A Behind The Scenes Look at the Breaking Dawn Score

Carter Burwell has posted some interesting notes on his homepage about some of his thoughts as he wrote the score for Breaking Dawn.   There is quite a bit of information on his website for people interested in all the details.  Here is a sample:  

I started writing music for Breaking Dawn Part 2 more than two years before it was released. The director, Bill Condon, suggested that, just as Edward had played “Bella’s Lullaby” for Bella in the first Twilight film, he should now create a lullaby for his daughter Renesmee. This meant that I had to write it before they shot the film, which was happening at the same time as Breaking Dawn Part 1. And, as Rob Pattinson wanted to play it on screen, I had to write something that Rob could play and give him time to learn it.

Only a few weeks before Bill made this suggestion, I learned that I was about to have a baby girl myself. Inevitably I wrote the piece thinking as much about my daughter as about Edward and Bella’s. In its way this echoed the story of how “Bella’s Lullaby” had been written originally for my wife. For some reason there is a running parallel between my life and Edward’s.

“Renesmee’s Lullaby” was hinted at during Bella’s pregnancy in Breaking Dawn Part 1, but only really came into its own in Part 2. As Bill saw it, Edward would play it on the piano, as though he were making it up on the spot. Renesmee, who grows very quickly and has unknown but prodigious powers, would sit at the piano with her father, appearing to be five years old. She joins in and they develop the piece for four hands. As they do so, the scene shifts to Volterra, Italy.

Visit Carter Burwell’s website for more details. Thank to Joshua Roberts for the heads up!


  1. Love song

  2. That’s really cool how he wrote Bella’s lullaby for Bella but also his wife and now he’s writing Renesmee’s lullaby for Renesmee and also his to-be-expected baby girl! 🙂

  3. awww…that is so sweet about his own daughter. What a blessing to have a talent like that, one which you can use to show love for your family.

  4. Congratulations for your baby girl Mr. Burwell! Also I’d like to thank you for 3 amazing scores! I will cherish them forever. Bella & Renesmee’s lullabies are masterpieces! You did an amazing job!

  5. Isabella Marie Swan Cullen says:

    My favourite scores are Twilight, New Moon, BD1, Eclipse and BD2. Mr. Burwell is extremely talented and Bella’s Lullaby will always have a special place in my heart 🙂

  6. I’m not the biggest fan of CB’s music for the Twilight series, but this warms my heart. What an adorable connection. I’m so happy he had that experience. Writing music is so much a part of yourself. I did like pretty much all of his work in BD2 by the way. 🙂

  7. One of the delights of BD2 for me was the score. He did a great job and so touching to hear the personal connection he has to the music for Twilight and BD.

  8. Jacob Ester says:

    Renesmee’s Lullaby is fine, but what about that badass new Volturi theme? Gives me chills everytime!

  9. Jacob Ester says:

    Renesmee’s Lullaby is fine, but what about that awesome new Volturi theme? Gives me chills everytime!

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