Video: Bill Condon Talks About BD2 Credits with MTV – SPOILERS

Bill Condon talks to MTV about what deleted scenes we should see on the DVD as well as why they chose to do the credits the way they did.  

Yes, there are spoilers in this!  



  1. Excited !

  2. The premiere of BD2 is not the end of the saga! The dvd will be… :'( Still sad…

  3. @ sophie I don’t think it’ll ever be the end. But it feels that way.

  4. I loved the way he did the credits. It was so cool and classy to include all the actors.

    I’m glad there will be deleted scenes on this dvd since there wasn’t for part 1. 🙁

  5. Thank you Bill Condon for 2 incredibly amazing movies!! Words can not express my love for your work on Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2!
    I look forward to seeing the deleted scenes and Special Features in the DVD!