Poll: How are you seeing Breaking Dawn part 2?

 Just out of curiosity, we want to know how you are seeing Breaking Dawn Part 2.  Vote in our poll and leave us a comment!





  1. my daughter coming through to go with me friday, as we have seen all the others and we have the dvds at home so i will watch all dvds tonite an go see bd2 tom, and still buy dvd when out so looking forward to seeing it x

  2. Already released where I live yesterday. LOVED. Everyone go and see it, reminded me why I fell in love and got so attached to all those characters in the first place.

  3. Lucia Hernandez says:

    I am looking forward to seeing it tonight at 10 pm I had a Twilight DVD marathon yesterday to just watch all 4 previous movies, now I am ready Breaking Dawn part 2 cannot wait till 10 pm.

  4. I am going to pop in and out at the marathon, then go to a different theater in Provo with 30 of my friends and family to see it at 8:45 p.m. tonight. But I am worried about the “shocker” that everyone keeps talking about….

  5. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    On my way to see it with my sisters, my mom, my aunt, and my mother-in-law!! YAY!!! 😀

  6. Have to wait till next week because I live in Italy!

  7. I selected the option of Conflict in Real Life, because it mentioned going on Fri or Sat. I think you’re missing a few other options, which include my own, “No way in heck I’m going back to a Mid-night movie with a bunch of screaming fan girls, because I like to actually watch AND hear the movie.”
    I did the midnight movie 2 times, so that I could drive my teen daughter, and a couple of friends. Twilight was bad, couldn’t hear 75% of the movie, because of all the screaming and talking. I had to go back with friends the next morning to actually watch it. This started a tradition, which will conclude tomorrow morning, with friends and neighbor gals who all carpool together to go watch this movie. We drop the kids off at school, and in the parking lot, pile into a couple of cars, and have a few hours to be girly, watching a teen movie.
    We may not have anything else in common. We may never see or hear from each other until the following year when we start planning our ticket purchases, and scramble to find family, friends or husbands to babysit. But, it’s a once a year tradition that everyone gets involved in.
    Can hardly wait to watch and enjoy. People have said tissues are in order. I hope that’s out of sadness for the end of an era, and not because it sucks so badly that we have tears of frustration. Well… we lived through Twilight – the movie – and have actually learned to enjoy it as a guilty pleasure. So… there you go! See you tomorrow ladies!!!

  8. I watched all the movies yesterday and reread the last half of breaking dawn last night. I’m seeing bd2@ 10pm tonight with about 16 people.

  9. I’d rather wait a bit and watch it next week. It’s a big holliday in Rio t and it’s raining. So everyone is going to be at the cinemas. I’m excited, but I’m not really on the mood for crowds.

  10. Just so we’re clear. I voted for 10:00 tonight, but I’m going more than once in the coming weeks

  11. I saw BD2 yesterday here in the Netherlands!!! I never cried so much during one movie 🙂

  12. I am at the marathon right now. First row thanks to my cheap car, but oh well….I’ll find a way to get up higher somewhere

  13. Seeing it Saturday; I’ve never gone to the midnight premieres.

  14. I going tomorrow with one of my friends! Its a routine we go every time it comes out

  15. My daughter doesn’t do bedtime well if I am not home, so I have to wait until Friday. I try telling myself there is only a 14 hour difference between the showings and I will be sleeping for most of it. I bought our tickets almost as soon as they went on sale. This is the first Twilight movie I have seen in theater ( I just stumbled onto the saga in February). I am so excited!

  16. I can’t handle the tweens who scream and squeal over every little thing. My mom and I always wait a week or two and go to the first showing of the day to avoid the crowds. I’ve seen each movie at around 10:30/11 in the morning with little to no other people. It’s the ONLY way to see movies, lol.

  17. Already have tickets ….six hours to go can’t wait

  18. I saw it two nights ago as part of he midnight premiere here in Australia …. no button for that … and I LOVED IT!

  19. Breaking Dawn Part 2 and New Moon are the two stories that I would consider the hardest to translate to film… I’ll even admit that whilst I was excited for Breaking Dawn part 1, and loved it, I did not hold high hopes for the plotline of BD2….How wrong I was!!! I absolutely LOVED BD2 (I’ve already seen it twice here in Australia). There was so much to love, from the amazing nomads, more Denali screen time, DIVINE Renesmee, Bella and Edwards relationship….the list goes on….thank you Bill Condon, Melissa Rosenberg and of course Stephenie not to mention the fabulous cast and crew-I’ll always treasure this series…….thank you xo

  20. I had no idea there was a 10:00 showtime. I’m seeing it at midnight.

  21. I saw it last night on the midnight premiere here in Croatia! For the warm up party, my friends and I watched BD part 1 at my house. I am going tomorrow again. Enjoy!!!

  22. I am going to a Double Dawn so we will see pt 1 then pt2. Don’t get me wrong I love my mom but I wish I had friends that were as into Twilight as I am

  23. SkyFullOfStars says:

    Seeing it tonight with you Lexicon peeps! 😉

  24. We saw it in LA at the World Premier. Bill Condon has created a movie we will never forget. Bring the Kleenex!! To day we are doing our own marathon at home with family and friends and going to our small local theatre to see the 10:00 showing. Because they are a small theatre they were unable to do the marathon, but we love this theatre and always support the manager Jeff, he is always there for us. Can’t wait!!!

  25. Already seen it and it was AMAZING! 🙂 The premiere in Sweden was on Nov. 14.

    p.s. How come it’s released on the 14th in Sweden and the 16th in the US???

  26. Since my friends and I can’t do the movie theater marathon we are having one of our own this Saturday then we will catch a matinee sometime during the week. It’s the only way we see movies too (I saw someone above say that) It’s cheaper and there are less people.

  27. I’m waiting until my birthday (next Saturday) to watch it with my friends 🙂

  28. Already watch it yesterday as a premiere where I live and watch it again today with the general public release here. I’m also going on Sunday with my best friend.

  29. Dawnika Stephenson says:

    My boyfriend and I are busy with work and stuff on Fri. the 16th,but we’re going on Sat. the 17th to see It! I can’t wait!

  30. Sharon Porter says:

    In Australia I went to Part 1 at 9.30pm then stayed on and watched part 2 at midnight. It was fantastic – will be going back soon to watch it again. Ending was shocking while watching it but relieved in the end. Had a great time.

  31. Just got back from a midnight screening AND I LOVED IT! What an amazing film to end an amazing saga! There wasn’t one disappointing moment in it for me and that’s saying a lot as I’m really picky with my films. Wow, just WOW!

  32. radiowidow says:

    Just got home from BD2! Bill Condon – you are a genius! Thank you for giving us fans such an awesome good-bye to the saga we love so much!

  33. Melissa Truitt says:

    I just spent 12 hours in the theater watching all 5 films. It’s amazing to see them all together. I loved BD2. It was everything I could have ever hoped for in a finale, especially the final scene with Bella and Edward. It was exactly how I imagined it when I first read it. Hard to believe it’s over. It seems like just yesterday I was going to see Twilight on it’s opening day & then waiting all weekend to see if Summit was going to go through with the other films. Time sure does fly.

  34. It’s not showing in Germany until next week. I would have liked to go to a marathon, but they only do them in German where I live, and I want to see it in English.
    I think you should have included the non-US option in the poll!

  35. I’ve already seen it. I’m a little surprised you didn’t have an option for that.

  36. Just saw it with my daughter. She was crying from all the violence. It really scared her. she is 20 but has downs. Might want to leave younger kids home for this one. The first movie is still my fav.

  37. I live in Hawaii & just got finished seeing it an hour ago. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it! Awesome to the core! The ending was so very good, the way they summed it all up. Reminded me of how I found the book (Twilight) & couldn’t put it down…how a few months later I heard the movie was being made, and now, here we are at the end. I know it might sound silly but the Twilight Saga has brought me peace & a comfortable place to hide when I needed a break from my life. So grateful that Stephenie took the time to write down her dream & stuck with it till the end, until the story was all told:)

  38. My sisters are coming to town and we are seeing it at the Sundance!
    So excited! Wine, Beer, and Breaking Dawn!

  39. I’ve already seen it 3 times and now I’m going to watch it for a 4th and 5th time today! 🙂 It’s the best movie ever!!

  40. I saw it at 5pm Thursday as a “company customer appreciation” event.

  41. Wow just came from seeing BD2 it left breathless the whole time never a boring min it was amazing the writer this time really stuck to the book to a very close point , but what shocker for you guys who didn’t see it yet it going to leave u speechless from shock , all n all this is my favorite movie of them I love them all but this one by all mean is the greatest , thank u to all who worked on it was epic .

  42. In addition to seeing it at 10PM, I will be seeing again at 7PM tonight – Friday – and whenever else I can!!

  43. Saw it at 10:40 p.m. Thursday night with a total of 10 people, including (*gasp*) my husband, who read the last couple books and loved them.

    We all loved it!!!

  44. Just wanted to add that my daughter and I have seen ALL the movies at the midnight showings. 🙂

    She was 13 when we saw the first one. Now she’s 17 and turning into an adult. It’s been a really great “fandom” experience to share as she was coming of age, and it opened the door for some fantastic conversations about love, marriage, sex, family, sacrifice, childbirth, motherhood, cooking, literature, friendship, maturity…. what a great series for women and families to share.

    My other daughter, who’s currently 14 years old, became a part of those conversations more recently and is now part of the fandom. And my husband got hooked on the books and movies when the Bree Tanner book came out (he picked it up and couldn’t put it down, then followed up with the other books). He ended up going to the last two movies with us at midnight.

    Stephenie Meyer and everyone else who helped bring these stories to life — THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  45. Where’s the “waiting for home release” option?

  46. I’m seeing Breaking Dawn part 2 next year on DVD. Since the theatres are too loud for me. I can’t wait to see Renesmee, my fave twilight character. My other faves are Bella, Alice and Esme. In the books Claire.

  47. I saw the movie and thought it was OK. The fight seen was brilliant and it almost made me cry, (particularly when the puppy, I think it was Seth, went down to the fire) I was happy to see it was not real, but it was their fate if they did die. I was happy to see Jane dead, she totally desevered it, and was a bit sad when I saw she was alive, well, alive as she ever would be. When Carlise’s head got ripped off and he was put on fire, I was like OMG!!!! I couldn’t believe it! As per usual, Kristen Stewart couldn’t act much, the baby Renessme was really weird and Billy Burke and Micheal Sheen were soooooooo funny! I couldn’t stop laughing when Aro saw Renessme an made that werid noise. Lol! The fight seen has given me a bit of inspiration as I am writing a book that involves fighting.
    Another funny bit was when Bella hugged Edward and he was in pain. That was funny as well.
    I saw it the day it came out in the UK, to invoid the screaming girls, but it turned out that I hated the atmosphere and felt like a complete idiot when I was laughing my head off and no one else was. There were teens, but they were crying when the fight seen came on.
    Overall, it was an amazing day.

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