Listen to the Breaking Dawn 2 Soundtrack Today on Pandora

Check it out: IKO, Nikki Reed and Paul Mc Donald, Green Day, Christina Perri, and more!

Listen to it on Pandora, no account necessary. It officially releases on November 13.


  1. Is anyone on here at the fan camp I need help to see if I can check in at ten at night thats went my flight get in I’ve been thought gel and back trying to get please just let me know before I get on my flight so I don’t make a trip for nothing

  2. It’s been on Pandora for a few days now, but I really like it 🙂 I’m definitely going to buy it!

  3. How do u choose to listen to a soundtrack on Pandora?

  4. YES! So glad the song from the arm wrestling scene is on it!

  5. It’s asking me to register, and I don’t want to.

  6. @Jennifer Bodre: thanks for posting the link!!!

    Love the sound track. Especially like the Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed track. And a few others. (: