS

OhMyCarlisle (aka Amy Taylor) –  This one is for you!  

Massive spoilers!

Not even kidding!

Look away now!

We can’t even start this story without spoiler warnings, and those of your who have seen the films know exactly why.  The Inquisitor has an interview with Peter Facinelli and they ask him specifically about that moment.

Please, don’t read any further if you haven’t seen the film!  PLEASE!

You know, THAT moment.  When Carlisle’s head is in Aro’s hands.  Here is what Papa Cullen had to say about his initial reaction to reading the scene in the script.  

“Well, when I first read it in the script, I was bummed, because I thought that was it for me! I was like, ‘I don’t get to do any action this time around? I love action!’ Eclipse was one of my favorite movies to do because I got to roll up Carlisle’s sleeves and do action. But then after I read it all the way through, I knew it was going to shock the audience and I couldn’t wait to see their response to this. I feel like it was a really heroic way to go, because he’s going after saving Alice, and I thought if you’re going to go out, better to go out heroic, rather than running the other way!”

They also asked him if he’d like to have the head prop used from the film.  He said:

“I hope they send it to me now, and I can put it on my mantle. They don’t need it anymore, right? I wonder what they do with it. I bet you they put it on eBay. I’m going to start looking for it. I’ve never had that happen on film before, so I got to say I got a little misty-eyed seeing my own head in someone else’s hands!”




  1. “Shocking” is putting it mildly. I will never forget that moment.

    • No kidding. Seeing it the first time was pure shock. My jaw literally dropped open! Even when I saw it a second time, it brought tears to my eyes. I had to keep telling myself “it’s not real, it’s not real!”

      • I had the same response, Joy. My mouth fell open in shock and stayed open. I was too stunned to cry. It was my Twilight nightmare on screen. The second time I was trembling knowing that it was coming.

        • I was so shocked too but then I figured out what was happening a minute later and was really proud of myself. I’ve seen it twice now and got a great audience reaction each time. My husband told me he was cool during it but he was holding my hand so tight it hurt. Ha ha.

          It is really cool and clever but I almost don’t want to see it again because it is so disturbing. I especially can’t handle Seth and Leah going out like that!

    • traceylw62 says:

      I freaked out, my sister said I screamed so loud I scared her. I just kept saying “no they couldn’t do that, they’ve ruined the story, they’ve ruined the story”. I have never had such a visceral reaction to a movie in my life, and I am 50 and have seen a lot of movies ha ha ha. As Amy said even the 2nd time was hard to watch, even know it was Alice’s vision.

    • My jaw couldn’t drop open, because my hand shot straight to my mouth. It was just such a HUGE surprise that I can say with 100% absolute truth, I was IN NO WAY expecting THAT!

      Not only was it so different from the book, but the fight scene hadn’t really started! It was the perfect place to shock everyone; not mid-battle, end, or after a long dramatic monologue. Just, all of a sudden, the two are coming together for what looks like will be a knock-down dragout, and nothing. Just Aro’s evil smile, while they pan to Carlisles body, then to poor Carlisles head.

      I was shaking! I was breathing hard. I could not believe it!

      Excellent job doing what NO other movie has ever done to me before; left me speechless and in shock.

  2. We were completely stunned. We just sat there, catching flies, tears in our eyes… It was a really bad feeling, lol. I can’t remember the last time I felt so relieved about something.

  3. Who else of the cullens was killed? I of corse remember Carlisle, jasper, and who else. I was so shocked I lost track.

  4. spoiler:
    Every time I think of this scene I cry. It ripped out my heart. It litteraly stopped beating the entire battle scene. I got really angry. I was so relieved after. Looking back it was an awesome touch. Poor jasper and seth 🙁

  5. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    When I saw Carlisle’s head in Aro’s hand, I screamed “WHAT??!!” I was so terrified. Truly shocking. That gif you had on Twitter really summed it up…only I was crying too.

  6. I was shocked beyond words. My jaw literally dropped. I really didn’t recover from the whole battle scene until after the movie was over.

    • Me too. I think it took me several hours just to process all that I had seen. My sister kept grabbing my arm as each new “shock” came about and by the time Seth died I was crying. The whole audience was gasping and some shouting “NO!”. It was so amazing. I hope they do send Peter the head prop. As for me, I’m going to see it again this weekend so I can watch all the stuff I missed while in my “shocked” mind set.

  7. I screamed. Then after Japser I was just in total shock. But the close up on Seth & Leah’s faces broke my heart. That is when I pretty much cowered in my chair, covered my ears, and started crying….

  8. A cena da luta foi surpreendente. Quando Carlisle perdeu a cabeça foi um CHOQUE, tive quase um ataque do coração, não acreditei que o patriarca dos Cullen iria morrer, mas ele queria salvar Alice, seria uma boa maneira de parti. Amei todo o filme e vou assisti de novo ?

  9. I donno what theater you were in but it makes a difference. I was in a packed out theater of Twi-hards that just watched all previous 4 movies back to back in the marathon and had been in the theater for 11 hours.

    It went beyond shock. Everyone was SCREAMING at the screen. We were so wrapped up in the Twilight world it was intense. When the Volturi started dying everyone was egging them on. I was screaming “Yah run Bi**h” at Jane! It was soooo intense. After about 3 died I just knew it had to be a ‘dream sequence’ but it still was just crazy.

    I watched it again on Sunday night with my boyfriend but the theater wasn’t nearly pack and the atmosphere wasn’t the same or nearly as intense. Just small gasps.

    I think they need to do a back to back marathon every November in honor of the movies.

    • A back to back marathon every november would be AMAZING. I would definitely go!

    • Anne Creager says:

      My friend Sara and i got stuck in the fourth row from the front so we got to see that up close. My heart was about to burst out of my chest. The shock of that scene is burned into my mind forever. They did an amazing job keeping it a secret and the way it was shot was astounding. Reading these books and watching these movies, and becoming so emotionally invested in these characters made the scene that much more heart breaking and gut wrenching..but bitter sweet in the end.Kudos to Bill Condon for making the last to movies with such care and compassion..I was so worried they wouldnt include the part where bella shows edward her momories and to see it take place..was the perfect touch to such an amazing saga and also the end credits a tribute to all of the cast members

      • The ending was perfect and so fan focused. I was worried about the end too but it was perfect. He even made the imprinting thing work which had always disturbed me when reading the books. I think that all my fave Edward scenes were in there although my husband missed his fave line which is when Bella says she feels sloshy. I loved the credits too. Very beautiful.

  10. I watched it in the Nokia Theater for the LA premiere on November 12 after camping out for 5 days. Every fan in there was a die hard twi-hard and you should have seen the madness. Everyone was going nuts! And rightfully so! It was so intense, everyone was crying or screaming or at a loss for words. The actors (who were all in the same building with us) were probably ecstatic because it got the response they wanted. I saw it again at midnight on the 17th and it wasn’t half as crazy as it was the first time. You can tell the twihards from the people who just like those movies definitely in that scene. But I will never forget the intensity from the first time we all saw it. Loved the twist!!

  11. There was only two Cullen’s, Edward was fine.

  12. First time I saw the movie and the battle scene was happening..I just watched with my mouth wide open. There was screaming and gasps and … screaming. When it was over and you knew that it was Alice’s vision, the entire theatre cheered.

    I saw the movie for the second time yesterday and my heart was just rapidly beating knowing what was going to happen during that scene. Even though I knew, the tears still formed into my eyes throughout the battle. Yeah, that scene got the reaction they were wanting. *applause*

  13. I will N E V E R forget that moment. I’m 42. I’ve seen a lot of movies. None have them have ever “got me” like the battle sequence. When I saw Aro holding Carlisle’s head, my stomach lurched so badly, I actually grabbed my popcorn bag because I thought I was going to puke. My heart stopped. Everyone in the theater gasped/screamed and then froze in silence. I swear the walls of the room sucked inward with lack of oxygen because no one was breathing. It was so awful living for 15 minutes in a “world” where Carlisle didn’t exist. (then Jasper, Seth, Leah etc). Pure horror. The relief when it wasn’t real was insane. I don’t know about anyone else, but it was actually WORSE the second time I saw it, even though I knew the outcome, because I KNEW what I was about to witness. Didn’t cry the first time, the second time I did. When Jasper and Alice leave the Cullens after her vision, and Bella asks “I wonder what she saw” – I lost it!

  14. Friday Night my girlfriends and I, had a special farewell Ladies Night Out in honor of the movie. We recapped the previous films over dinner and wine, and then headed to the theater for that night’s last showing… When this scene happened my mouth fell open and my hands went straight to my mouth to muffle a scream… I was in complete shock on the edge of my seat. Then as soon as I saw Jane attacking Jasper I knew he was next and all I could think was “please don’t, don’t kill him too” and then he was gone. But what really brought the tears to my eyes (or maybe the shock had already left me) was Seth’s last breath. And I lost it with Leah fell rescuing Esme… 🙁
    When I got home I was still shocked and shaken. My boyfriend was so intrigued by my reaction, that he actually said he wanted to see it and that if I would go with him Saturday Night (who was I to say no of course). But watching it the second time was even more torturous. I have (or should I say had) long nails and the day before had actually gotten a mani. But knowing that that scene was coming… all my nails were gone before Alice started talking to Aro. I was also trembling the whole time, got shocked again, cried again, was relieved again. And cried again with the final montage when Bella lets him in to her mind.
    P.s. My Boyfriend who is not really a fan of the saga, was also in shock and confessed being tense the whole time. He really liked it.

  15. Did anyone notice that renesme was killed or was it my imagination? It looked like that vampire chasing them got her.

  16. It shocked me to death! D: …Deep down, every Twi-Hard new all along that was the twist because we knew the movie needed to feature a battle to make the film more intense and interesting (especially for the non-fans) so the more characters died the most sure I was it was all really Alice’s vision or someone’s imagination (I was like, “Whoever you are, WAKE UP!!!!!! D: ” XD). But seeing all those characters die….Gosh, they just played with our emotions…hard :’-( .

    I went to an advanced screening and thankfully there was no big fuss around the film and I actually got to hear what was happening (Not like other films where the audience just scream and talk all the time 😛 ). In the battle scene there were a few screams for Carlisle and sobs for the other characters…But of course a lot of cheering when the Volturi were defeated and a laughs when they realized it was all a vision.

    But like someone above said, I look forward to watching it again really soon and pay closer attention to the parts of the battle I missed out of Carlisle’s shock…Really, I couldn’t stop thinking about it…I still can’t :Od

  17. I felt like I was having an anxiety attack during the entire fight scene! What an emotional roller coaster! I can’t even put into words my feelings when first Carlisle, then all the others were gone. I, too, plan on seeing it again so I can concentrate on some of the other action I missed from numbly staring at the screen. I’m sure my husband thinks I’m crazy, ’cause I’m pretty sure I yelled out “yes!!!” when they cut back to Alice and Aro. I was so afraid they were going to change the ending completely, and we still got our ending that was technically true to the book. Pure genius!

  18. He is so funny!

  19. Yep I was in shock too, especially with Jasper. I especially panicked when Edward fell down the ravine. My poor friend’s arm took such a beating from me freaking out. That’s so funny how Peter was sad he couldn’t fight… and how he wants to keep his head on his mantle. lol!

  20. A friend and I went to see the movie. She said my reactions was the cream, icing, and cherry on top! I was bawling my eyes out and hyperventilating!!

  21. My friend said my reactions was the cream, icing, and cherry on top! I was bawling my eyes out and hyperventilating!!

  22. I was bawling my eyes out and hyperventilating!!

  23. It was an especially apt choice of event since Carlisle, the founder of the Cullen family, is arguably the soul of Twilight. He represents the choice of compassion, restraint, and love, having suppressed his base urges (human blood craving) in order to serve others so much that he is no longer tormented by them. Then there is Aro, who uses his power and intellect to satisfy those urges and is devious and ruthless even among the Volturi. Onetime friends, learned men, yet opposites.

    Marcus, however, turns out to be the most tragic figure. I honestly think BD2 makes the whole Saga, book and movie, even better because it deepens those less front-and-center characters. I’m going to have to consult The Official Illustrated guide again to review their backstories.

    It was priceless to see post-vision Aro scared sh!#less, especially his reaction to Caius bringing up werewolves.

    But my favorite scene was the demise of Jane. What a great payoff.

    No, on second thought, my favorite scene was when Twilight the movie turned into Twilight the book. Bill Condon = awesome.

  24. It was really traumatic. I think I suffered from post traumatic stress symptoms for a good 72 hours after that LOL.

  25. Oh. My. Gosh. I went at the ten o’ clock premeire wit my mom, and I was so enthusiastic. I was litterally bouncing off the walls. I was jumping up and down, and hypervenilating. I have read Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse 12 times, and Breaking Dawn at least 20. I had also seen the trailer, like, twice a day. I even had a Part 2 countdown on my phone! We got to the movie theater at 7 o’ clock, and the place was already packed with Twihards. I felt like I belonged!!! It was amazing to be around so many super fans, like me! My mom was like, “There’s going to be a twist, there’s going to be a twist.” I didn’t really take her seriously, because, well, the only twist that could be possible is… *Gulp*.. killing everyone off. At the begenning of the movie, I could hardly breathe, and I was spazzing out. I had waited since 2007 for this moment. I noticed that the movie was really fast-paced at the begenning, but didn’t think to much about it. At the end, I saw Alice come out into the clearing with Jasper… but not Hulien, or Nahuel. I was like, “What? What if Mom’s right? There’s gonna be a twist!!!” Later, I saw Carlisle yell, “Let her go!” And he jumped through the air, and collided with Aro. I saw a headless body fall to the ground in the background, and I was like, “No. This could not be happening.” The camera panned down, to Aro’s hands, and there was Carlisle’s head. I screamed so loud! I screamed, ” NO! NOT CARLISLE!” I sobbed, and all the crazy twihards probably thought I was crazier than they were… The look on Esme’s face was devistating. By this point, I am sobbing, and screaming, so I can hardly breathe. Before my eyes, I saw Jasper, Seth and Leah die. When Seth and Leah died, i screamed out their names, and my mom was like, ” How can you tell which one is which?” I actually stood up, and started to walk towards the exit of the theatre, I couldnt take it anymore. I swear, for those dreadful 15 minutes, I was litterally suicidal. I wanted to die. A world with no Cullens was impossible, but I decided to stick through it. I saw Alice run towards Jane, and im like, “Yeah! You better run, you b*tch! This is what you get for killing Jazz!!!” At that point, Alice killed her. I cheered. I also cheered when Bella and Edward killed Aro. But then… It shows Alice… holding Aro’s hand… Im like, “WTF???” Alice was like, “Thats your future.” I stood up, and started clapping and screaming my head off. A few seconds later, the theater erupted in cheers! Im like, “Whoo! Just a vision!!!” I was crying my eyes out, so releived that it wasnt real.

    Afew days later, I went to it again with my BFF. During the fight, her jaw hit the floor. I was squeezing her hand so tight. I think the second time was worse than the first. Even though I knew what to expect, It just somhow made it worse. She eventually told me that I hurt her hand… alot. The movie definetley got a crazy reaction out of me. Ill never forget it.

    • I reacted the exact same way! But, I was too horror-struck to even move towards the door! I just stayed in my seat, with my hands over my mouth and tears streaming down my face. I just remember feeling shocked silly when Carlisle died, and Jacob’s reaction to Seth dying just caused me to sob uncontrollably. And Esme, her reaction when Carlisle died, and when Leah sacrificed her life for her… Just heartbreaking… But then it went back to ‘reality’, and I just remember feeling so relieved! It’s certainly a movie reaction that I will NEVER forget! 🙂

  26. lol, yeah, i think i would get a little more than misty eyed seeing my head in someone else’s hands!

  27. Interesting reading all these reaction that are so different from mine. I wish in a way that I was still caught up in the ‘suspend disbelief for movie’ mode by the time this battle happened. Good for the film makers that so many remained caught up in the movie and they got the reaction they wanted. Yes, I did gasp with Carlisle’s head in Aro’s hand, but knew as soon as Alice started talking with Aro the battle was all a vision and so nothing to worry about.

  28. Omigod, seeing the last movie was a complete roller coastar. There was first exictement, then happiness, then craziness, anxiety, sadness (on many things), COMPLETE SHOCK, anger, COMPLETE SHOCK, happiness again, sadness once again. I was BAWLING when the end credits were done rolling. Everything was perfect and beautiful in the beginning. I was bouncing up and down and screaming “IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE. IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! ” My friends were just as excited as I was.

    When the lights in the theater darkened and the Summit logo came on the screen, I squeaked and snatched my friends entire left arm and hung onto it for the whole movie. The tightness of my grip depended on the scene and mood of the movie. The beginning of the movie was beautiful but honestly.. a little fast. Bella was an awesome momma bear, gorgeous as ever, and made the best vampire. She really was born to be a vampire. Renesmee’s digitalizing could have been better. Other than that, she was beautiful. Alice was phenomenal in this movie!!And the scene where Bella found out about Jacob imprinting on Renesmee and hilarious!!

    Seeing Carlisle’s head in Aro’s hand, my eyes opened the widest it has ever been in my entire life and my mouth popped wide open!! I was like “WHHATTT?? NONONONONONONO. NOT CARLISLE!!” me best friends were SCREAMING. and then everyone started fighting and I was like “IT HAS BEGUN. THE FIGHT SCENE HAS FINALLY BEGUN.” the whole time my arm was wrapped around my friend’s arm like an anaconda snake.When Jasper died I said “Not Jasper too!” Tears have began to form in my eyes, flowed down my face, ruined my mascara, and dripped onto my clothes. Seth and Leah were next to die. I was bawling by then. Shivers went throughout my body when Leah howled. It was devastating seeing Esme try to keep herself on the ledge that Benjamin had made and then Leah tried to save Esme and later fell in. I’m like “This can’t happen. They’ve gone way too far.” When I saw Alice look at Jane about to kill her, knowing she can’t really fight, I thought, “Yeah you better run you little B*TCH!!” but then I remembered Jane’s power. Panic came over me. Terrified for Alice, I gripped onto my friend’s arm even tighter. If that was even possible. AND THEN EDWARD FELL DOWN. I was like “NOOOO. NONONONO. This can’t happen. There’s no Twilight without Edward!!”

    Everything was chaos. I thought I couldn’t take anymore of it. I was on the point of choking. My face had become sizzling hot from holding my breath for what seemed like the entire scene. The music got more and more dramatic and then….. SILENCE. Alice was like “That’s your future” and I was like “WHAT??!! That was all fake?No one died??” It took me an entire minute for that to settle in. I had suddenly noticed my heart was about to hammer it’s way out of my chest. I couldn’t believe it. It had completely taken me by surpise. MIND BLOWN is an understatement for what I was like in that moment.

    Everything went uphill for the rest of the movie. The Volturi were gone and everything was quiet. And then everyone cheered and started kissing and hugging and laughing. More tears sprang from my eyes. But this time, they were from PURE JOY AND RELIEF. Everything has worked out. Things were going to be ok.

    The meadow had to be the best scene for me. A trillion feelings flowed through me when the montage of Bella and Edward started playing on the screen. It was absolutely lovely. Just when I thought my tear ducts were completely dried out, EVEN MORE tears came. This time they were uncontrollable. I was sobbing. I had to be the loudest one in the theater. From Twilight, to New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn Part 1, and then a little of Part 2. All the memories…., it was overwhelming. I felt like I had been with them the entire way. I was devastated when I realized this was the last time we would see Bella and Edward. At least in front of a camera as the main characters anyway. I was grateful that they played a Thousand Years in the movie instead of in the end credits like Part 1.

    Things got REAL when the end credits came. The whole tribute to EVERYBODY in the saga. It was so sad. And the way they highlighted the words from the book about Jacob, then Edward, then Bella. I just… I couldn’t . It was the hardest I’ve ever cried. My clothes might as well have been soaked from all the water pouring out of my eyes.

    I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THE TWILIGHT SAGA AND HOW IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. I CAN NEVER DESCRIBE THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE I HAVE FOR THIS SAGA, BUT I’LL TRY. TO THE CHARACTERS, FOR MAKING THE STORY THE BEST IT CAN BE. TO THE CAST FOR BRINGING THIS STORY ALIVE. TO EVERYBODY THAT MADE THE MOVIES POSSIBLE. AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, TO STEPHENIE FOR HAVING THE WONDER DREAM OF THE GIRL AND THE BOY IN THE MEADOW. thankyou to all the directors, especially Bill Condon. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Thank you for being the best thing I have ever encountered and obsessed with. I wil never stop loving Twilight and I will forever cherish the memories of this amazing saga. Twihard forever.

  29. I really admire who watched the scene of Carliles’s death and figure it out it was a vision. I remember of gasping and muttering: “Oh, my God! They killed Carlisle! Melissa KILLED Carlisle!”. As the rest of the Cullens and their allies rushed to battle, I tried to calm myself. I wondered who would lead the Cullens after the battle. I guess I’m too used to Game of Thrones.

    But when they killed Jasper and Jane was popping up everywhere, I lost it. My hands grabbed my purse and started squizzing it. I started mumbling. I didn’t recognize the wolves that died at first, but when I did, my heart broke. I just started asking to anyone else be killed.

    Things got a bit better when the Volturi start dying. Marcus expression of relief was interesting. Despite everything Volturi had done, I felt really, really sorry for him. A millenia of solitude.But I wanted Jane and Aro dead and it took a long time. It was just 15 minutes of hell. It was different from HP7’s last battle: because I knew what would happen. Here, the dispair was not knowing. Characters that I had loved for years dying.

    When Alice showed it was a vision, me and the rest of the audience just laughed of relief or a bit os histeria. Despite of all my reservations about this movie – it was the best, yes, but a bit rushed – it was the best one. And it carried a lesson for the ones that wanted more action to the end of the book. The price would be too high. Watching characters we love is painful. Even after 5 of the A Song os Ice and Fire books, it still hurts. It’s like losing close friends. So, the twist was simply brilliant.

  30. Confession time: I read a spoiler of the ending somewhere on tumblr. But even knowing what happenend, I was shaking and crying during that scene. I didn’t know that it’d be so intense! Seeing Carlisle’s head killed me! Everyone one was just like, “OMFG! What just happenend?!” There was a lot of cheering when Alice killed Jane. And when Bella and Edward killed Aro. But then when we found out it was all a vision? The whole theater went crazy. There were gasps, cheers, “WTF?!”, and clapping I think the person behind me was about to hyperventilate.

  31. Confession time: I read a spoiler of the ending somewhere on tumblr. But even knowing what happenend, I was shaking and crying during that scene. I didn’t know that it’d be so intense! Seeing Carlisle’s head killed me! Everyone one was just like, “OMFG! What just happenend?!” There was a lot of cheering when Alice killed Jane. And when Bella and Edward killed Aro. But then when we found out it was all a vision? The whole theater went crazy. There were gasps, cheers, and clapping I think the person behind me was about to hyperventilate.

  32. Confession time: I read a spoiler of the ending somewhere on tumblr. But even knowing what happenend, I was shaking and crying during that scene. I didn’t know that it’d be so intense! Seeing Carlisle’s head killed me! Everyone one was just like, “OMG! What just happenend?!” There was a lot of cheering when Alice killed Jane. And when Bella and Edward killed Aro. But then when we found out it was all a vision? The whole theater went crazy. There were gasps, cheers, and clapping I think the person behind me was about to hyperventilate.

  33. Confession time: I read a spoiler of the ending somewhere on tumblr. But even knowing what happenend, I was shaking and crying during that scene. I didn’t know that it’d be so intense! Seeing Carlisle’s head killed me! Everyone one was just like, “OMG! What just happenend?!” There was a lot of cheering when Alice killed Jane. And when Bella and Edward killed Aro. But then when we found out it was all a vision? The whole theater went crazy. There were gasps, cheers, and clapping I think the person behind me was about to hyperventilate. I loved this scene!

  34. I started to cry when Carlisle and Jasper died then I started to cry more when Bella told jake to take renesme I was like why in the world would they do that than I said if they didn’t burn them they could put their heads back on and when I saw bella and Edward decapite aro I was like that what u get from killing them then the vision ended and every body was ok I was like yes No one died

  35. Our entire theater screamed out loud. Seriously. It was great. There was about thirty seconds where I was stunned and furious, but then I figured out what was going on and wanted whoever it was to WAKE UP!

  36. Twilight Nymph says:

    I was so shocked, all I kept saying was no, no, no, while hyperventilating. My friend kept saying that wasn’t supposed to happen, it wasn’t supposed to happen. My poor cousin who was in between us kept asking herself who to help out first if one of us passed out. LOL It was a cruel, but nonetheless an amazing twist, prank of a scene.

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