Visting Breaking Dawn Fan Camp Friday

I didn’t get down there to the Breaking Dawn fan camp until almost 5:00 because my hotel room wasn’t ready, but once I did I had a lot of fun checking out the set up. This year they are largely keeping the plaza free of tents so people can congregate there for activities like movie watching and morning exercise. They have a DJ set up under the jumbotron who does a bunch of events during the day. I left just before the air guitar contest started. They also have the plaza blacked off with screens, so it really feels like a private event. It also takes the heckling from passing Lakers fans down to a minimum.

At the top of the plaza is a thank you card that fans can sign for Stephenie Meyer. I put my own name in you can see it below. I was torn between writing what I did and the alternative of “My vampires sparkle, want to make something of it?”

The tents this year go down the adjacent street and to the tops of two nearby parking decks. It’s colder and winder than this time last year, so I saw a lot of folks scrambling for mittens and blankets. One perk for the group 6 guys who were the waitlist people who cleared in, their tents are next to an air shaft that was blowing hot air.

Lots of creativity was around as usual with decorated tents on themes, and all sorts of art up. This is probably the aspect I’ll miss the most in all of this, the fan cameradrie and creativity. It’s awesome, and if you’ve ever experienced the bonding at a Twilight event you know what I mean.

I’ll bee visiting the camp today for some musical performers coverage” Christina Perri, Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald, and a few others. Hey you never know when people drop by there may be more.


  1. Wish I was there ! Looks like so much fun. It’s also making me emotional that it’s the last movie.

  2. So bummed out number didn’t get called to meet Stephanie Meyer.

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