Poll: How does Breaking Dawn 2 Rank In The Saga?

We now have five Twilight Saga Films to debate about. We want to know how you rank Breaking Dawn Part 2. Was it your favorite? Is it your least favorite? Vote in the poll and then leave us a comment ranking the five films.


  1. Over time my opinion might change but right now bd2 is my favorite. It was always my favorite section of all the books too. Bella is wonderful as a vampire.

  2. It’s my favorite and I do think the first 15 minutes were weird but ended awesome ! I did cry !

  3. cabreralion says:

    man my mind was on instant replay all night, the emotion of hyped nerves due to the scene of battle had me wired up so, that i couldnt sleep it was definetly epic totally loved it. So this leads me to watch again due to it leaving me feeling it ended to quickly. They did an awesome awesome job and yeas I did cry as well. I’m going to miss our sega. BUT I am so ready to own the 2nd part, preordering it yeah for sure.

    • Oh me too! My sister and I went to the marathon so we saw the 10:00 pm showing. But I couldn’t sleep either. I was still in replay mode and trying to process all the stuff. I am so sad it’s over. I think I’m gonna mourn for awhile.

      • I’ve been crying that the saga is over so you’re not alone lol! The montage at the end got me going its been such a big part of our lives <3

  4. It was beyond amazing!! I stop breathing when the battle started.Such a great way to end the franchise, though I wish it was longer. It felt rushed in the beginning, but I understood that they wanted it to have pace.

  5. I ABSOLUTELY F*******G LOVED BD2, but the first Twilight will always hold a special place in my heart. This one though reminded me why I loved that one so much.

  6. It probably my favorite. But i didn’t think it was cool what they did about the fight scene. Scared the crap out of me. I balled more after the twist was reveled about the fight scene more than i did during. I was just so happy that it wasn’t what i thought it was.

  7. So very disappointed with BD2, especially after reading reviews of satisfactory reconciliation to book.

  8. I think that it’s my second favorite, only to Breaking Dawn Part 1. I think that they could have made it one big Breaking Dawn movie and it would be my favorite hands down. I just don’t feel like there was enough content to make a second movie.

  9. Was a bit dissapointed overall. Had seen the first 7 minutes of the film at comic con and was so excited then. I thought they left some good scenes out. Never showed Renesmee hunting with Jacob, for that matter they never showed her eating or drinking blood at all. I thought her face on the toddler body looked fake and distorted. I do photoshop in my business and kept wanting to work on the images. Lol. Renesmee should of been there for the arm wrestle and boulder crunching like in the book when Bella makes her laugh for the first time.

    • I agree, I missed the part with Renesmee laughing for the first time and crushing the rock too! I loved the movie, but did miss some of the stuff they cut.

  10. I think there’s really no other way to go for this one than #1.

  11. My ranking and why:

    1) Breaking Dawn Part 2 – Because it captured the best of all the main characters and more.
    2) Twilight – Because let’s face it… as cheesy and low-tech as this film was, it’s where it all started.
    3) New Moon – Because it introduced us to the Volturi, the CGI wolves, buff Jacob and so much more.
    4) Eclipse – Probably the most “boy friendly” but… well… I’m not a boy lol. Liked the Cullen backstories though.
    5) Breaking Dawn Part 1 – Best things were finally seeing the wedding and sex scenes.

  12. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    I couldn’t answer the poll. I need an “I’m not sure yet” option. 🙂

    I’ve seen it twice (last night and again this morning), and I like it better now after the second time. But, it was so hard to watch the fight scene. It gets to me too much. BD2 might be at the bottom of my list (if I could ever really rank them to begin with), but I couldn’t really say for sure until I’ve seen it more. There’s just so much to process.

    • it’s very overwhelming so i know how you feel! the first time i almost walked out but i’ve rewatched it a few times now

  13. olympic coven says:

    Truly hated the battle scene and although the twist made you breathe a sigh of relief it wasn’t fair to put us through that.

  14. It was the best movie EVER! ? I haven’t been fond of the previous movies because I thought there was always something lacking… But the last one was just perfect in every way! 😀 But it was too short! I want more! Can’t believe it’s over! But as they all say…Forever is just the beginning… ?

  15. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fight scene was absolutely terrifying yet they stuck to the plot of the book! I did feel everything but the fight scene was kind of rushed and I was disappointed they left out that Jacob isn’t a werewolf, but that was all made up for with the ending! Write another book Stephanie Meyer!

  16. It was my second favorite, after Eclipse.

  17. I was underwhelmed by the first few minutes. It felt more like a quick summary, lacking depth and emotion. I couldn’t feel an attachment to it. I couldn’t appreciate Bella’s emotional state, and it completely lacked the concern that Edward, and everyone else had for her Newborn state. I was disappointed, and worried that this was an example of what was to come.

    Fortunately, things quickly improved.

    I loved it, and will have to watch it at least once more, before I can make my final call, but right now, it’s either my favorite, or REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, (fingers held centimeters apart) close.

  18. I now think SM had this in her mind all along. Think Bree Tanner and all that stuff we didn’t see through Bella’s eyes. I love that she and Bill and the franchise are going out with a bang. I KNEW of the semi spoiling idea that it was going to be a vision, but it still SHOCKED THE HECK OUT OF ME. The fist time I saw, I had such a reaction to it! Major adrenaline rush!

    #1 Bill Condon’s are tied
    #2 Twilight – It started here!
    #3 New Moon – The first and the third acts were amazing. Great cinematography. The Volturi meeting was legit.
    #4 Eclipse – I liked it. Had to go somewhere.

  19. My ranking: Twilight, Breaking Dawn Pt. 2, with Eclipse, New Moon and Breaking Dawn Pt.1 coming in tied at #3.

  20. it was by far the best! the directing was funaminal, and everyone has been anticipating vampire bella. the plot twist was genius and everything came together perfectly

  21. smitten_by_twilight says:

    1 – BD2. Very canon, hit most of the high notes, very fan-friendly. Even the twist was canon and well-balanced the anti-climaticism of the book.
    2 – NM. Beautiful movie wonderfully directed. Would be #1 but I prefer happiness … NM was always dead depressing.
    3 – Twilight. Where it began. Still think the blue choice was good for making the vampires look vampiric. Plus: Alice’s hair, Rose’s hair, Esme’s hair, Carlisle overall.
    4 – BD1. Would be higher up if they hadn’t emasculated Edward quite so much. Still, a great movie.
    5 – Eclipse. Too out of character for my taste. Still an exciting movie.

  22. Best. Period.

  23. We need more vampire Bella!!!

  24. BD2 is my least favorite. It just didn’t have enough romance for me. I understand that they needed to insert the fight scene to ‘hook’ non-Twi audiences, and I did enjoy it, but I would have and could have very happily spent 2 hours on just Edward, Bella, and Renesmee. All the new vamps were just “meh, who cares” to me. It’s all about E&B(&R!). Overall I liked the film, but it definitely was not my fav.
    Also, Renesmee looks INSANELY CREEPY AND FAKE the entire movie until MacKenzie actually starts playing her. They did suuuuuch a bad job with that, lol.

  25. Wanted to add that BD2 DID have the best line (in my eyes) in the entire series: “Little Bighorn” “I was this close to biting Custer”. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHDHIJDFNW;FHEWOFIJEWOIGHWEOIFJO;EUWHF’PEWIHGIUEWJFDPEIW!!!!!


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