NextMovie Asks 10 Lingering Questions about Twilight Saga

Now that the film franchise is over, NextMovie has posted 10 lingering questions about the films that were never answered.  As I (Lori Joffs) read through them, I realized that some of their questions were answered in the BOOK, but were not addressed in the films.  So here are some of the answers to their questions.  You can read the whole article at NextMovie.      

Again… there be spoilers here!

Lots of spoilers! 

1. First and foremost, when does Jacob start having sexual relations with Renesmee? When she turns 18, or just looks 18? Our heads start spinning (and our stomachs start churning) when we start to think about this one.

The fandom has tried to answer this question in the many many fan fics that have been written about Jacob and Renesmee.  Unfortunately, no one but Stephenie Meyer really knows the answer to this!  I have a feeling Jake will wait until she is truly old enough.  But when you consider the answer to the next question, your stomach might not churn so much.  

2. Despite her accelerated physical maturation, nothing is said of Renesmee’s intellectual maturation. Did she really learn to walk and talk and play the piano in a matter of days? This is starting to get really far-fetched

Renesmee’s ability to learn is just as accelerated as her growth.  If you look on page 529 of the hard back version of Breaking Dawn, you’ll see Bella reading a 3 month old Renesmee Tennyson… because she didn’t like repetition in her bed time stories.  It even says she could speak with flawless grammar, but preferred to show people her thoughts rather than speak.  

3. Why do all the vampires wear so many layers? We know it’s winter and all, but vampires are unaffected by the temperature. They’re all wearing coats and big, cozy sweaters – the Denalis are even in fur. Sure, we get that the vampires need to blend in with humans and it would be a giant red flag if Rosalie was walking around in a sundress in the snow, but still. It’s difficult to fight in a coat.

I think this is just a movie thing.  The actors can’t freeze.  And maybe the vampires like the feel of the layers.  But the costume department has to do what they have to do, right?  Consider that in the books the vampires wear very pale colors.  If they wear dark colors, they appear to be even more pale which draws attention to how unnatural their skin in.  Yet in the film, the vampires tend to wear darker colors so that the actors look paler.  It’s a minor detail that bugged me at the start, but I decided I had to let it go because it’s a Hollywood choice.  (I also have great resentment over the fact that Harry Potter’s eyes are blue in the films rather than green, but that’s a whole other story… and fandom…) 

4. Speaking of attire, we’re assuming that Alice and Jasper ran from Brazil to Forks with the other half-breed and his aunt. Alice is the ultimate fashionista – why didn’t she make them put some clothes on?

Going even deeper into the costume dilemma’s of the film, I think they dressed the vampires to help show off their nationality as well as their life style.  The Amazon coven is barely clothed.  So if you argue – why can the actors playing the Amazons freeze to death but the Denali coven is covered in furs?  I think it can be justified that the vampires who live in the wild will dress more animalistic.  Where as vampires like the Cullens and the Denalis dress more human-like because they want a more human life.  

 6. Can Mackenzie Foy fly IRL? We don’t recall Renesmee being able to fly in the books, so maybe this was something they added after they discovered her hidden talent? Either way, Jacob may have some competition from those adorable “Chronicle” boys in the future.

That moment jumped out at me, too.  No pun intended.  I really think they meant to make her jump, but it did look like she could fly!  No, Renesmee can’t fly.  But she has similar abilities to vampires that allow her to run fast and jump high.

7. How did Jasper get such a recent picture of Renesmee for her passport? When he and Alice left, Renesmee looked decidedly younger than she did when Bella met with J. Jenks, but the photo on the passport looked like present-day Renesmee.

Actually, I think the passport photo looks like Renesmee when Jasper and Alice left.  But if you read up in the Official Twilight Saga Guide, you will learn how skilled Jasper is with a computer.  Given what mere humans can do with photo shopping, I’m pretty sure Jasper could age Rensemee enough to get her an updated pass port.  In fact, in the book it’s J. Jenks that does the image altering.  Check page 668 of Breaking Dawn.  

8. The shelves in Bella and Edward’s cottage are stuffed to the gills with books. More stacks of books appeared to cover every single surface. Does Edward have a secret hoarding problem?

Again, this comes from reading the book.  Edward didn’t decorate the cottage; Alice and Esme did.  And Vampires do have a lot of books.  Consider what Edward’s room looked like in Twilight.  It was covered in music and books.  When you don’t ever sleep, you have to find something to do at night.    That is… until you get a vampire spouse!  

Hope this helps fill in some blanks!  


  1. I agree with everything.. But Nessie didn’t fly she did I high jump but they showed it in slow motion so we could actually see her catching the snow flake… As for the passport picture Bella gives J the pics in the book jasper didn’t ask for the papers Bella does remember… I think in the movie for time consuming sake they did as if jasper ask for the documents and like you said thanks to the twilight guide we know is possible for jasper to get a picture like that of Nessie and also of Jacob cause he is fast and smart… Remember they left the note with Sam so he could easily had ask billy for a picture of jake or had stolen one from Jakes house. PS I REALLY LOVE THIS CAUSE I LIKE HAVING DISCUSSIONS ABOUT THESE MOVIES LOL IS LIKE HAVING A VERY INTERNATIONAL BOOK/MOVIE CLUB
    Oh by the way about the clothing I think is just to blend in with the humans, also I remember Edward wearing layers so that Bella can’t feel that much is coldness, I think is also a fashion statement of every single one of them… Not because they can’t feel cold or hot means they’ll be wearing bikinis lol is just fashion personality statements plus I mean if you can’t feel temperature I mean its pretty cool to be able to wear whatever u feel like at all time cause it doesn’t bother ur temperature right… Nessie matures fast she is no normal kid we know that I don’t think there is an adequate normal time… I think unless steph tells us we won’t know when Jacobs feelings change towards Nessie cause remember Jacob is to Nessie what she need at the time, best friend brother whatever so at some point when Nessie need a boyfriend a true love Jacobs feeling will change to that

  2. Does it bug anyone else as much as it bugs me when media outlets don’t bother to use their brains, or do an ounce of research then ask really stupid questions? I mean come on…even if you genuinely don’t know and really want to know the answers to those questions you have 2 better options then what they did there… ask in a way that doesn’t make you look like an idiot when you finally learn the answer, or open a book!

    I know, I know… there are people out there that have questions but aren’t really fans and don’t care enough to find out on their own. But it’s still annoying

    • Yeah, it annoys me too. It’s so refreshing when an actual fan does interviews. (:

      • Yeah, Elizabeth, I thought the movie made it pretty clear that baby Renesmee was really advanced in learning skills and behavior. I’m not sure how that was among someone’s unanswered questions. It’s like watching the Avengers and wondering why there are little lights on Iron Man’s face. The movie doesn’t spell it out, but it’s obviously some type of computer. And Renesmee was obviously advancing in growth both physically & mentally.

  3. Kim H in VA says:

    Ok I have a question. What happened to the french coven that was supposed to be in the movie? there was all this hype about them and then they aren’t there. Not even in group shots in the the film. Are they with the Volturi? or just a red herring?

  4. I gotta comment on the Harry potter comment lol. They had tried to have him wear contacts to make his eyes green, but he couldn’t tolerate them, so J.K. Rowling just said it’s only important that he has his mother’s eyes. What really gets me, is that they screwed this up lol, his mother clearly has brown eyes in the movie… Big mistake, guys. ;(

  5. Actually, all quite obvious…
    My answer to every question is always: “Vampires are supernatural and amazing – you, humans, just can’t understand!” 😛

  6. Dont really care the most satisfying Rob look so eatable.He is so extremely gorgeous .

  7. Just because they are frigid as ice.they will not dress like a human being can they keep thier identity save if they will go naked in the for the pictures they need to read the book.Alice always taking pictures of Renesmee to record and watch her progress,dress her in a fashion clothes,celebrate her fake birthday…. come on people READ THE BOOK

  8. Out of curiosity…renesme is half human half immortal, but one of those traits would have to be dominate right? Like for example can she die the way humans can or just the way vampires can? And can she have babies? I am just curious because human and immortal are two conflicting things ….I have read all the books so I may have missed something… Just explaining the movie to someone one day got me thinking about it..

    • Once she reached full maturity she doesn’t age anymore so she can pretty much live forever, she probably wont get sick either kind of like Jacob… her temp runs high like his, he heals fast and such… I have a feeling it’s like that for her too… she can get hurt but it would take alot to hurt her, and he will heal much faster than a human. Her body can change so she can have children… what they would be like I have no idea… I hope Steph cover that someday!

    • Since Jacob imprinted on Nessie and imprinting is done by the wolves in order to continue their tribes ability to shape-shift, then it follows that Nessie and Jacob will have offspring with the genetic ability to shift. Otherwise he would have imprinted on someone else. And remember Nessie wanted him as much as he was drawn to her. Tll of that is in the books.

      • I had forgotten that part! She must be able to have children to continue the line.

      • acording to the book, that is just a theory. lea says that she thinks she bacame a wolf, because sam’s theory is that they imprint to be with a partner that will make stronger baby wolf offspring. and she thinks she is barren because sam did not imprint on here but on emily (+the fact that she fased and has lost her period – or here “lady stuff” like jake calles it :P)
        it is made very clear several times in the book that no one knows why the wolfs imprint, and its not a commen thing to happen either. So…. IF… jake and remesme ever had a baby it would not automaticaly follow that it will have the “wolf gene”

  9. Ali, your questions are the same ones Bella and Edward were wondering. Nahuel is the only other one of her kind. There are currently very few known “rules” about children like Nahuel & Reneesme and what their long-term future might be – at least not until Stephenie writes that Reneesme/Jacob story!!

  10. Kim H in VA: If you watch the MTV Rough Cut video that Twilight Lexicon posted most recently, director Bill Condon said he was disappointed that he had to cut other scenes of the Volturi traveling around the world to get witnesses. We can only assume the French coven was in those scenes. It was implied that deleted scenes will show up on the DVD.

  11. I find it amusing when someone says that parts of the story is a little far fetched… It’s about Vampires and Shapeshifters. I think we have made the initial stretch when the store introduced supernatural beings as a regular part of the story.

  12. Does anyone know what Bella is reading to Nessie in the Movie?

  13. One of many things that bugged me in BD is they didn’t say anything about Renesmee having a second gift. That she can remove Bella’s shield. They said that bella is a shield in the movie and nothing can get through her mind but Renesmee could talk to Bella through the mind.

    Also the reason Harry Potter eyes are blue is because Daniel Radcliffe had allergic reaction to the contacts. So for the movie they made Lilly’s eyes blue. They explain it on the DVD. The only thing that really ticked me off is in Snape’s memories young Lilly had brown eyes were as adult Lilly and Harry had blue.

    • In the book she discusses that with Edward. There are holes in her shield.

      • They aren’t holes in her shield…. her gift is very powerful. It was concluded that she flipped both Edwards and Bella’s abilities…as in she puts thoughts in your head instead of reads them, and no one can keep her out…even if they are a powerful shield like Bella

      • There’s no holes in Bella’s shield. I remember Edward being all shocked when Renesmee was putting her thoughts into Bella’s mind. Renesmee can penetrate others mental defenses; this she got from Bella.

  14. Ok Just 1 thing when you talk about vampire’s clothes…The Irish coven, they looked like they walked out of a famine film!! Everytime they came on screen the whole cinema laughed because they looked so ridiculous. Went to see it a second time and there were less people so actually got to hear what they were saying, the accents were ok and the acting wasn’t bad but just wish they’d dressed them modernly like the Cullen’s and Denali’s.

    • The only thing I can think of is that since they hunt humans and probably don’t care to fit in, they may be still wearing the clothes they wore when they were transformed. Since vampires don’t sweat or anything they could. Or that they are mentally stuck at the time they changed they still dress in that fashion.

  15. Gigi Cullen says:

    My only problem with BD2 and the other 3 after Twilight was that they kept moving Charlies house farther and farther out into the woods. By BD2 he is now living so remotely that he has not one house near him. I am a stickler for stuff like that and that one really bothered me. Other then that, BD2 was amazing and the twist knitted my stomach so bad it hurt hours after the movie was over. Well played Melissa ans Stephanie, well played.

  16. I wanted to know how Alice could have the vision at the end of Jacob and Renesmee since she can’t see the wolves.

  17. The most glaring glitch/error in the whole book (BD) is that Jake imprinted on a creature that is half of what he’s bred to kill. Wolves (shapeshifters) and vampires are genetic enemies, yet SM wants us to believe that there is enough human genetics in Renesmee to negate the vampire part?? LOL She has more powers/gifts than a normal human could ever hope to have, yet her human half is dominant enough to mate with a shapeshifter?

    It’s a bogus plot line written to give Jake a nice HEA with bow tied around it. This is what turned off a whole lot of Twilight fans with this book.

    • Thank You

    • Though Jacob and the others mention ALOT that they are designed to kills vamps (and in a way they are) if you read up on the back story of the wolves you’ll see they originally had nothing to do with vampires. The reason they are “born to kill” vamps is because over time all the Quilluete’s enemys had gone away except one… Vampires. And over time and generations their physical ability to kill them grew as well. Vampires are their enemy because the made it so themselves (and with good reason) but not because it HAS to be that way… which is a lesson both the vamps and wolves learn throughout this series.

  18. Who were the vamps who didn’t fight in Alice’s vision?! The Wives?! Argh

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