Breaking Dawn Part 2 Fan Camp Off To An Amazing Start

It’s sort of become the thing I brace myself for. Every time there is a Twilight premiere in Nokia Plaza, I wake up to an inbox full of desperate and angry emails and tweets. Imagine my surprise when today I received none. I’m almost afraid to tempt the fates and say this, but the system this year seems to be going well. No one is confused, crying, screaming, or about to have a meltdown (at least not that I am aware of). My inbox is amazingly only filled with Google alerts and press releases. In fact, here’s a quote from a long time camper, “For those waiting to check-in to #campTwilight: process started smoothly. Fans lined up at their designated times and were quickly processed…things are running great down here, thankfully.”

This year they went with a pre-registration system that game people a specific time to show up, confirmation emails, and a check-in table that has more than on person manning it. Also instead of people sleeping in the plaza, they are leaving that free for performance space. Instead, people are bunking in the adjacent streets that have been blocked off.

Fans have also gotten some cool swag, such as novels of upcoming Summit/Lionsgate projects The Warm Bodies and Divergent. They also have some awesome chances to see films other than Breaking Dawn. According to Hypable,

Summit began handing out passes for the Warm Bodies weekend screening to those who are camping at the Breaking Dawn – Part 2‘s premiere location in Los Angeles today. Tickets to be camping out in advance of Monday’s Twilight premiere, in order to get the best glimpse of the stars, were distributed over the past few weeks.

If you’re not one of those lucky fans, you’ll be pleased to know that the first trailer for Warm Bodies will be attached to Breaking Dawn – Part 2 in theaters beginning November 16. We presume it’ll make its online debut next week, and we’ll be sure to share it with you once it’s available. It joins The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and The Host‘s trailers arriving with the final film in the Twilight Saga.

Check out some more of these photos that our friends over at @RobPattzNews took.

If you aren’t there, don’t worry, Yahoo movies is live streaming the entire premiere, and they usually pop by fan camp too!


  1. They’ve already started to give away things?? That’s not fair to the people who have later check in times ):

    • Twilight_News says:

      Everyone gets it I hear they hand it to you as you register

      • We were in group 5 and ended up on the roof if the garage. Not cool! Cuz now the no registers and stragglers ae getting in the plaza. No swag on the roof.

        • Hey can I still get in am on my way and I got my email conferment on Monday and couldn’t get a flight till today call you call me and let me know my number is 305 9513148 please I really wanna know before I get on my flight

  2. Hope it goes well for all that are checking in and everyone remains safe. Seems well organized for the most part which is always a plus!

  3. Have fun! Wish we were there!

  4. Christina says:

    I’ve always been jealous and somewhat in awe of the campers. For me, camping out for a premiere is nice to daydream about, but never something I could realistically achieve. Too much time off work, spending money on travel, etc. etc. The same with the conventions. I wonder what sort of demographics show up at things like this. Maybe it’s a stupid idea but I would love it if you interviewed the long time campers, or any camper!

    • I feel exactly like you do, Christina! I’ve always wanted to be a camper, but then I would think about travel complications, sign up complications, and the cost. Guess I’ll never be able to be a Twilight camper :\

  5. Is there a way we could get tickets? And if so where?? I would really like to go!! Please helppp lol I will really appreciate it!!

  6. I am in Group 6 and got in line at 5 pm like assigned. Everyone around me was in 6 as they came by several times to ask…and count. I waited in line for 4 hours and am fortunate enough to be in the plaza. They told us no stand-by people got in but that there was not enough space.

    • In the same boat as you. I actually think it’s fair since we showed up at 5, and the email DID say not to show up any earlier. I’m in the plaza too but I don’t like the fact that others are accusing us of being late and/or non registered people. We were actually the people that followed the rules.

  7. We are in group 5 and on top of a parking structure. We were told no one else could fit in the plaza. But then group 6 and some standbys got put down there. Very disappointed with the process. We were fortunate enough to get in group 5 but apparently we would have been better off in group 6. Are we going to miss everything? And does anyone know how the red carpet works? Do u get assigned a number, place, etc…?

    • No standbys were let in.

      • Too bad about standbys. But I still think its unfair that are in group 5 and on top of a parking structure. We were told no one else would be let in the plaza. Then find out people after us are there is frustrating. And not fair.

        • Can some help me get info on that I got an email that told me am in group 6 and had to check in yesterday but I couldn’t get a flight till today I will like to know if I can still get in can some help me please you can call me at 305 9513148 please I will like to know before I get on my flight

  8. Please anybody help me to know before I keep going there that am getting in for sure please help

  9. I’m always surprised at how dedicated the campers are. You guys are pretty amazing and I wish I was there too! Hope everyone has fun!

  10. Jamie, as far as I know they have stopped taking people in. The plaza is full, the street and sidewalk is full, and the top of the garage is full as well. I think Summit was handling these situations on an individual basis. I’d contact them if you can. And I’m pretty absolute they have not let standbys in. They check wristbands religiously and there was literally no room after group 6. The numbers on the wristband are your permanent numbers. You will not be given another number. You can try to estimate where you think you’ll be by your wristband number.

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