Breaking Dawn 2 Premiere Images – Cullen Cast Members and Jacob

These are just a few of the images rolling in from the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere.


  1. Bummer! I was really hoping the girls would go over the top with their dresses – especially Kristen. They’re all gorgeous, but as it’s the last one I just expected them to totally go all out. The men are beautiful as ever! I liked Jackson’s last suit, where it had the even darker black lining on the collar – and Kellan looks VERY sharp!! It looks like Tay needed to use that wolf tail of his to dust his shoes off lol
    Still, they’re all stunning! The dresses might look slightly plain, but I’m sure I couldn’t even begin to afford what they cost! They could’ve al showed up in PJ’s and I’d still love them.
    Thanks for a great few years Twilight cast. I’ll always be a fan of each and every one of you, no matter what <3

  2. I thought they all looked stunning! Loved Rob’s green suit!

  3. WOW those dress were something else. The guys were sure well dressed. Kristen should of just gone in garbage bage.

  4. They all looked wonderful. Including Kristen. And Rob in that green suit? Well, only he could pull it off and he looked amazing too.

  5. I love the Zuhair Murad dress Kris has on. The radial structural design near the wait down is gorgeous.

  6. I love the color of Ashley’s and Elizabeth’s dress!! And I really like Kristen’s dress. Green suit? I think I just changed my favorite color. Taylor ? Well he always looks hot…

  7. Chela Madison says:

    Everyone looks lovely!!! Can’t believe that was the last premiere!!

  8. They all look amazing!!! I still can’t believe this is it!

  9. Where’s The goddess of them all, Stephenie?

  10. Loved all their clothes with the exception of Liz Reaser’s and Nikki Reed’s. Liz’s looks too much like a prom dress and Nikki’s has that weird design on the side that I don’t find flattering, but they are still beautiful regardless. This is just my opinion, but in the pic of Rob and Kristen, well they look awkward and uncomfortable. It would be nice to see one of them together where they are smiling at least. Oh well, I’m sure there are some out there. Thanks too all the actors for bringing our beloved characters to life.

  11. fantasyfan says:

    What – no wolves? Come on. It’s the last premire, there should be some pictures of the wolves.

  12. i can not wait, hier in germany premier its in 22. i am a little sad das is the last twilight film, but a ym happy das y howe die honor to see sow beautiful story. ther are part of my live. danke stephanie meyers. für die wonderschone geschenk.

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