Poll: Favorite Scene in Breaking Dawn Part 2

What was your favorite scene in Breaking Dawn Part 2? If we don’t list yours, leave us a comment!


  1. I had to cover my eyes when Aro was killed – I went dressed up as him since he is my favorite character. What made it harder, was the CHEER that screamed from the crowd when his head flew off.

  2. I too loved and adored the end credits, especially every time they showed Stephenie’s books introducing the characters we’ve come to adore–what a beautiful, perfect way to pay tribute to the amazing world and family she created for all of us to love. Ending the movie with the final line from the Breaking Dawn book was just PERFECT. And I also loved seeing the cast from all the movies.

  3. I really liked Alice’s vision of Reneesme and Jacob and Bella and Edward. Specifically the understanding that passed between Alice and Edward after that vision. That was really sweet..

  4. I love every part and scene of the movie.

  5. My fav. scene was the ending when Bella shows Edward all her memories of him while Christinia Perri’s song A Thousand Years pt. 2 is playing in the back ground 😉 & i will admit to crying when Carlise & Jasper “died” and laughing when Alice drug Jane to Sam

  6. Well, I saw this movie, and had is described to me, and just hearing it all, finding out that it was a vision, my heart stopped, but I loved it and can’t wait to see it again. I love that movie theaters are offering movies in audio described formats now! it helps.

  7. Where is felix in the fight? he’s at the begining of the movie but disappears by the end.

  8. Oh, I absolutely loved seeing Jane get scared and run. That was just so fantastic.

    Like most have said, I was completely shocked by the twist. My mom and I just sat there and cried. We couldn’t believe what was happening. Once the big reveal, we sat there crying out of happiness.

  9. Aro’s creepy laugh just before the fight scene. Michael Sheen is a legend.

  10. Aro’s creepy laugh just before the fight scene. Michael Sheen is a legend

  11. What is it that Aro says to Bella before he runs off into the forest? Something about a bride?

    • I believe he says “such a prize.”

    • *nods* He wants Edward and Alice in the Volturi very badly because of their unique gifts, but after discovering Bella’s ability to disarm all of his offensive fighters, he wants her in his collection also.

      • I didn’t have a problem understanding what he was saying and that he was referring to Bella but it makes so much more sense now. Of course now he wants Bella as much as Edward and Alice. Didn’t quite get that for some reason so thanks.

  12. “So should I start calling you dad?”
    Best line ever haha!

  13. The fight scene was not my favorite at all, even though I was thinking it would just be Alice’s vision they took it a lot further then I expected them to and was still shocked. That was so crazy, I want to see it a second time, now knowing what I’ll see, and see if can enjoy that part better this time.

  14. My favorite scene was when Bella let Edward into her thoughts. Beautiful. I also loved the credits and how all of the actors were included. What a great conclusion to the story I fell in love with. Left the theater trying to hold back tears, knowing that it was over. I hadn’t been a big fan of reading until I read Twilight and I haven’t found any books since that take me away like the saga did. I am so happy that Stephenie Meyer had a dream and she shared it with us.

  15. My favourite scene would be when Edward thanks Carlisle.

  16. Mila Johannson says:

    My favorite part of the whole Twilight series is the honeymoon.

  17. My favourite scene was when the Romanians arrived and made fun of the wolves.
    Well, actually I like every scene with them. They’re unique and the only one who wanted to fight.
    I also enjoyed the whole fight. (especially when they get a part of their revenge)

    The funniest moment was Aro’s laughter, after hearing Renesmee’s heartbeat.

    I stopped breathing when I saw how Edward killed Demetri.

  18. Well duh! This is a spoiler page! So stop saying cr*p about stop you’ll spoil it for others bullsh*t.

  19. And my Favorite scene is the fight scene and when Edward see’s Alice’s vision at the end where Renesme and Jacob are saying good bye to Bella and Edward xx

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