How Stephenie Meyer and Bill Condon Compromised on the New Ending of BD2

The Los Angeles Time has an interesting article that puts together a few different interviews done with the various film makers of Breaking Dawn Part 2 where they discuss the ending of the film. STOP READING RIGHT NOW if you don’t want the entire ending spoiled!


Look away.

You have been warned! Don’t complain to me in the comments!

Ok… We reported a while ago that the surprise ending was thought up by Stephenie Meyer and Melissa Rosenberg over dinner one night. Here is what the LA Times states:

And though the conclusion comes initially as a shock to fans, specifically when Carlisle Cullen’s head is first shown severed from his body, it’s all in the book, according to Meyer. “The battle is exactly what Aro saw,” Meyer said during a pre-release interview. “There’s a moment in the novel when he’s staring at Bella and she’s looking back at him and feeling this assessment. And then everything turns. But we can’t see what he’s seeing. But what he’s seeing is, ‘It’s going to be a close fight, a lot of people are going to die and I’m probably going to die. I’m going to die.’ And for him, in my mind, the Volturi win the day. They do. They outnumber you. They would win. But they would be decimated. Their power would be crippled, and he realizes he’s not going to survive it and that’s what changes his mind.” Meyer adds that the only element they changed was adding Alice. “We had Alice get involved so we could visually show it, but it’s all still there.” In case it’s been a while since you’ve read the book, the moment Stephenie is referring to is on page 738 pf the hard back version. Edward explains it in detail, having read Aro’s mind. You can read his explanation on pages 744-745. So it is there, as Stephenie said. By putting it in Alice’s mind and having us see it as Aro’s see’s it makes it more cinematic in nature.

According to the LA Times, Director Bill Condon added his own input onto how the ending could work:

Condon had a different take on how the battle would play out. “I wanted to kill all the major Volturi (which we ultimately did). Stephenie was nervous that if we wiped them out the audience would have been upset that it was merely Alice’s vision,” he said. “She wanted to kill many fewer Volturi, wipe out Emmett and Rosalie and some others on the Cullen side. I didn’t agree.” Compromise clearly ruled the day on the scene that the cast shot for six weeks in a sound stage in Louisiana.

Regardless if you think the ending was good or bad, it has to be said that the ending brought out the biggest reactions from fans! 

Source: LA Times


  1. The battle is not the end of the film. The battle is the climax. The end of the film and book is Bella lowering (or raising) her shield for Edward to see her thoughts.

    The problem still remains that Alice can’t see the wolves or Renesmee.

    • I agree, and I can not stand the battle scene vision. I want to read the book to scrape the vivision I have stuck in my head of my favorite characters dying. I still can’t believe they made us watch Carlisle die!
      Stephenie Meyer Bill Condon was right, imo. Both my daughters cried during that scene and both still now hate the movie because of that one scene. I agree with them.

      You are so right about the fact that Alice can’t see either of them!! I completely blanked on that one. Thank you!! I was so upset about my crying daughters I didn’t even think about it.

    • Personally i think this movie bit the big one. It did not follow the book the way it should have, How bell jumps out the window in high heels – important.
      how bella stops herself from eating humans on the trail, not rock climbing – important
      her fathers visit – important and they screwed it up
      emmet and bella arm wrestle – they made it look like bella was trying, when in the book it was nothing to her, again they screwed that up too!!!!
      and bella going to the city to meet with jaspers so called lawyer – they truly screwed that up too.
      and how she used her shield at the end, they didnt even try to bring that across the right way –
      nor did they bother to have her wear the necklace. so much they screwed up they should start over and try again!!

  2. I loved it! I thought this was the best movie of the bunch.

  3. rosedahlia31 says

    When I went back and read those pages, I realized how obvious it was. And adding Alice to the equation gave it a nice touch. This scene still shocks me after seeing it 3 times.

  4. I was so shocked, that Stephenie wud kill off such major players in the Saga. I was horrified as even more died. The realization that this was the end there wud be no more in the future I was mortified to say the least. And oh so relieved to see it was a premonition. Leaves it open for all cullens to return hopefully, hollywood is great with makeup to keep them young looking.

  5. smitten_by_twilight says

    Thank you Bill!

  6. I’m so glad that more Cullens weren’t killed in the masacre. That would have defeated the purpose I feel like, and I don’t think that if the three Volturi leaders weren’t killed, that wouldn’t give Aro a good enough reason to call it off, because ultimately what he wanted was for the Cullens to be destroyed… I like it the way it ended up. Having Carlisle be the first one to be killed seemed ironic considering he is the most peaceful one of the bunch…I thought that would definitely have caused a fight…so up until the point where Edward was nearly buried alive…I was totally thinking that was how they were going to end the whole thing…

  7. Thank you!!! No one believed me when I told them it was in the book (sort of)! I think having Aro see it through Alice, was just an interesting twist to it. Ok, fine, Alice can’t see wolves or Renesmee, and therefore wouldn’t have been able to see any of it, but I still believe it was a creative way to add some much needed action, to an otherwise boring book ending – an anti-climatic climax.

    I was shocked like everyone else in the theater, but after about a minute I realized, “This is a vision!” I was still on the edge of my feet throughout the remainder of the scene. The realization didn’t take away the impact of it.
    In fact, I went back for the second time today. While it was still hard to watch poor Carlisle died horribly, the original anxiety and shock was far less, so I was able to breathe, and watch all the mayhem.


  8. Well, if I were the producer of a film based on my books, and they actually consulted with me, I would do my absolute best to make sure there weren’t SO MANY inconsistencies within movies in the same series.

    Either she doesn’t know her own mythology, or she just shrugged off all the inconsistencies and counted her money, or she did fight and that was all done way way way behind closed doors and we only see the sunny part of it where it looks like she said “Whatever! It’s all good! Change whatever you want, even if it makes no sense. Have fuuunnn!!”

  9. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

    It should have been the first thing that popped in my head. I’m a fan of Stephenie’s SO I should try to think like her! But, seriously, which of us could really do that!

    The battle was what Aro saw!!! SM knew it all along but because BD is Bella’s POV, WE hadn’t seen it or known that that was how it played out! That woman is amazing!! She knows every character’s thoughts, imaginings, back stories and all of it!! So of course, for the movie it’s there. We’re pulled out of Bella’s POV and into Aro’s. Incredible. I’m seriously in shock again. And I totally should have guessed because the hint was in the Host. In the paperback, she adds a chapter that she had cut because it was the wrong POV but it is going to be in the movie. So she gave her readers a first peek with it in the paperback. Amazing!! Seriously, so happy and amazed right now. I wish I was that awesome!

    Yes, I’m having a moment. 😀

  10. Yes it was not a surprise ending. And it was not ending any how. Ending was Edward seeing Bella’s thoughts. Which was in books. But yes one big oops is Alice seeing the wolves. But no big deal. The one thing I found about whole movie is I did not feel the powerful connection every one had for Renesmee. In the books I did but not the movie. All around I give this one 5 out of 10. I give BD1 7 out of 10. Eclipse 7 out of 10, New Moon 6 out of 10 which broke my heart as I liked that book best. Twlight 10 out of 10.

  11. I screamed WTF during the movie. I’m totally happy with it and now going to re-read the book.

    • I kept screaming profanity during the movie too! LOL. Every time someone new died I yelled “WHAT THE F— IS HAPPENING?!?!??!” Ahahaahhahaha luckily other people were gasping, yelling, etc., so I don’t think anyone noticed!

  12. Twilight was worst of them all. Poorly directed.

  13. I love the twist that its just a premonition and I really love the fight scene. Until now it made me think what to do with my life after my favorite saga of all time has ended. The song on the last part really teared me up. Gosh ! I cant move on. My facebook and twitter were poured by what i felt about BD :c Im gonna miss all the cast since Im a certified twilighter. I know that its not the end of the road for me, so im gonna work my best out to move on and continue in my life — Nel Marbeda

  14. It was what Alice wanted Aro to see, she could make up anything about the wolves she wanted, she could “see” them she just can’t “see” their futures but she can certainly make anything up that she wants….as to seeing the future of Jacob and Renemee once again she can “see” them, she is just letting Edward know that EVERYTHING was going to be fine….I LOVED this movie the most…I loved seeing inside Bella’s thoughts with Edward, I cry every time (4 times so far), I was at the premiere and listened to the most screaming and WTF’s I have ever heard it was amazing! I sat there ready to throw up or bolt…but then I remembered that Rob said that everyone tries to kill each other and then they don’t, plus I knew that Stephenie was going to try and redeem herself because half of the people that read Breaking Dawn hated the ending….she has now given them the ending that they wanted and kept the ending that she ultimately wanted for them….I think it was ingenious! So thank you Bill, Stephenie, Rob (no one could be a better Edward, you are beautiful inside and out!), Kristen (I loved how much you loved Bella, down to the biting of the lip that EVERYONE has something to say about) and Taylor (for making me care about Jacob, cause until you became Jacob I couldn’t stand or tolerate him)!

  15. My idea would have have been that the end reveal Alice had gone and got the Amazons personally (makes sense in contrast with Bella saying she was surprised they heard), and she had made a plan that when Alice says ‘it doesn’t even matter’ it was a signal to Zafrina to like everyone in an illusion – hense everyone experienced it actually, and makes the climax more heartfelt. They would have to cover little details that would allow them to go around Aro and Edward’s reading.

    There’s alot I would have changed, but it doesn’t make it any less of a great movie really. It’s been some ride guys.

    look here if you want to see what I would have done:

  16. *link* not ‘like’

  17. I think the scene in BD2 where Bella is finally able to show Edward her thoughts and feelings about him
    was so beautiful and one of my favorite scenes.True Love! Then the beautiful montage at the end and I was balling in the theater like a fool! Lol! I am really going to miss this saga-It’s been such a fun ride as a fan!

  18. There was nothing to like about this movie, when you write a book, and then have it turned into a movie do it the right way.
    and stop saying crap like “thats how the fans wanted it”
    thats not true, i loved the ending in the book, everything about it, the MOVIE DID NOTHING FOR THE BOOK!!!

  19. Well the ending is a blast. Really fun. There are some plausable ideas on how Alice could see the wolves and Nessie from other fans. One smart fan said that she is seeing Aros future as he makes different choices in his mind. We can see the wolves and Renesmee because Aro is seeing them in his silent conversation with Alice. It still doesn’t explain Alices gift vision to Edward at the end but that moment between them was so beautiful between them that I didn’t care.

  20. My only problem was that Jasper, who survived the Vampire Wars, died so earily!! Sencond Cullen Causality! I mean REALLY??

  21. The only part I liked about the battle scene was when Marcus said “Finally.” I feel for him, if he had his way he’d be dead with his mate. But seeing Carlisle’s head like that scarred my vision. It was too much for me.