Video: How the Cast Reacted to the Surprise Ending

The Hollywood Reporter has a few bits of interview from Michael Sheen, Taylor Lautner, and Bill Condon about their reactions to the surprise ending of the film.  They edited out the moment when Michael Sheen nearly spoils it, but just in case you haven’t seen the film yet, you might not want to watch this just yet.  


  1. Seeing our favorite characters killed is a reward? I am sorry but I do not agree.
    I love twilight and I always will. But this ending and movie is my least favorite.

    • But they don’t really die… I always loved BD, it’s my favorite book, but the complaint I constantly heard was that people were upset that it was anti-climactic and didn’t have a real battle. I love that this movie fixes that because fans get to see how the battle would have gone in the book but in the end we don’t lose our beloved characters.

      • I agree with you completely, Nic. Breaking Dawn was my least favorite book of the series but tied as my favorite movie (part 2) along with Eclipse.

      • I know they don’t really die but I still had to watch Carlisle’s head dangle from Aro’s hand. Something I wish I never had to see. My kids had to see their favorite wolf die… They cried and were not happy. Even after seeing it was just a vision.
        I loved the book perfectly the way it was but even so I still had accepted that there was going to be a battle..I just didn’t want to watch them(Cullen’s and wolves) get slaughtered….even in a vision that seemed real while watching it the first time.

        • I will never be able to get the image of Carlisle’s head in Aro’s hand out of my mind. Though I expected the battle to be Alice’s vision it was still very shocking and a lot further than I thought they would take it.

          • The complete stranger sitting next to me and I were screaming our heads off that THIS DID NOT HAPPEN IN THE BOOK! That and we screamed when Jasper was the SECOND Cullen to die, um he survived the VAMPIRE WARS how was he like the THIRD casualty?? I was so glad it was a vision. Freaked me the heck out. I was in tears!:(

          • But that’s not to say I didn’t LOVE it. It was an awesome shock factor!:)

    • Olympic Coven says

      Agreed. If they had placed it during alice’s vision then they could still have their battle or if just the volturi died that’s ok too

      • I can not even tell how hard my daughter cried…
        If I wanted that kind of movie I would have went to a horror movie. We love twilight as a family because of the Cullen and wolf family and the love story. I never planned on watching them die, real or not.

        This movie felt way to commercial for my taste. Shock and awe and not enough heart and quality. I know most don’t agree with me and I am okay with that. It is just my own personal thoughts and experience just like they have theirs.

        • I disagree. I don’t believe it was done for “commercial” reasons, but for a surprise and a furthering of viewers understanding of the characters and their intense situation. Because of this added vision-fight we all learned how far everyone was willing to go. It became REAL. Real people would fight and die for their loves ones, or for power as in the case of the Volturi.

          I’m sorry you felt this way. Perhaps it mostly stems from your children’s devistation. It is a book and movie with adult themes… I can only take from your experience that I guess it’s important to view movies first as a parent before letting them see it. That way you would know if there was something too disturbing. I’m not blaming you, just thinking about how to avoid situations like yours in the future. You weren’t expecting this, no one was.

          From my point of view, and everyone else I know who are fans and saw it (~20 people), we all went crazy over the twist. -In a holy-crap-that-took-the-life-right-out-of-me-but-it-was-incredible sort of way. Most of us were shakey for a day after viewing it, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. It was perfect, and so important. I absolutely LOVE Breaking Dawn Part 2!

        • I agree with you Sabrine. This was just a money making movie, the director and stephanie have gotten greedy for commercialism.
          totally lost he true feeling of the book.
          I am a fan of the books – not the movies
          they screwed up big time on this, there shouldnt have been a fight in alices vision, she cant even see the wolves or nessie



  2. I loved the ending. It had a little change up and after all they are all Vampires and wolves. They kill, its been like that through out the books and movies. It was nice being surprised and no harm done because it was a vision.
    It was a PG13 movie maybe young children should not have been reading or watching this series. Eclipse had a huge battle scene and people were killed. Maybe not the Cullen’s. but it showed that they lived a dangerous life and their were other Vampires out there that wanted to harm even kill them.
    I want to thank Bill Condon for 2 great final movies and the surprise twist at the end. I loved it.

  3. It certainly got the reaction the filmmakers were looking for,because I’ve seen it twice now and both times the audience claps when they realize it was all Alice’s vision. In many ways it reminded me of A Christmas Carol,in which Aro is shown this is what’s going to happen if he doesn’t stop course of wanting to punish the Cullen family. Carlisle used to work for him,so he was the Bob Cratchit to Aro’s Scrooge. After the vision he decides it’s not worth getting killed over and that’s about as far as we see any redeeming qualities in him. It’s done in such a subtle way that you don’t even realize Alice’s vision had started. We should have known something was off because they didn’t show Nauhel and his aunt walking with them,when Alice and Jasper show up to the clearing. I think after a few more viewings I’ll be able to pick up on some other clues I missed before.

  4. I am seriously getting annoyed at how all these people are complaining because the ending made their children cry. Dude, seriously get real! It’s fake, fiction, not real life. It’s not like they didn’t see characters get killed in previous movies. Not to mention death is a part of life, eventually they will have to learn about it the hard way, so maybe some early, less devastating exposure might be a little healthy. I mean even the Lion King exposes really young children to death, but I’m sure you let your children watch that. I know from personal experience that I wish my parents wouldn’t have protected me so much from the bad things in life, because when I had to experience an immediate family member die very unexpectedly when I was a young adult it was that much worse. So really people, the death scene didn’t really happen and if your children are not old or mature enough to handle a fake death scene then this world is going downhill real fast. I know a lot of people won’t like this comment, but after reading 5 different comments about it, I couldn’t hold back.