Need a Twi-Laugh? Next Movie to the Rescue!

Providing us with content that has NOTHING to do with any interviews or whos-wearing-what, Next Movie has rolled out a series of humorous posts.  First up are the Twilight inspired Garbage Pail Kids.  For those of you born in the 1980’s, you will remember gagging over the grossness of the cards.  Next Movie offers six new ones including Rabid Renesmee and Charred Charlie.  Here’s Belching Bella as a sample:

They also have a series of freaky face mash ups where they swap the faces of the actors in the shot.  There are seven total mash ups at this link.  Take a look at Bella and Edward hunting.

They are also asking you to “EFf, Marry, or Kill” Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Billy Burke. It means exactly what it sounds like! Which one would you pick to kill? You can vote at this link.

Finally, they have a video of all of RObert Pattinson’s most intense looks! Not just from Twilight but from all his films. Funny stuff!