Nikki Reed and Paul Mc Donald Singing The Best Part Live Breaking Dawn Concert

Nikki Reed and Paul Mc Donald sing The Best Part mostly featuring Nikki’s vocals at the Breaking Dawn fan camp concert. It was the first song Nikki ever sang live and she was really nervous but she did great.


  1. Katie Semler says

    I don’t know if that’s the first time she sang live…. At the signing event in Dublin, Ireland, Nikki and Paul sang together as well. It was really sweet, and they’re really good!

  2. Wow she has a great voice Go ikki:)

    Also it’s so lovely to see the twilight cast, crew and Stephenie taking time out and giving something back to fans it makes me proud to be a fan of Twilight. #Twihardforever

  3. Great voice and good job Nikki.

  4. Awwww amazing Nikki!!! Love it!!