Poll: Favorite Scene in Breaking Dawn Part 2

What was your favorite scene in Breaking Dawn Part 2? If we don’t list yours, leave us a comment!


  1. When you found out the fight scene was fake.

    • Oh no! You are spoiling the ending for others!

      • If people don’t want spoilers then they shouldn’t be on this post!

        • I knew the scene wasn’t what it seemed, big “I told you so!” to everyone who was worried.

        • No where does this post state “spoiler alert” so that’s not a fair assumption. And the Lexicon said “the fight scene” with no other details. The spoiler provided in the comment was totally unnecessary.

          • Common sense makes it obvious enough. The poll is for FAVORITE SCENE! If you haven’t seen it yet, you may not know what scenes exist. Any post about reviewing/responding to the movie would contain spoilers!

          • Totally. I haven’t seen the movie yet, and I absolutely knew to expect spoilers by clicking on this page.
            Fortunately, I’ve read the book, so I figured there couldn’t be any real shockers.
            But it would be impossible to have a “what’s your favorite scene?” without including spoilers: “When Bella found out Jacob . . . has a special relationship with Renesmee.” “When Bella . . . lets Edward . . . do that other thing he’s always wanted to do, but couldn’t because of the special power she may or may not have.”

            It’s not nice to call spoiler on a commenter posting in what is obviously a spoiler post.

    • No kidding!!! The entire fight scene, my whole theater was shouting, cussing and FREAKING OUT!!! When Aro almost got Edward, we all were screaming “NO!!!!” Then, once we go back to reality, the collective sigh of relief and all the “Thank God”s that were said. That was awesome! I need to watch it again, now that I know the secret, so I can properly enjoy it instead of having a heart attack! What a twist!

      • not so much that as what sparks the beginning of the fight, some1 being greedy, someone angry at that greediness shown in an act that sparks a 3rd person’s protective anger… the OMFG result of that, which resulted in me crying like a newborn babe… you know what I’m talking about…

        • Agreed. The total stranger next to grabbed my arm, and whilspered in a panic, “That wasn’t in the book!!! Was it??!!” I couldn’t answer, because my other hand shot to my mouth, to stop me from screaming from shock.
          Never expected that at all.
          It’s been a very long time since I’ve been surprised like that.

          • That first moment when Aro and carlisle collide I just screamed out NO! I couldn’t believe it! And then every death after that was just even more hearbreaking! the whole cinema just SIGHED with relif when you realise it wasnt real!!!

      • No kidding indeed!! I gasped out loud when Carlisle was killed and was IMMEDIATELY pissed off. I was practically writing my “I hated it” review in my head. Was so relieved when it was revealed as a vision.

        I wouldn’t say that was my fave scene tho. Just like in the book, I think I can say that my fave was when Bella lifted her shield so that Edward could see her memories….except (and there had to be an except) when she remembered her “dark time after he left.” Bella hated how much that hurt him & NEVER would have showed it to him. I know, I know…it was montage of all films, but still to show it as a memory was out of character.

        • I too was thinking, “This is so far off the book! What was he thinking,” as I watched so many people bite the dust. I just couldn’t reconcile how they end this! Then after about 1 minute, I realized… “Oh, it’s Alice’s vision!” Which I whispered to the woman who had a death grip on my hand still.

          Literally just left the theater 30mins ago, from seeing it for the 2nd time. Loved it even more, now that I knew it was coming, and could watch everything, without the shock running through my head. Although, my husband jumped, and crushed my hand too.

          Love the montage. It’s exactly as I pictured it from the time I first read that chapter. I too knew almost exactly which images they would have to use, and I was right, and VERY pleased.

          Ms. Perri’s reprisal of a Thousand Years is beautiful. I will definitely buy it. THAT is Bella’s lullaby, not the other one.

          Ok, why wasn’t I teary the first time I saw it, but now I am…. Probably because I was still in shock over seeing Carlisle get his head ripped off (I guess we’re passed spoiler alerts now).

          My disappointment was in the first 15? minutes of the film, with Bella’s awakening. I couldn’t feel a connection. I felt it was too short, and more of a summary.

          That was the only part I disliked.

      • Joy – I couldn’t have stated it better. In fact, you and I must’ve been viewing the movie in the same theatre!!! Holy crap, that fight scene was unreal.

    • I loved the movie when I saw it, but a few hours later it occured to me that it wasn’t even possible: Alice can’t see the wolves or Renesmee, so how could she have had that vision? Sorry to be a spoil sport. I also didn’t really like the way they neutred Bella’s shield. Again, neither of these things occured to me until after the fact. Sorry for being a party pooper. As for favorite scene, I honestly can’t pick, but I think seeing Jane being eaten by Sam is right up there.

      • I so agree, though it occurred to me at the time. I was thrown out of ‘suspend disbelief for movie’ mode with the Bella/Charlie alone scene, so ready for the poor battle resolution.

      • That thought occurred to me when she showed Edward Jacob & Renesmee’s happy future together. (:

  2. Have not seen yet but guessing for me is when Jake shows Charlie his wolf self. I loved Charlie in all the books and was sad to see far less of him in movies. So any scene with Charlie is great to me. Wait the fight scene was fake!!!! So that is the twist.

  3. cabreralion says:

    Yep I must agree with Rebecca, when you find out about the battle scene. lol at that point I so pist that it even gave me chest pains at that moment lol jk but really it knocked me off my seat and took the wind out of me lol. My mind was on instant replay for the remainder of the night I couldnt sleep. lol

    • I’m still replaying the movie in my head. I knew the flight scene couldn’t be real…they wouldn’t kill major characters like that. It would be too sad for the movie to end like that. It was a great twist…I wasn’t expecting that.

  4. Though the fight scene was breathtaking, it really was epic. It really gave something extra to let the fans emotions go there.

  5. I liked when Jacob comes out to talk to Bella and Edward after Bella goes hunting for the first time and the next few minutes after that. When Bella grabs Jacob’s neck and she takes him outside is so funny!

  6. There were a lot of scenes that I liked but the one that brought tears to my eyes was when Edward thanked Carlisle for “this extraordinary life”…

  7. when aros head got ripped off

  8. “the redcoats are coming, the red coats are coming…”

  9. I don’t have a favorite (loved it all…though the fight scene gave me a heart attack for about 30 seconds, and then I said to myself, “no way this is real…Stephenie would never allow it”), but wasn’t that moment with Edward and Renesmee at the piano so sweet and touching? I missed that in the book…more “loving dad” moments with Edward and his baby.

    Bella’s newborn first hunt was pretty awesome. Kristen did a terrific job acting like a wild, bloodthirsty vampire.

    I loved Garrett. He was terrific!–any scene he was in! He and Kate were just like the books.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more!! i nearly had a panic attack during the fight scene but when it was lasting too long I said “no no no this isn’t real even though I had to shield my eyes, my crying was out of control. But I also have so many favorite scenes…one of them being the ending when Bella lets her shield down for Edward…all of those memories and the song playing in the background definitely had me balling in tears!

    • I agree on Kristen’s good job during the hunt scene. The thought that occurred to me was how powerful she seemed…not Bella, but Kristen. And fierce. I think I can say this was the best Bella we have ever seen from Kristen. I loved the movie unequivocally and that is the first Twilight film I have (or ever will) said that about.

  10. ONE of my favorite parts is when bella drags jacob outside hahaha it looked like she was “taking the bad dog outside haha”

    • I loved that too! Especially loved how much Edward was enjoying it! I don’t remember EVER seeing Edward genuinely happy like that. Awesome job Rob!

      Oh, and when Edward was getting crushed by Bella in the hug. It showed a new light hearted side to Edward.

  11. I loved at the end of the fight seen, once Jane and Aro got killed, we found out that it was all just a vision. It was funny how Aro was like, “They won’t be a threat to us”.. Oh and it was great once the fighting ended, the couples and covens paired up ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. The only thing I would have wanted to make the movie better was a snapshot of what Renesme showed all the other vamps. Maybe not time for what she showed each one, but if they let us know what she showed Tanya and then also Aro maybe? I would have liked that.

  13. I LOVED this entire movie but my only real complaint was how fake little Renesmee looked. It’s so hard to make computer graphic people look real and most often they just look kinda goofy. That was the only real negative for me. It took me at least an hour to recover from the “twist”. I just wish the movie was longer.

  14. MY favorite was when it turned out that the fight was just a vision. I saw the marathon and everybody in my theater started screamin when JAsper died and Aro rkilled carlisle and I was afraid for Edward’s life

    • Bellaasvampiregirl123 says:

      So was I everybody and i mean EVERYBODY just sat there frozen and gasping staring at his head i just wanted to cry it was just so sad me and my mom just wanted to get out of the theater and cry.Since my mom already read the book she was like “that wasin the that wasnt in the book’! and i was OMG then, it turned out to be a vision and i almost died. XP

  15. My favorite scene? Everything! But if I have to choose one of the options given, well…I choose the fight scene. Stephenie and Melissa gave us there what a lot of us wanted in that book without really losing any of our beloved characters. I have seen the movie twice already and the reactions from everyone there have been the same, a lot of screaming and crying when a loved character dies and a lot of cheering when one of the Volturi dies. Even when one of those Volturi it’s a favorite character. I love Aro and Jane but I was soooo happy when they got torn apart. We were all buzzing with excitement when the movie ended.

  16. The meadow scene at the end with the montage of edward/bella moments from all the movies

    • AliceKikiCullen says:

      Ditto! I loved it alllll but that made me cry. Espically with the last line of the book…Forever. The tears were free falling lol

  17. My favorite part was when she showed her mind to Edward…It was such a special moment between them, and did an AMAZING job ending the saga.

    • Mine too! I was crying rewatching their love being displayed. It was a reminder for me (not that I needed any) above all….this is a LOVE story! The fight scene was awesome and I thought Nessie looked great throughout the movie. All in all, it was GREAT…need to see it again.

      • Totally agree! My daughter and I were both sobbing during the meadow scene. We also both loved that everyone in the saga was in the credits and that they incorporated the books into it. Really loved seeing the wolfpack boys, Tinsel, Rachelle, Edi, etc… So touching!

        • I thought the same thing about the credits. Loved that all of the main characters from all the other movies were included. Kind of reminded me of “The Walking Dead” tribute of characters on “The Talking Dead”.

  18. So hard to choose but I think the fight scene did it for me! Bella finding out about the imprinting was high up there too and so was putting her shield down for Edward. So many amazing scenes in this one though!

  19. I loved the entire movie and the battle scene was epic and mindblowing —I’m still in shock and couldn’t quite come to terms with what i was seeing —the term “does not compute’ kept screaming in my head. To say i found myself emotionally compromised and devastated wouldn’t begin to describe what i experienced. Stephanie and Melissa are brilliant–talk about giving Alice a run for the money on psychic abilities. The movie doesn’t disappoint on any front…tooo many favorite moments but Edward’s intensity—hawt as hell and charlie so devastated…completely sold it…and last but not least my jake finally have the chance to be SNARKY like I loved him in the books. talk about going out with a bang and not a whimper.Must mention when Bella drops shield and let Edward in —an awwww moment but the last and final fitting touch —the end credits paying respect and homage to all of the amazing talented actors who brought all the characters to life in every one of the movies in the Saga–Bravo!!

  20. can someone help me out? in that cottage scene where edward is unbuttoning bella’s shirt. i know what she said but what did he say in response?

  21. This film was my favorite out of the entire saga. Bill Condon did such an amazing job with this one. My favorite part would definitely be at the end when Bella finally unveiled her sheild and let Edward see her mind. This part brought me to tears and really ended the saga on a high note. I had goosebumps watching this entire film. I can’t wait to watch it again. There were so many thrilling moments!!

  22. Megan Rose says:

    For me it’s the one at the very end when Bella shows Edward her thoughts XD One of my top scenes in the books and definitely my favorite in the movie. Though now that I know what the fight scene really was maybe it might rank a close second. I’ll have to see it again without being on the edge of my seat freaking out over it. I didn’t have enough time to think to realize that it was too crazy to be what was actually happening. Though Jacob telling Charlie is also up there XD “Jacob, put your clothes back on.” XD XD XD

  23. Those were ALL fantastic moments, but I had to go with the point where Bella dropped her shield. Close second is the fight scene. What a great movie!!!

  24. By the way, since I know you Lexicon gals are reading this — our theater in Columbus Ohio had paramedics called because a woman got so freaked out by the battle scene!!! It’s all right – she’s OK!!! But she was so shocked at “you know what” that I guess she fainted!!! :O I would not be surprised if that didn’t happen in more than one theater!!!

  25. Loved the whole thing- but a stand out moment in the fight scene was Leah sacrificing herself for Esme.

  26. My fav. seen was the converstation between Bella and Jacob on the way to Charlie’s. Hilarious!!!!!!!!

    • Agreed! It was so nice have a moment away from all of the insanity when they could just be Bella and Jacob, best buds again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. I loved everything!! I really can’t decide, but I think I’ll have to see it a couple 1000 times to decide. Ill see it again next weekend because unfortunately I won’t this weekend

  28. THE LAST SCENE! when Bella shows Edward all of her memories throughout the past movies!

  29. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    Bella telling Edward she loves him just after her transformation was complete–and having to be careful not to hurt him. But, it’s very hard to pick just one: Bella’s first hunt, Bella being upset about Jake’s imprinting, Jacob revealing secrets to Charlie, the cottage scene, the arm wrestle, every scene Garrett is in, the joy that they’re all reunited after the Volturi have fled, the meadow scene….and all the little things that were a reference to the other films, like Bella telling Charlie she was “healthy as a horse” which is what he’d said to her in the diner in Twilight.

    The fight scene was DEFINITELY NOT a favorite. Too upsetting. And I’ve seen it twice now.

  30. Twilibrarian says:

    I had to go to work the next morning, and couldn’t sleep because I kept replaying the fight scene in my head. I have read these books many times, and I should have realized what Alice was up to. I was annoyed by my theater’s reaction to Michael Sheen’s demonic giggle when Renesmee “spoke” to him. He was soooooo good at being bad.

    It’s hard to pick a favorite scene since there were quite a few. Besides the fight, kudos to Bille Burke’s reaction to Lautner’s striptease. Esme’s scream. Seth and Leah. Dad and daughter at the piano. Bella learning to slouch and breathe. Taking the bad dog outside, and arm-wrestling Emmett. Finally Kristen got away from being so melancholy.

    As a librarian, I was so pleased at the montage of the three main characters with a quote from the books! Bravo! I just loved this movie!

  31. As a longtime vampire and werewolf fan, I have seen many movies and TV shows with fight scenes involving either or both of these folkloric creatures: Blade, Underworld, Buffy, Blood: The Last Vampire, 30 Days of Night, Dog Soldiers etc. In my opinion BD2’s fight scene is the best vampire and/or werewolf fight in movie history! Exciting, awesome fight choreography, totally satisfying as a cinematic experience.

    The second best movie of the Saga. (I’ll always love Hardwicke’s Twilight best.) One of the great things about BD2 is how it ties the rest of the Saga together.

    Before the movie they ran trailers for Warm Bodies and City of Bones – two movies that I’m sure were greenlit only because of the success of Twilight (even if it had nothing to do with the authors writing the novels). An unintentional but nice tribute to the Saga’s cultural influence. (No trailer for The Host, though.)

  32. The fight scene definitely. And everything with Alice. Ashley Greene did great!

  33. Marcus – “Finally…”

    I burst into tears.

  34. What I think is so clever about the “fight” scene,is that it’s done in such a subtle way,that you don’t realize it’s Alice’s vision until it’s over. When Aro grabs her hand,at the same time she starts “now” is when the vision starts. We as the audience don’t pick up on this at first glance and thinks the battle is acutually happening. Therefore when certain characters got killed,it got the reaction from the audience Bill Condon was hoping for. He knew exactly where it would hurt us the most,to see the one character in particular get killed. My audience erupted as I’m sure everyone else’s here did,because it immediately kicks you in the gut. I’d never heard an audience gasp like that over a character’s death and I think it’s because it is someone that fans all over the world love,is the reason why the reaction was so strong. Loved the end scene as well with Bella lowering her shield for Edward. Perfect romantic ending for them and well deserved happiness in the future. I know I’m going to see this movie more than once this holiday season.

    • Twilibrarian says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Without being a spoiler, that was a perfect kick in the gut. The audience erupted with shrieks, gasps, screams ~ everything Bill Condon knew would rip us apart, Well done!

  35. My favorite scene was the part where Renesmee ran to Edward and he just held her for awhile and they were laughing together. It was a short scene but it illustrated the new chapter in Bella and Edward’s life. ๐Ÿ˜€

  36. I would have to say my fave was the ending, not the meadow (though I did love that) I mean when EVERY character from the book is introduced and when Bella, Edward and Jacob get introduced with there page quote I just loved it and if u think about it that is actually how the book ends with an index of all the characters [=

  37. I would have to say my fave was the ending, not the meadow (though I did love that) I mean when EVERY character from the book is introduced and when Bella, Edward and Jacob get introduced with there page quote I just loved it and if u think about it that is actually how the book ends with an index of all the characters [:

  38. I was looking forward to Bella lifting her shield for Edward – it was wonderful to see the love story from the beginning through Bella’s memories.

    Funniest scenes:
    Marcus – “Finally”
    Charlie – “She’s got your eyes, Bella.” Billy Burke displays all those internal thoughts so well on his face!
    Rosalie – encouraging Jacob to tell Bella why he’s so protective of Renesme.
    Edward – “Emmett?” when Bella wants to practice extending her shield more.

    Almost peed my pants scene:
    Jacob – “Should I start calling you Dad?”
    Edward – shaking head slowly, “No.”

    • i know. i loved all those too. Add Jacob- “come on Drakula one and two are creeps.” and then the look on his face. We finally get funny Jake back!!!

    • Marcus is listed under funniest?! Do you know his background story? I’m still thinking about that poor man days later!

  39. I would have to say my fave was the ending, not the meadow (though I did love that) I mean when EVERY character from the book is introduced and when Bella, Edward and Jacob get introduced with there page quote I just loved it and if u think about it that is actually how the book ends with an index of all the characters

  40. For me it was the whole movie . But you have to love the sceens with Emmet , Gratte becase there funny.

  41. I loved the whole Film and can’t pin point my favorite scene though I did like the part at the end when Jacob asked Edward if he should start calling him Dad,and of course he said no… ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve known about the fake battle scene for well over a year ago,thought it was common knowledge that a fake battle scene with most,if not all the Cullen’s killed off was to be shown as a vision of Alice’s when it was first mentioned online so was this supposed to be the twist that would “floor”everyone cos I was kind of disappointed…I already knew it was fake,everyone in the cinema was “nooooooo”,gasping or screaming and though it was exceptionally emotional to watch anyone who’s read the book should’ve known it doesn’t happen,you can’t change the ending of the book and kill people who don’t really die,that’s like saying Bella never met the Cullen’s or became a Vampire and it was all a dream if you know what I mean so it was obvious it was fake…though out of all the Cullen’s’ etc it was Seth and Leah’s death and Jasper’s that upset me the most…I loved seeing Jane get her comeuppance though thought I’d read in an interview somewhere it was Alice,Bella and Rosalie that finish her off….but it was Alice and Sam. I knew we were supposed to get a future scene and was really hoping to see Renesmee and Jacob getting Married or something like that but what we saw was a little stupid really,its already known they’d be together in the future so wasn’t that impressed with the teeny flash forward we got,I was hoping to see Edward walk Renesmee down the aisle to Jacob like Charlie had done with Bella…And this time I stayed till the end of the credits for the additional scene as promised by cast members for the past weeks in several interviews and there was nothing,think maybe they got mistaken with part 1….. I thought the beginning credits dragged on but loved how they used the scores from the past films with it. I think they missed out a lot of stuff I’d have liked to see and replaced it with stuff that doesn’t even happen or isn’t that important…the J.Jenks bit was stupid,Jasper never arranged the documents for Bella,she did all that….I wanted to see more interaction between Jasper and Bella now they’re equal but there was nothing. We didn’t even get to see Billy Black either…and I thought it was nice how the end credits showed the cast members/characters from all the 5 films,it was a nice tribute… It was a lot to take in so I’ll be glad when I can watch it on DVD again and take it all in,over all I loved it but think truthfully it could’ve been better….New Moon and its score will always be my favourite film though ๐Ÿ™‚

    • You already knew that the battle scene was going to happen, so of course it wouldn’t surprise you like it did all the rest of us who had no idea. While everyone else was caught up in the scene you, on the other hand, knew what was really going on, so it didn’t create the same effect for you that it did for us. Now that I have seen the scene and I can actually think back on it, it really wouldn’t make sense for them to kill off so many valuable characters. But no one wasn’t thinking about that during the scene. All I could think about was “WHY IS EVERYONE DYING?! THIS ISNT RIGHT!!” Lol. From all the yelling and screaming that everyone was making in the theater I’m think that they were on the same wavelength as me.

      Where exactly did you find out about the battle scene? Did you read it on here because I don’t remember hearing about a battle scene? I honestly didn’t even know that there was going to be a battle scene until I saw the trailer and I thought that the battle was real since that wolves and Nessie were involved in it. (Remember in the book how Alice couldn’t see Nessie and Jacobs futures?)

      As for the Jacob and Nessie scene at the end they were probably on a time crunch, so they had to make it shot, sweet and to the point. If there was a wedding scene it would have added more time and money to the making of the movie. They would have needed to get Nessie a legendary dress, ring, venue, ect. And you know us Twilighters would have wanted to know every single detail about that wedding. It would have needed more time that they probably didn’t have. I thought it was good. We didn’t get any of this in the book, so I was cool with it. I did wish that Jasper and Bella could have interacted with one another more too.

  42. I can’t get enough of the love story (i.e. Bella and Edward) so I loved the end montage when Bella lets down her shield. However, one of my other favorite moments is the very beginning when Bella wakes up and sees everything so clearly including Edward. Bill Condon did such a good job showing that from Bella’s perspective. It was beautiful… Music, cinematography, and bravo to Kristen’s acting. In the first 10 min of the movie she really does prove she was “born to be a vampire.”

  43. That battle scene freak me out. Eight of us went last night. People were standing up in the theater shouting at the screen. I was eating and lost my appetite. I was shaking. The ending was AMAZING. Me and one of my girlfriends were hugging each other and crying. I know i have been very critical of these movies especially of Melissa script writing but she and Bill and SM are my heroes after this one. Rob and Kristen where perfect and so was Taylor. So long Twilight. Thanks for the memories.

  44. All the Jalice moments <3

  45. My favorite scene was when Bella dropped her shield at the end to show Edward her memories. I hated the fight scene. Maybe I will like it better the second time I see the movie. When Aro ripped Carlisle’s head off and that started the whole horrible battle, I lost my breath and felt like I was having a panic attack. Tears were streaming down my face. Every Cullen, friend, or wolf that we lost I got worse. I kept saying to my friend “This can’t be real.” I didn’t even see Jasper die I had my face covered. My friend had to tell me he died after we left the movie. Maybe I will enjoy it more the second time around. I just couldn’t bear to lose all of these characters that I love so much.

  46. At the end of the Breaking Dawn book, I was glad Stephenie Meyer had ended it without a fight scene. Watching the fight scene in the movie, and the emotions it brought about, I appreciate the ending of the book even more.

  47. My favorite scene was Edward and Bella in the meadow at the end. I loved her thoughts (flashbacks) and how they ended on the last page of BD. Then I LOVED the end credits with all of the characters including people from the first movie like Cam and Rachelle etc.

  48. I love this movie!! I dragged my husband to this one. He also enjoyed this one as much as I did!!

    Mr. Condon you are amazing!!

    My favorite parts were…
    Bella & Edward not holding back (wink-wink)
    Bella taking the dog out of the house!! I cracked up so hard. Edward enjoying it!
    Rosalie loving on Renesmee outside.
    Kate and Garrett
    Edward forcing himself to be shocked by Kate. And then asks Emmett! LOL!!
    The fight scene!! AMAZING!!! I got so worked up all I could do hold on to my husband and say no this can’t be happening.
    The ending. Bella & Edward. Forever.

    Thank you Mrs. Stephenie Meyer to the most incredible love story.

  49. I’m afraid I didn’t like the fight scene. It was just too upsetting. I really want to see the movie again, but this time to just skip the fight scene. Maybe they’ll make that an option on the DVD?

    Spoiler***Because of all the interviews about the surprise ending and the previews showing fighting, I really thought the fight scene was real. So when all my favorite characters were getting hurt I got so mad I was about to leave the theatre. I’m glad I didn’t! But still I can’t get the images out of my head. And I don’t think I want to see the fight scene ever again. Though I’d happily watch the rest of it a thousand times.

  50. irishcoven says:

    The end credits – what a great love letter to the fans & recognition to all the actors who each contrubuted a piiece of the puzzle that made this saga so magical. I was sobbing! ๐Ÿ™‚

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