Must Read Interview with Bill Condon on What You DIDN’T See in BD2 – MASSIVE SPOILERS!

Jen Yamato at Movieline has the be all end all interview with Bill Condon.  She gets him to tell us what scenes were cut and will end up on the DVD, how they decided how the final battle would go down, and most shockingly that Bella and Edward were going to die!  They discuss the CGI of Renesmee, Kristen Stewart’s strength as Bella, and  the inspiration behind some of the new vampire’s characterizations.  The article is chalked full of spoilers.  Massive spoilers.  Detail oriented spoilers.  I can’t stress it enough, if you don’t want to be completely spoiled, do not read the story!  

Here is a sample of what the article contains.

And yes, it’s spoiler heavy.

You have been warned.  

We briefly see a flash forward to the grown Renesmee, living happily ever after with Jacob once she reaches her full maturity a few years down the road — when Jacob finally gets to date Renesmee.

Condon: Finally, yes! On La Push.

What was the trick to figuring out how to include that happy romantic ending for Jacob and Renesmee without it being creepy?

Condon: Well the thing is, obviously it was controversial the minute it was written. But as a filmmaker you have a great ally in Taylor Lautner, and Taylor was concerned about it. But Taylor is a pure soul. He is able to look at her with love and it doesn’t have another component to it, and I think another actor couldn’t have done that. I think there’s something so essentially sweet about him that it’s a generous love.

You filmed Parts 1 and 2 simultaneously, sometimes having Kristen Stewart play weak, dying Bella in the same afternoon as strong vampire Bella.

Condon: I really do think that Kristen Stewart is amazing, but I feel like in terms of this series she doesn’t get credit for how much she accomplishes. I think if someone were to sit and watch these two movies that we made together at the same time and realize that Kristen shot that all together, it’s just another level of her gift. She was stepping out of her comfort zone, because there was so much Kristen in teenage Bella — and now this was someone who she was just creating. I think Kristen, who’s tough on herself, was able to step out of all that stuff and just really own everything.

You’ve cited the old school Hammer horror films as a tonal reference for parts of Breaking Dawn – in what ways did you hope to capture that feeling?

Condon: When I read this, I always thought that these vampires that get collected from around the world are like the vampires I grew up with. Alistair, that whole crowd — that’s the British hammer vampire. Obviously we’ve got the Draculas. There’s The Awakening in that whole Egyptian culture. So it felt to me even though Alec isn’t part of that, you’re in London in that scene in the alley — God, just go full-out Hammer with this. Even in the costumes and the way we shot it, Michael Sheen with the other guys behind him, it really to me has the feel of a Christopher Lee movie.

I love that, and I love the fact that you’ll now get a lot of Twilight fans Googling “Hammer horror.” Now, which scenes and moments didn’t make the final cut that you wish you could have squeezed in?

Condon: I know fans of the novel are going to be disappointed in this, but Garrett has a big speech on the field, during which the mist comes at him and Bella stops it. It was great to do, and Lee Pace was amazing, but we spent almost a half hour on that field and to spend another five minutes doing something that was a kind of repeat of what she’d already done with Jane’s pain… that was a shame, that was cut. And a couple of other scenes — we did a “Bella training to fight” scene, and that was fun. It’ll be on the DVD. But it just came at the wrong time. Again, it seemed a little redundant of her learning how to use her shield.

Read the whole article at Movieline.


  1. Ooo… This looks amazing! I’m going to read the while article. If thy really shot the death scene of those two, I’m glad it was cut. That would have been too much for me! It already was freaking intense! Besides we do see them get overtaken at that last second with the flame heading toward Aro’s head… Wow, crazy!

  2. The two things I missed the most are the ones he said he had to leave out. I hope to see them on the DVD…and thank heavens we didn’t see harm come to
    Bella and Edward. I almost had a come apart when it started with Carlisle. Luckily, my husband’s hand survived the intense scene.

  3. So they did film Garrett’s speech? I can’t wait to see it on the dvd that was one thing I was missing from the book. Especially after loving Lee Pace’s performance as Garrett.

  4. Hannah Rose says

    will thoose scenes be on the dvd but like added into the movie i hope they release a dvd of breaking dawn part two as like an extended edition 😀 xxxx

  5. No mistaking there were SPOILERS in this SPOILER-heavy interview with lots of SPOILERS for those not…um…smart enough to realize any post-release date interviews & reviews will have SPOILERS. hahahahaha…so sad you have to spell it out.

  6. Fayemassenroe says

    If either Edward or Bella had been killed in one of those scenes, fans would have left the theater. I almost walked out I was so upset!

  7. I was already in tears when I saw Carlisle “die”, then Jasper, then Seth, then Leah. But if was to see Bella & Edward die… UGH!! I would have wrote off the whole series.

    I think Kristen did amazing job!

    By the way I hope extras get put on the DVD/Blu-Ray from BD1 too!!
    —–>PSST!! GAG REEL, PLEASE!!!<—–


    • Me too! I want to see the dog bowl scene with Jacob & Rosalie. 😀

      • That Is funny those work as a team Rosalie used to be a werewolf before she turned vampire. He took a bite out of the hot dog ( vampire ) bite and flung It at Rose In the back of her head we didn’t see In the movie that the dog bowl flatten out. When It hit her from there It hit a post going up the steps and towards
        the top of the stairs. YOU GOT FOOD IN MY HAIR she was pissed but It was so funny why didn’t we get to
        hear any of the blonde jokes from Jacob In the movie ? You know how to erase a blondes memory ? Blow
        In her ear that Is hilarious no dog likes that they hate It makes them shake or whatever. Bella does not become a vampire you people do not have It right she Is like Jacob and Ness ( hybrid werewolf ) can have wolf pups same as Ness. They need more wolves than they do vampires but when their half and half makes them twice as strong. Its true the tribe was decended from wolves not werewolves that’s where It all started once they got blood In them next turned Into werewolves / shape shifters. To me I think Its the same thing Bella would be able to eat , sleep , and all that good stuff she would not be able to do that If she
        turned vampire. She can go on La Push Edward can’t I think he walks away from Bella and Ness Jacob would not want to see him Ness and Jacob do not end up together hes her protecter looking out for her like the whole pack did for Bella. Him and Rose end up together with the kid ( Ness) plus Bella maybe Alice and Jasper. Was not a Emmett fan In the book he was jealous that he was not going to have a wife no more
        she would go back to Jacob divorce Emmett. Watch the videos makes plenty of sense

  8. I said the same thing about Taylor. He deserves a lot of credit. I also think that Bill and Melissa tried to take a lot of the creepier aspects out of it.