Video: Music Video of “All I Ever Needed”

Summit has released the official music video for Nikki Reed and Paul Mc Donald’s song All I Ever Needed.  


  1. It’s a very beautiful song!
    Another beautiful love story: paul mc donald & nikki reed. That was very kind and wise to ask them to do a song for the breaking dawn soundtrack!
    Simply amazing!!

    I can’t remember : in which scene did they play this song?
    PLZ help me. 🙂

    lot of love to everyone!! *K*

  2. sparklevamp says:

    My link isn’t working. :c

  3. It wont show up for me to watch 🙁

  4. Here is the video:

  5. I like Nikki Reed, she’s a good actress and I like her as Rosalie but she really isn’t a singer. Kinda hate to say it and I’m sure she had a blast singing with her husband and all that but her vocals may as well not be on the track – his voice just totally washes her out.
    It’s a nice enough song lyrically but it feels as though this is only on the soundtrack at all to avoid hurting her feelings as she’s so close to the franchise. I mean, it’s buried right at the end of the credits where no one will ever hear it – does anyone else agree?
    Once again, not having a pop at her but this song is the major letdown of the soundtrack, in my opinion.

    • Nikki is supposed to be backup, not the main singer for this song. If you want to hear her sing the majority of a song, then you should listen to The Best Part from her and Paul’s album. She is the main singer for that song and Paul is backup.

      I guess everyone will have a different opinion about which songs they like on the soundtrack since music is so subjective, but to say it is the “major letdown” of the entire soundtrack is pretty harsh.

      Loved the video for this song. Definitely ties into the film, especially Bella and Edward in the meadow at the end.

  6. I actually like the song well enough though it’s not really my genre of music and I don’t think Nikki did that bad considering the type of music it is. As for Paul washing her out, well I look at it as she was more of a backup/harmonizing singer.

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